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Pocket Legends Is Now Out of Beta

I love seeing our Andy kick arse! Whether it be in Market shares, or wild evil creatures. Take Pocket Legends for example. We posted that the BETA was released just last week, and now (after more than 125,000 accounts were created) the kicking can continue in a smooth and unrestrained manner.

Press release, video, and pictures after the jump!

Pocket Legends is the world’s largest 3D Mobile MMO available in the App Store (for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and the Android Market. Pocket Legends has quickly proved to be popular with both the public and press, gathering praise from the most important publications in the industry. Since its release, Pocket Legends has received more than one million downloads and thousands continue to join its ranks every day. The game’s pick-up-and-play format, expandable nature, and unparalleled instanced gameplay have helped it become a benchmark game on mobile devices.

With Pocket Legends, smartphone owners from all over the globe can, for the first time, explore a detailed fantasy world together, in real-time, on the same server whether playing on iPhone or Android. The game also pioneered the use of open worlds, dungeons and story-driven quests in mobile gaming – surpassing, in some cases, the feature set of PC and console MMOs.

So now that you’re drolling over this. Head to the site for the free download!
You can’t argue with that!

[youtube width=”424″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACnsnHwnYtQ[/youtube]

To learn more about Spacetime Studios, please visit Spacetime Studios on the web!

  • Chrissyt2013

    Has anyone else tried to purchase platinum and wasn't able to connect to the webpage for god knows why?

  • Akaziel

    Anyone else not able to register? I've updated to the non-beta version. I get the create account screen, and it asks for first name, last name, two email addresses, and two passwords. It takes my one email and password just fine, but when I try to add a second one, it won't let me. It still gives the red “!” mark for the second email, no matter what email I put in. And it won't let me hit the “create” button. I really would like to play this game!

  • Clockcycle

    The game is fun if you enjoy MMORPGs. Add my chars, “clockcycle” (archer) and “neuromonger” (battle mage/shadow knight).. See you in game!

  • toonz

    Anyone else getting a banned message when you try to create an account?

  • I can tell Apple likes to keep their customers eDukaet3d.

  • Flyinion

    Yeah, cause vzw is the only carrier with Android running on it pffffft get a life fantard

  • Droid_life_sucks

    Let's c how long android is around after vzw launches the almighty iPhone I mean all ya fags got ya mommy n daddy payin ur phone bill so that's why u hate watch iPhone is takin ova fosho…and kellex waers pink panties he tried blocking me once n I got around it n ill do it again me and all my minieons

  • DS

    Apple's sheep come here to tell us how android “sucks” while Apple hears that iphone is failing from everyone else, including the co-founder. Hmmmm….

  • Flyinion

    Why would I want an iPod when I have a Zune. The only apple software allowed on my system is Quicktime and that's only for the occasional pr0n that requires it.

  • vonny571

    Get a life….(rolls eyes)

  • Droid_life_sucks

    Kellex iis a poser he hates apple well he claims but was wearing the ipod nano on his wrist like a watch…hmmm lame n all u droids fagbois who use ipods hmmm what company makes them again iphone for life kellex wears tights

  • Ben

    Can anyone post the apk? My phone is saying that it can't be found in the market.

  • Mdeamicis

    awesome game, you can burn through the free levels in a day but to buy higher level maps is not that much and the graphics and play are very polished. my only solid complaint is that the report button is in a worse spot after the upgrade. it is right were your left thumb rests so when yo are trying to add a friend, you end up reporting them by mistake. there should be a confirm report prompt and the button should be somewhere it is not so likely to be taped by accident. after all, this game wreaks havoc on our thumbs if you are not rocking the big beats with the 4″< phones.

    • Mdeamicis

      haha, as i was typing ^ i was taking a break from said succubus of a game while they took the server down to polish the player profile page and move said annoyingly placed report button to a better spot. i had just emailed them no more than a couple hours earlier, so these guys are on the ball.

  • Chris.Go

    GS = SKILL

    • OtisJay

      …. sigh

  • MilestheDog

    Love this game, just wish it wasn't so expensive. maxed out on everything I can do at level 14 out of 50.

    • I have no problem paying $5 for a game but I've heard its $50 if you want to finish it. Is this right? maybe I'm missing something.

      • Mdeamicis

        no, you can get enough platinum to buy all the basic maps for less than 5 bucks, but there are a ton of non story maps like player on player and what not that start to dd up if you want them all. the premium weapons seem unnecessary so far, i get really good weps just splitting head with my ninja archer.

    • Punkdefied

      For $4.99 you can buy 30 Platinum pecies and buy every campaign that exists for the game so far for 20 Platinum with their bundle pack. That still leaves you with 10P to buy additional stuff whenever they create and release it. That's hardly anything!

      • Flyinion

        Ah now I see where the catch is. Lol I was trying to figure out why this thing was free and no ads. Hmm, well $5 isn't bad for an occasional time waster in between work, school, and WoW 🙂

  • I'm hooked on this game. If anyone wants to party up, my char name is “DanielUSN”. Send me an invite, lvl 32 ranger.

  • Freakin love this game. My wife and I usually play together, but I have an alt for when she can't play lol.

  • Mth2134

    Oh. Well I guess I'm not going to be doing anything with my day now. Thanks.

  • Michael_NM

    +100 I love seeing our Andy kick arse!

    • I dedicate that to you! 😛

      • Michael_NM

        In that case, +10,000! 🙂