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Video: Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab Game Walk-throughs

To continue our coverage of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab, we bring you a gaming walk-through of some of the more popular games on the Android platform running on this 7″ beast.  We feature Reckless Racing, Flick Kick Football, Fruit Ninja and of course, Angry Birds.  All of the games look and play amazing on this device and over the last few days have made this device my go-to home entertainment machine.  


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  • Alijojo

    I sure was hoping that this tab would have been able to have provided some of the same features of the iPad, zynga games! Oh well, guess that is what I have my computer for. I do like this tablet so far because it is a great travel mate with some good games as well as the capabilities to download books to read on a long trip.

  • Well The size may be good for games, but have you expermented with movies on that tab? Thanks

  • Well the seriously even when the Droid one does come out, these tablets are just way to expensive for my wallet.Thanks for sharing with us…

  • nonotz

    those circular lighting is killing me…….

  • rayz336

    Anybody else notice that the birds look a lot more like wrecking balls at that size?

  • Jawshua

    That looks really cool but if I'm going to pay half a grand for a tablet, I'll definitely have to buy the Droid one. But seriously even when the Droid one does come out, these tablets are just way to expensive for my wallet. I mean I I've been wanting a netbook and for that much money I could buy one.

    If the price of these ever comes down to $300 and below I might consider buying one. I just can't warrant spending like six or seven hundred dollars on something my DROIDX does. Really I'd be paying an insane amount of money for a big screen. I mean besides the seven inches what really is the big draw?

  • Chris Nimon

    Speaking of Angry Birds, anybody figure out how to get the star for the 17th golden egg?

  • Wow…I really want one of these Verizon Galaxy Tab's. They do look rather brilliant and appealing. If I could only choose one “Tab”, which one should I get? The Galaxy? or the iPad? Hmm…looks like I'll have to read some reviews first before deciding. And look at the specs, too.

    Anyways…and WTF?! People here don't see the “size” difference between a Galaxy Tab and a Droid X? We must have some blind folk in the audience! And yes, I know what I said!


    • People just see that and think its only 2.7 inches, without realizing that its measured diagonally, so they can't comprehend that its really 4 times the screen size or so

      Go for the galaxy tab not the iPad! unless you want the product solely marketed for being “magic”

  • alex.c

    does anybody know how to tether internet to the galaxy tab?

    • The350zWolf

      Not specifically to the Tab, but I have been trying to tether to my OG Droid via my Droid2. There is a hack for the HTC G1 that should work on all phones. I'll try it tonight since it seems quite simple, but somewhat dangerous since it involves adding lines to the twinlan.ini and wpa_suplicant.conf files. So anyone trying this should make a backup. The reason it won't tether is because the wifi configuration files are not set up for ad hoc networking.

  • GNO

    I'm not sure about you guys, but maybe I'm just spoiled with my DX being able to to have the app tray work in landscape as well. Constantly flipping back and forth would be annoying.

    Kellex, I know you are quite happy with the 7″ screen, but I'm still not sold yet. The size may be good for games, but have you expermented with movies on that tab?

    • kellex

      You can flip to landscape, I just have it set to not do it because it annoys the hell out of me heh.

  • dont you ever try to ditch on the DX.
    King baby wassup

  • Cgmartin33

    Damn it Kellex…quit dropping the X on that hard wood table! Ahh…who cares right?..just grab the Dinc or the D2 if it breaks, I'm sure you have them all!

    • The350zWolf

      LOL, yeah Kellex, you were dropping that Dx on the table on your previous video too, talk about moving on and ditching the ol' phone…hopefully you don't switch girlfriends this way ;^)

      • kellex

        Hah my deepest apologies. Still heart my DX. 🙂

  • omg more tablet stuff *rolls eyes* lol

  • durangojim

    What launcher are you using, it look super quick!

    • tward09

      I've been looking for it and can't find it anywhere!

  • LMAO at “Let's put the Droid X away for now” *clatterCLATTERCLATTER*

  • TheDrizzle

    I like how you just throw your DX around, lol. I'm so careful with my gadgets I have to set my D1 on my mousepad so it's sitting on something soft haha.

  • Rain_king46

    Shouldn't all this Tab stuff be posted over on the Android side?

    • kellex

      This is Verizon related. 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Droid Lifers,

    Please accept this comment for what it is… First!

    • you win a brick!

    • Cgmartin33


    • Anonymous

      we do not accept your comment… release the beast!