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How to: Bypass Activation on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

For those of you that purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab this weekend and found a way to sneak out of the store without anyone forcing you to tack on a data package, here is your trick to bypassing the activation screen.  As you long as you can count, you should be able to do this in a couple of seconds and then will be on your way to enjoying the wi-fi tethered mobile version of this first legitimate Android tablet.


  1. Press “Volume Up” once.
  2. Press “Volume Down” twice.
  3. Press “Volume Up” three times.
  4. Press “Volume Down” four times.
  5. Enjoy!

Stay close to Android Life after this for a couple of additional activation bypass instructions.

Cheers Mushka!

  • Shabana


  • Curtis Zwick

    if you live somewhere where wi-fi is widespread this would be quite the trick

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  • mcarter

    Does this work with Sprint?

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    Could you guys post a video? The bypass didn't work on mine

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    I just tried it, no luck….where is this procedure suppose to take place?

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