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Verizon Releases First 4G LTE Commercial, Coming December 2010

Rumors of Verizon 4G LTE Android device release dates are all myth at this point, but with their newest commercial, a launch time frame for the service no longer is.  We know it’ll hit 38 major cities by the end of the year and Big Red is ready to start telling the world about it.  After looking at this spot, you can see why no budget was set up for the Droid Pro or Droid 2 Global as it’s as solid as anything out there.  


Cheers Zach!

  • wow i just got turned on I cant wait for some big red LTE

  • InvaderDJ

    So Verizon's LTE is so good it will turn you into Zeus? And T-Mobile has the nerve to try and talk up their network, I don't see HSPA+ doing that.

    But seriously, call me in late 2011 early 2012 when 4G will be prevalent enough (and have enough users) for me to care. Right now no carriers “4G” matters.

  • JoeInMO

    I wonder if Verizon ever stopped to think that most people will see 4G LTE and think “4G lite”. Many will think “Sprint has real 4G, but Verizon has some kind of stripped down lite version”.

    Bad move Verizon… but you're famous for bad moves.

  • Dito_Muertez

    “Excuse me sir, but you have a package from zeus”

  • Anybody know what the music is from?

  • Dito_Muertez

    i love how you can always judge a city by it's sports team logo

  • Chris Evans608

    The 4G commercial was just seen this morning during good morning America

  • tommytmt

    Am I the only one who's going to make the observation: Verizon's LTE is not true 4g, it doesn't meet the requirements, yet they are choosing to brand it 4g…its really their 3g long term evolution network(hence the acronym LTE)

    • Higher_Ground

      No, you're about the millionth (or millionth and one, not sure).

      In fact, if you read through any of the comments you'd see it mentioned ad naseum.

      Really hope this isn't sarcasm flying right over my head :/

  • scruggie

    excuse my ignorance but what does LTE mean?

    • Higher_Ground

      long term evolution

      • scruggie

        appreciate it

  • There are still some other things to consider, but I agree with what you're saying. Good point. Maybe I'm confused, but I'm fairly sure that their 4G LTE network won't be available wherever that commercial is set for quite some time.

  • Teon39

    Who gives a damn if you can talk and serf the net at the same time that is so stupid.

    • Lakerzz

      Ehhhhh….no its not.

  • Alexbox_2004

    Does that mean I can talk and use data at the same time?

    • Lakerzz

      My brother has an I*hone, and whenever we talk on the phone, he always rubs it in how he is able to send me a picture and surf the web while we are on the phone….DAMN I want that….(that is all we need to “catch up” to the I*hone crowd.)

  • Scott_Young

    that was actually a really good commercial

  • such a tease.. the first 4g Vz phone better be a droid.. thats all im saying and preferable with a front facing camera and something larger then a 5Mp camera in back

  • Chris Nimon

    Cant wait to try tethering with this network on a shiny new 4G device 😉

  • Litzg5

    Just seen the commercial on Sunday Night Football

  • Kw

    I was in the verizon store yesterday and asked the people there when the first 4G LTE phone on verizon would be out and the guy said “probably late December, if not January” maybe the HTC Merge as 4G or the HTC incredible HD?

  • I JUST SAW THIS COMMERCIAL!! its on during the giants game.

  • Bigro60

    Whatever phone that was i want it. My contract ended yesterday. Finally time to upgrade to an android!!!!!

  • cant.freaking.wait…

  • christian

    Tight I'm so lucky too be on Verizon!!
    Lol the lighting isn't a phone its just showing how lighting fast the network is going to be.

  • EggoEspada

    Yup, the only thing more advanced and powerful than LTE is LTE Advanced. 😛

  • theman125

    maybe the lightning isnt a phone at all because the commercial says lightning fast, lightning strong maybe the lightning is just used to show how strong and fast their supposed 4g is?

  • theman125

    Maybe this means they will have some 4g devices ready for the holidays although im not gonna get my hopes up

  • Jonbo298

    I guess I need to call Customer Service and pre-order this lightning Verizon can send me. I'd love some lightning in a box.

    • The speeds of the Droid Lightning are quite.. shocking.

  • Maybe I'm confused, but I'm fairly sure that their 4G LTE network won't be available wherever that commercial is set for quite some time. Seems misleading.

    • zepfloyd

      Glad I wasn't the only one with that thought!

  • StephanC

    What phone was that? I haven't seen it in Verizon's line up. The Droid Lightning? It's just one more thing the iPhone can't do.

    • eddieonofre

      Droid Lightning me like it xD

    • If that's the actual name for it too, you'll go down in history. {{-_-}}

      • Archlyte

        He didn’t guess on the name. The Samsung Continuum is an actual phone. search the name here on DL, you will find some posts about it.

    • Judging by the length of it, it was definitely the samsung continuum

    • Anonymous

      Droid does lightning!

  • Dear Verizon (Sprint, etc),
    Please stop saying 4G. What are you going to advertise when you actually have 4G? 4G+?

    • onDroid

      Verizon doesn't have much of a choice. If sprint and t mobile call their networks 4g verizon can't afford not to call theirs 4G also. imagine them trying to sell phones saying “well it's not technically 4G.”

      • Jhnegbrt

        in reality if verizon was honest about it and called out all the other companies about not being honest about it they would have a huge advantage over the rest of the industry. (if any company did this they would)

      • Oh no, I understand, which is why I included the others, but maybe it should just be directed toward Sprint (at least, the first company I noticed to advertise it as 4G) for starting this bandwagon.

        • Anonymous

          Although, T-Mobile is the worst offender with their “4G” HSPA+ network lol.

    • it stinks how everyone says “its not real 4g!” now that they learned earlier that it isnt. everyone knows. no need to repeat it on every article. sigh i see this all over the internet.

      • My point is what will they call it when it actually meets the standards for 4G.

        • garbagedick

          they also call it “unlimited” plans, the “world's best coffee” etc… Marketing for whatever reason never really has to match up with reality

          • True, but maybe other choices (that also do not stick with reality) could have been made from the start. The question was more rehtorical to wonder what the next networks will be called.

          • garbagedick

            I understand what you're saying, but at least they are calling it 4G LTE, getting the LTE acronym out there for non-nerds to eventually know and understand. Does anyone think they will have a phone out next month? i'm thinking data card or MiFi device first.

      • tommytmt

        This website is to inform readers and, kellex isn’t doing it so somebody has to. So yeah, you’re going to see posts proclaiming that its not really 4g in articles about 4g. If someone else doesn’t do it I will …. information

        • if its really needed kellex would post it in the article. its not that important to keep complaining about the same thing on every article mentioning 4g.

    • tommytmt

      Super-duper 4g…that’s what they’ll call it, and I’ll buy it!!

  • first

    • you win a chance to hold that lighting he threw!