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AT&T Announces on Facebook that Motorola Olympus will Launch in December or January?

Did AT&T just slip up?  According to their Facebook admin, the Motorola Olympus, which is codenamed the Etna on Verizon, could hit stores in either December or January?  That was the initial thought until that same response was quickly removed.  While this isn’t incredibly huge news as far as a release date goes (2 months is sort of a wide range), it is huge in the fact that they acknowledged the device’s existent.  Until now, it’s only been a rumor seen on sites like ours that have led the charge to uncover this next big Android device from Motorola.

Source:  Facebook (although it’s been removed)
Via:  BGR

  • Ironclad

    I like how the question was posted via i*hone. He definitely needs to upgrade from that piece of junk and fast

  • Don't get me wrong, I like to know this information. But isn't this like Android-Life information. I'm happy that we have Android-life, but I feel like things that should be on Droid-Life is on Android-Life and vice-versa. Kinda feel like things are all over the place now with the new site and all.

    • yea i just check them both, is this because certain writers only write articles for one particular sister-site? i think a single site would be much more sensible, i cant see the reasons behind having two sites

  • Dmbatcofc

    I'm eligible for an upgrade on my Droid 1, and this is the device I'm waiting for… I hope it comes out sooner rather than later! Keep up the good work Kellex!

  • tjpeco

    Hopefully Verizon will wait to put a 4g radio in it.

    • Bigrob60

      Na. They'll launch it w/ 3g then suddenly replace it w/ 4g. Droid 2 style.

  • theineffablebob

    Seems like a decent cellular telephone device.

  • Chris Evans608


    • Ferg40

      I hate you.

      • kinda harsh since he only said first.

        • Ferg40

          I just hate people that put first.. that's all. Ha ha