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Review: Schlage Home Security Android App

Many of you know the name Schlage and chances are that you see the name everyday as they are an industry leader in home security products. During my time as contractor I had the opportunity  to install many of their products which have always been of the highest quality.  Today, they released their first Android app called Schlage LiNK and have asked that we give it a proper run-through on one of their systems which they were also kind enough to send us.  

I have had about a week  to test this app and it does not disappoint.   The setup is simple and only asks for an activation code and pin when first launching.  After that is done you will be presented with an interface which will show you all of the options you have installed on your home security system and you can start testing it.

Now there are a few security systems on the market, but what sets this one apart from the others is quality, price, and ease of use. I would highly recommend Schlage’s systems to anyone looking to get a home security system especially with the addition of this app.


  • Remotely lock and unlock doors
  • Remotely toggle lights
  • Monitor security cameras

Another nice feature with these systems is the ability to have notifications sent to your email or have a text message sent to you whenever your system is accessed. This is a nice feature  especially if you have kids coming home before you get there or have contractors in and out of your house. All of these features can also be accessed through Schlages web app which works just as well as their android app.

It’s also very kid friendly.  Meet my helper Addison who helped me install and test the system. Since she is only three years old, I wanted to see how easy it was for her to use the system in case of an emergency. Once installed, she was able with a little direction to lock and unlock the deadbolt (which she proceeded to do about 30 times.  Apparently she thinks it’s funny to see me stuck outside.).

I also had the chance to sit down with Schlage and offer some feedback on a couple of things, which to my surprise were already on their list and being worked on and implemented in their next generation of home security products.  Schlage is definitely on top of their game and it shows in their products as well as their app. Now I may sound like I’m rambling on about Schlage and how wonderful it is, but my day is quite busy and the product flat out does what it is suppose to and does it well.

Please hit up the links and check out their full line of available products. The app is free and scheduled to hit the Android market any minute now.  It also includes a demo mode to give you a look at the interface and an idea of how it works.

Download Link

Schlage Link Products | Schlage Support

Until next time, Happy Androiding!


  • It’s quite interesting and seem to be effective to maintain home help of home security process..Anyway I am also eagerly waiting to see the result.Nice share. Keep sharing..

  • Wow, amazing ideas.It’s really fabulous.Thanks for sharing such cool post.Home security products is the best to secure our home.

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  • curtain tips

    Wow!!Nice ideas are shared here..Thanks for the great Post..Keep Sharing…

  • I think this phone can be a great replacement for my Blackberry. I wanted something a little more fun and decided to go for it (mainly because of the keyboard). I've been quite happy with it so far.

  • Home Security Systems

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  • Jeffb2002

    I have had this system installed in my home for more than a year now. I personally think the 9.00 a month I pay to have peace of mind that my child has entered the house at the correct time is well worth it. So I get that Starbucks coffee 4 times less each month and it is paid for.

    As far as the system locking and unlocking the door, they better come out with a different module for that. As of right now, the system will send a signal to engage the lock, but someone has to be there to turn it. At least for the deadbolt system. All in all a great system at any price

  • Ctbaker

    And remember that other locks out there support zwave and you can operate them for free if you have a server in your home and hook up a dongle to it which costs about $30 and download an android app that controls zwave devices.

  • personally i think this is an amazing concept. the question about the monthly charge is what does it really cost Schlage to operate servers for each person? Also these servers really have to be high security since we're talking about people's home's. $9 ish a month is a little steep, but what a great concept…oh i forgot to lock the front door, no worries just open my app, and done.

  • Chris Nimon

    NICE! I have been wanting to use these but were previously only available on that other phone for some reason.

  • MansterRock

    I love the concept, there are two items that need further thought/explaining.

    1) With a multiple Droid household, can there be more than one Droid that controls the system remotely.
    2) When will ALL the manufacturers get the concept that they need to create automatic lighting modules for Compact Fluorescent bulbs. I switched throughout the house and the energy savings are amazing, unfortunately, there are no CFL auto controllers.

    • bigdog5760

      Yes, I've got this on my house, and you can have as many phones controlling the house as you want, so both my wife and I (Droid X & Incredible) have it on our phones, and have equal control. I also bought the Trane Thermostat that works with the system, and a couple lighting plug in devices, so not only can I control my door locks but I can also change the temp in the house, and turn my lights on and off if needed. Still learning the system and my two month free trial is almost up, but I'll keep paying the monthly fee. It's proven it's worth to me.

  • Nope

    I was interested until I found out about the monthly fee. Charge me more if you must upon purchase, but no way will I pay a monthly fee.

  • wow!! this is like making a coffee with a click…just outstanding app..!! soo easy to keep your space secure, even when you are mobile..

  • Droid-ice


  • What is not mentioned in this article, or in an obvious place on the product page is the subscription fee: $9/ month. I think that is fairly steep for this sort of functionality. Carbonite, as an example, is considerably cheaper and offers far more in terms of a tangible service. Think of the bandwidth, storage, etc required for Carbonite compared to this service. Schlage is already selling the product and making a profit then are charging monthly on top. Why not make it free for power users who are capable of forwarding the necessary ports and pointing the android app at their home ip and/or hostname. Do this and charge everyone else a more reasonable $2.99 a month and then you will have a killer product.

    • boot879

      Exactly the kind of “meat” the review was missing. Thanks.

  • Guess its time to change the locks……..this time not for the EX-GF but My Loving Android Andy's GF – She sort of looks like Angelina Jolie.

  • Coaster36

    This is awesome for droid life! I remember way way way back when droid life was only kellex and was very small. Now they are asked to do demos for the little company Schlage!! Way to go kellex! Your making a name!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    so, what exactly did they give you for this commercial?

    • Looks like they gave him the app to review for the site….
      That's how it works. That's what makes the site kick ass. We gotz teh appz no 1 else haz.

      Is there really a problem in that? :/

      • FortitudineVincimus

        slow your roll holmes

        I'd say they gave him more than just the app… read the posting. I read every article on this site and this one is like an advertisement. “reporting” on stuff takes a different tone and purpose when your getting product to report on it – bias comes into play.

        I was clowning it as this is not one of their standard articles, it is more like an ad to buy – sorry if I offended your funny bone.

        • Thanks…

          • boot879

            He had a good point Tim. You may work on this site… and your a very helpful guy… but we read the site. If the readers think the article is crap than the writer needs to take a look at the work. You guys write in hopes that we… the fans… will read and like your work.

          • jeesung

            agreed. more details needed.

        • Mrpicolas

          When the product works as well as this 1 of course I'm going to recommend the product if the product in work as well as it did then you would've had a different review I am biased by no means so yes it may seem like an ad to you but point blank the product works so yes I'm going to give them credit where credit is due with 5 kids my time is important to me and this product makes my life easier

          • boot879

            I can't totally disagree with him. Pros AND cons?? Your saying the system had nothing negative?? You mentioned some things you talked with them about… things they are looking to implement in future products. Should I wait for those products?

            Full disclosure… did you have to return all the security products? Did you buy the system and if so… did you get a discount? What's parts from the system did you actually try out? I see a keypad door lock… did you install that? What's the power source and is that remote operated? The story baicly just says that you tried a security system and liked it…. no real meat with that dinner.. all veggies and desert.

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  • Andrew Hewitt

    This is useful for my home in Over-the-Rhine. It's a great place for families.

    • boot879

      I was a CPD officer not that long ago. OTR is over rated these days. Avondale is more the rage currently.

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