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DROID Pro Commercial Channels Pussycat Dolls

What better way to sell Motorola’s newest global phone to Blackberry users than by tweaking a 2004 pop song by the Pussycat Dolls?  Not seeing how that would work?  I’ll have to admit that I’m with you, but at least it’s some sort of promotion.  Other than a minor part in the Snowbot commercial, we might not see too many other ad spots for this new Droid Pro.  All signs point to Verizon and Moto preparing budgets for a big 2011 Droid push.  No matter what though, we all love seeing new commercials, don’t we?  


Cheers Calum and Endi!

  • Fakeemail

    Can't figure out why they used pussycat dolls? They are obviously catering to females who typically do not buy droids and normally buy blackberrys ergo girl song for girl designed phone. Derrrrrrrrrr

  • EC8CH

    That cover is fail…

    When she asks if I wish my work phone is Hot like her… I wanna say no, cause you don't sound so hot.

  • justAFan

    D1 here, … it seems as though this community is rather uninterested, maybe even disappointed in this device. I can understand this being that the probability of the droid-life community's hard core followers downgrading to an intermediate device such as this one, is substantially low.

    But in the name of growth, marketing, and reach do you hard core andys not agree that this device is the perfect invite to those people out there either leaning on the fence, pondering the jump to android, or those people out there too in love with their blackberrys, their blackberry keyboard, a keyboard period, or another more-than-android business oriented device to join the android side, to see what they do not even know they are missing out on?

    I bet 8.5 out of 10 of the first time android users who buy this phone not only stick with android for their following purchase, but skip the half screen / keyboard and jump to full screen / no keyboard device in the future. Any takers?

  • acquaz10

    pretty dissapointing commercial compared to the other amazing Droid commercials. But I believe this is a Moto commercial, not one actually from Verizon's marketing department.

  • Guessa

    Das reevy tewibul

  • I'm Not Gonna Go Get A New Phone Until It's LTE Compatible.

  • Whiteboy3 Bw

    Droid kills all

  • Mth2134


    • Chris.Go

      Your life is FAIL.

      • Mth2134

        Lol. Yeah. I guess. 😛

        • Chris.Go


          Not the response I expected.

          • Mth2134


          • Lakerzz

            Thats the shiznit…still laughing…

  • El El Kool J

    I have actually had many customer asking about this phone…

    Oh and first!!

    • kellex

      That's good to know. I haven't really heard how it's doing in stores yet.

      • Lakerzz

        Kellex…you forgot to complain about him calling first…oh wait, you have a life. 😛