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Video: Benchmarking the DROID Pro by Motorola

You’ve already seen an unboxing of the Droid Pro, so how about we show you some benchmarks?  As a device with a smaller screen and resolution than most of the major Android devices, but with a big time 1GHz OMAP processor seen on only a few, you should expect these to be impressive.  Well guess what, they are.  Running Android 2.2, the DP crushes all of the other devices listed in Quadrant, hits MFLOPS with the best of the Droid brand in Linpack, and pumps out a ridiculous FPS rate in Neocore.  


Who else picked up a Droid Pro?  Been enjoying the performance boost on the smaller screen?

  • Wow and thats business phone. lol

  • ohshaith55

    that actually doesn't match the best of the droid line in linpack… my droid incredible gets 32 MFLOPS completely stock.

  • syn

    No one's going to mention the fact that the higher FPS is due to the decreased resolution of the Droid Pro?

    • ohshaith55

      i'm guessing that's exactly what he meant by ' Been enjoying the performance boost on the smaller screen?'

  • cmbdds

    I just picked up the Pro a couple of days ago. I'm coming from an original Droid, and I'm glad I made the switch. My number one reason for switching was to go to a faster processor – my Droid was really laggy. The DP is really, really fast.

  • Stephen D

    Dang, not bad. That's actually really impressive. It benchmarks better than the other Droids. But having a Fascinate, I laugh at the graphics benchmarks, Neocore aside. But don't forget, it's framerate is capped at 56fps. Cap removed, it reaches the 70s-80s without any stuttering(the DP stuttered a little in a few areas.)

  • Chris Nimon

    Early 80's porn music? I was waiting for a guy with a huge mustache and an “unshaven” woman to walk out 🙂

  • I got the droid pro after having a droid 2 (which was stolen) and then an incredible off of craigs list. I like the droid pro and definitely feel like it will have success but for me the features on the phone are too small. I can't type very well because my hands are so big, and the resolution is too low for my liking. Picking up the Droid 2 Global on Friday.

    For what it is though, it does it very very well.

  • Pbatista322

    I purchased one, way faster then my droid and the batter is pretty good to…lets remember ppl android devices rnt known to have the greatest battery if you use ur device as a smartphone instead of a really expensive paper weight

  • demonofthesword

    I have a Droid X and some reason several apps fail to install properly. It downloaded neocore but got an unknown instillation error-18. Wtf stock 2.2

  • Nghtmare

    Mine is usually around 1550 but i have removed the bloatware.

  • digitalicecream

    What's the battery life like on this thing?

  • Benchmarks don't mean anything. Just show a number and people think that meanz the ph0ne is a goodz and better then any other ph0nez

    • Did you suffer a mini stroke halfway through your comment, or do you have multiple personality disorder? Your comment starts in normal English and inexplicably morphs into saddest of all dialects, 1337speak.

      • You did not get it. I started being sarcastic because that's how people act. People are so intelligent!

  • Britboy3000

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  • CONGRATS DROID Pro!!! You win more respect from me! Nice job!

  • David

    So was just wondering what ever happened to the Market being down and up grading… never happened did it?

  • darklighter

    The DP? Really??

  • El El Kool J

    a little Twista instramental tune to set it off..lol

    whoa!! 74 fps..

  • KiriusKris

    Love the pron type music…. 😀

  • Mrpicolas

    Where is my feathered hat and pimp cane? The soundtrack sounds like a seventies adult movie lol…

    • kimir

      you would know… 😀

    • TSquared

      softcore tho. like one of those romantic ones

  • kellex nice choice of music get it wtter by twista.. never knew you liked hip hop..

    • kellex

      Definitely do. I've got a bunch of instrumental stuff that I just needed to start using. More coming! 🙂

  • nevermind.

    • hawaiianbrowneyez05

      I think it's Money Flow

    • Britboy3000

      haha its twista – wetter.
      Didnt know he liked him nice dude!

  • I like the thunderstorm in the background.

  • chill music lol

    • Andrew Hewitt

      Going on my love making playlist for sure

  • koveleski

    It'll be interesting to see in the coming months if there's a trend with blackberry > android mass conversions, due to the similar styled kb

    • ilikebikes

      i already got a couple of bb users to switch to the dp…haha. so awesome.

      • r0landct

        I know a couple as well, however I assume there was some pent up demand for some BB users to jump to Android with this type of form factor of those who want what's hot right now. It will be interesting indeed if this becomes a real trend.

    • Carpatus

      I was trying to convince my brother-in-law to switch over a couple weeks ago but he said that since his company uses the bb enterprise servers, he can't. Not sure how many people are in the same boat though.

    • Firelight

      my co-worker, a longtime BB user, took my advice after I forwarded the DL link regarding Best Buy unloading these for $99 and she got it Friday. She's still not used to the whole no-sync-to-PC yet.

  • kellex


    • Mrpicolas

      LOL… you didn't Haha gave in to the firstie race epic…

  • d


  • Fizirst.