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DROID X Only $99 at Costco

Anyone in the market for a brand spankin’ new Droid X at an “ULTRA LOW PRICE” just before the holidays?  Then grab your Costco card, AMEX and patience as you fight through the zoo of a big box store.

Purchase here.

Cheers Timoh!

  •  Very informative. Thanks for sharing. Keep Posting.

  • ndog21

    You tell me this now I got my driod X for 299$ + 50$ tax

  • Aantdoe2

    think i may have found a BETTER deal??? Walmart has the droid x for 148.00…. But after u buy it Walmart gives you a 100.00 gift card with your receipt…. so im not a real smart person but i think that means with tax included i just got a droid x for 59.00…. not even included the free activation and 9.99 that i dont have to pay!!!! yea,,, i think i just came up!!!!

  • Wagg14u

    Costco Deal is for new customers only. I have been a long time verizon customer and you would think they would pass this on to some existing ones. I have to pay $50 more!

  • tjhrulz

    lol android is so important it is listed as a feature for filtering dont see IOS over there now do I. +1 for android

  • dellbx

    How long before they are $19.99?

  • Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but where is the best place to buy devices like these without a contract?

  • Santos

    It's $70 on Wirefly. I got mine a month ago when they had it for $100.

  • Yeah… I got my Droid X from wal-mart's website for 100…

  • Princesation

    do you have to get a plan with it ?

    • Yes. Unless you are buying from a private party, any advertised price you see for any smartphone is going to be with a 2 year contract unless it explicitly and loudly states otherwise.

  • Timoh

    I did something useful this morning! I can take the rest of the day off now right?

  • Wow, good deal!

  • Michael_NM

    Cool! A $200 day at Costco will net you a Droid X and a lifetime supply of toilet paper, Ramen noodles and toothpaste. 🙂

    Off-topic: Can we please have “Recent Posts” back, “Popular Posts” isn't popular… to me anyway… Also, when are we getting the pink Android icon back. That “duck” makes me think Aflac is a subliminal sponsor…

    • kellex

      Recent posts is back! Was testing that other popular posts plugin but it wasn't working properly.

      No love for the DL duck logo. Sad. 😛

      • g00ber

        DL duck ftw!!

      • Michael_NM

        Muchas Gracias Ducktor Droid! 😛

  • boot879

    Second? 🙂
    Insert random useless comment so I can pretend to actually have a comment.

    • jiggaman508

      Whoa pal a lil harsh don't ya think?

      • boot879

        Yes. They will be using razor blades to scrape your digital self off the walls of DroidLife after my massive cyber baseball bat attack. Whoa to all who might suffer the same wrath.

        Ignor me… I am just one of the people who think the “first” posts are stupid. Its not you… its me. Well… it is you… but its still me.

        Oh… and so this isn't another wasted post that in no way applies to the original topic:

        This sounds like a good deal. People should buy one if they want one.

        • Michael_NM

          “Ignor me…'' That's the best advice I've heard all day… 😛

        • I think you probably meant to say, “Woe to all,” since, “Whoa to all,” is really an entirely different sort of intention.

  • jiggaman508

    First? 🙂

    • you win a lollipop!

      • r0landct

        a crap flavored one

      • tjhrulz

        devin give out crappy stuff to those who question their own first it brings sadness to my heart to see a question mark. but otherwise long live the first (edited to clarify and prevent flamers)