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Verizon Black Friday Specials Include Incredible for $149 and BOGA, Plus Continuum for $99

Fresh off the insider wire, we have the list of Verizon’s Black Friday specials and we’ve trimmed them down to only include smartphones, although at request, I’m sure we could toss back in a few feature phones.  Silly.

So we’ve got a really good deal for the Continuum going on tomorrow and Friday at $99 (after rebate), the LG Vortex for free (after rebate) and the Incredible for $149 plus a BOGA offer all weekend. That’s “buy one phone, get ANY other phone of equal or lesser value” for those new to the shopping lingo.  Think about the possibilities there, people.

Rest of the deals after the break.  

Black Friday and Black Friday Weekend only! See the special pricing and promos for VZW devices.

Let the holiday shopping begin!

Black Friday Specials:

· LG Vortex: FREE ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26) – Instant Rebate on 11/26 only
· Samsung Continuum: $99 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)
· BlackBerry Bold: $49 ($100 MIR) (11/25-11/26)

Plus, on Black Friday (11/26) ONLY, Buy any of the above devices, and Get a FREE Jawbone Icon Hero – a $100 value! (while supplies last).

And then information on Droid and Android pricing throughout the weekend:

Black Friday Specials Weekend Specials (11/25 – 11/29): Android
Droid Incredible $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
Droid2 $149 ($100 MIR) BOGA
Droid2 Global $199 ($100 MIR)
Droid X $199 ($100 MIR)
Droid Pro $179 ($100 MIR)
Motorola Citrus $29 ($100 MIR)
LG Ally $99 ($100 MIR)
LG Vortex $79 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
Sam Continuum $199 ($100 MIR) (11/27-11/29)
Sam Fascinate $199 ($100 MIR) BOGA

Not a lot of discounts there, but a few additional BOGAs to go alongside the Incredible deal.

Cheers Big Red Insider!

  • Dy8tes

    I have seen a droid 2 at Sams Clubs for $.097.

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    Five Days of Black Friday- Give More With Big Wireless Savings http://conta.cc/gsrNwl via #constantcontact

  • Five Days of Black Friday- Give More With Big Wireless Savings http://conta.cc/gsrNwl via #constantcontact

  • Johnny5

    No deals here. The prices are rediculous.

  • Doc

    Please forgive my ignorance, but I couldn't figure out if the price listed is before or after the MIR. I'm looking at the D2G and the price listed could be either way based on the current online price. Thanks.

  • icu

    The Continuum for $99 is puzzling. Phone was just released and now they are knocking it down 50%. I'd much rather see that price on the Fascinate. Shame. For the DInc. I would need them to throw in an extended battery to pick that up at this point. Great phone, but that's the phone that should be $99.

  • X2f0181

    You have to be eligible for and upgrade or adding a new line in order to take advantage of the discounts. You know, I'm really tired of how with any company, once you sign the contract, you're locked in with your current phone for two long years. I know that you get a break on the price being under contract, but they make that money back in spades and in less than the two years. I just hate seeing awesome deals like this and not being able to take part in them because woops, I'm already a valued customer. What a crock. I do have a perfectly working Droid 2 but having the option to switch or have a back up phone would be pretty darn nice.

    • Yrudoingthis

      then buy a phone at full retail of 500 or 600 monies and you won't have an issue ever.

      • X2f0181

        Oh gee, never thought about that. I'll start saving my monies now… Really? You obviously missed my point. The point is I personally feel 2 years is a really long time to wait to get a new device at a contract rate and it would be nice to get one every year especially considering the fact oh how fast new technology comes out and how quickly the phones become outdated now. I'd like to say it's also because of how much money they make per customer and how quickly they make their “monies” back but I don't profit figures or any financial data to support that as fact. Just an opinion oh wise one. Keep the gems coming.

        • Then get a one year contract and quit crying about it

    • Wah wah wah, you just bought a great phone two months ago and are complaining because you knowingly signed a contract to get said phone for $400-$500 less than MSRP? Give me a break.

    • Montoya_2010

      I agree BUT can have up to 5 lines and if u add a line and its virtually free for the second line u only pay the $30 extra on data package and takes. So there are many things u can do. Rent the other phone to someone you can trust in to help you offset the cost.

  • Jak341

    Any word on accessories?

  • Chickenmmcubb

    So, is this online only, or in stores?

    • Westerman

      It should be available in the stores, at least according the person I talked to. I was hoping for a better deal — actually any deal — on the Droid X.

  • Adam

    You have to have 2 contracts available to get the BOGA as well do you not?

  • El El Kool J

    Buy one get Any phone (equal or lesser value) Free. Very important to know that.. cant get a Incredible for 149.99 and than a X for 199.99.. not gonna happen.. 😛

    and First!! 😛

    • kellex

      True. 😛

    • RBlah

      The incredible is free or 9.99 with a 2 yr contract on Tigerdirect.com