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HTC EVO 4G Appears in Episode of Fringe

I know this has nothing to do with the “DROID” brand and that HTC EVO talk is usually saved for our other site, but we received so many emails about the appearance of an Android phone in last night’s episode of Fringe that we had to at least acknowledge it.  Going forward though, these non-Droid appearances will be up over at Android Life.

So early thoughts were that this was either an Incredible or a Droid X, but if you are able to capture a still of the device sitting on this nightstand, you can see a little Sprint logo in the top corner meaning this is definitely an EVO.  Not a Droid Appearance, but man, you guys were on top of this one.  Be sure to keep sending these in!

Here are the rest of our Droid appearances.

Watch the episode here.

Cheers Ben, Lewis, Dave, Don and Jake!

  • o0HERO0o

    Thats awesome…my wife and I were watching this episode and as soon as I saw the call come in and noticed it was Android I told her you guys would have this up….LOL

  • I noticed that last night when I was watching it; pretty cool. Also, it's pretty easy to tell it's an Evo when Peter picks it up to answer it and you see the back.

  • Droid-ice

    All I want to know is What happen to the 2.3 update????

  • this is so cool to see android phones on tv now.

  • Fun_lovin_guy_15

    look at his status bar what all are they running?

    • kimir

      7 task killers

      • kimir


  • Dr. L'ling

    The evo has been showing up in fringe for a couple of weeks now! Great show, great phone

  • kimir

    nice. I wish i had one