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Motorola’s Entire DROID Lineup Makes Another Print Appearance

This whole not wanting to officially recognize the Droid 2 Global thing is starting to get silly.  In this new ad which I just pulled from this month’s Details, Verizon introduces the Droid Pro (our review) to the family as the new global beast, only the D2G is also pictured without a mention  Now, I think we all understand that they made a mistake by launching the original Droid 2 and are trying not to piss off the massive amounts of people that bought it just 3 months ago, but this phone could be a huge hit with its global capabilities and powerful 1.2GHz processor.  Not to mention that the keyboard crushes the OG’s and the OGD2’s…weirdos.

Oh, the Droid X is also featured.  Nice to see the big dog still holding his own after 5 months of life in the wild.

That’s also our third Droid appearance in one day.  Here and here.

  • vzw

    there up for sale at costco already… 149.99

  • Towelie420

    Gosh damn these devices are so freakin awesome. I can't believe I once owned an Omnia. But that was in the dark ages, you know, B.D.L.-before droid life.

    • Lakerzz

      Ugh…Omnia…thanks for the bad memories. Nice to now be able to use a phone with NO stylus needed. 😛

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Am I the only person that thinks the original droids keyboard is better than the D2's?

    • I don't believe so, because I'm sure many think so. Though I'm not one of them.

      Offset keys for the win!!! lol

    • Yes you are.   The Droid keyboard is terrible.  Worst part of the entire phone.

  • Michael_NM

    Dr. Droid: My Droid has tear in its eye because you called its keyboard a weirdo. Please apologize… :'(

  • durangojim

    Where's the DINC?

    • hence the title “Motorola's entire DROID lineup…”

      That should explain it. It has its own ads since its an HTC phone.

  • maaax

    Wait… is the DPro really taller than the DX?

    • No it was brought up to front since its the newer than the others.

      • PigHeaded

        Are you blind? It's on the same plane spatially as the Droid X and it still looks taller!

        • Stop being simple. We all know it isnt taller. they either made it bigger or made the X smaller to show that the Pro is the newest. gosh you guys!

          • PigHeaded

            Yeah you're probably right. I concede. Still friends?

          • hehe yah

        • I think in essence Devin is right, though. It looks like some creative photoshopping to me, but their intention was to put focus on the Pro by making it biggest and front and center.

          • CivilDroid

            maybe its to hide the 3.1 inch screen. cuz it looks pretty big next the the “tiny” droid X screen 🙂

    • acquaz10

      the DP is as tall as the D2G when its standing up vertically.