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Gossip Girl Episode Invaded by DROID Brand

We may have just had more Droid appearances in the latest episode of Gossip Girl than all others combined.  While I’ve been tipped to original Droid sightings in this show quite often in the past, I have yet to see any TV show that busts out almost the entire lineup.  Thanks to our fantastic lady audience, we were tipped off to a scheduled appearance checklist which included the original Droid, Incredible and Droid X.  All of them pictured below.  

To see all of the past Droid appearances head here.  Submit new ones here!

Cheers Carmen!

  • Anonymous

    Gossip Girl is mind blowing series beyond my imagination. I am hooked up with this show from first episode and its the best show ever on TV. 

  • Well that's really nice i know Gossip girl has a Verizon sponsorship or whatever and i saw the Droid X and just thought of this site 🙂 Thanks, really nice post.

  • obsidiangt

    Good stuff.

  • teagadinho

    Hey I was wondering kellex if you could post your app drawer icon that you use on your dx? Thanks!!!!!!

    • Higher_Ground

      and while you're at it could you post the unlock screen that has the yellow and green icons for unlock/silent? Saw it a while back but can't seem to find it looking through previous posts.

  • that didnt make any sense… when they switched serina's sim card on her droid and put it into a droid x? i thought Verizon didnt have any sim cards? lol the show was good otherwise

    • Yimamura

      they do have sim cards. like before switching to dx I had blackberry storm 1, and it did have sim card in it. shame dx doesn't have one

  • PigHeaded

    Um, who really cares if a tv show showcases a phone? What does that have to do with the price of tea in china?

    • KillaPenguin

      I like seeing this sort of news because it's a great case study on the marketing methods of Verizon / Motorola / HTC etc.

      It also shows the pervasive spread of Android as an OS and Droid as a brand in the minds of regular Americans, not just nerds like me.

      If you don't like this kind of news, don't read it. Go on to the next post and let people like me (who DO enjoy reading about this) enjoy reading about it without your negative comments.

      No one likes a Debbie Downer!

    • mtkregs

      1st – It really has nothing to do with the price of tea in China.
      2nd – Kellex didn't get the tip from the “female audience”. He's a closet fan of the show…fershur
      3rd – A negative “PigHead” calls for a couple badass Angry Birds to be shot in its direction.

  • CIFchamp24

    Really Kellex…. hahaha

  • JRummler16

    uhh.. Kellen, Gossip Girl o.O I hear enough from my wife 😛

  • carmendiva

    Awww yay 🙂
    lol i feel special…

    Normally, i don't watch shows for a phone
    but i know Gossip girl has a Verizon sponsorship or whatever
    and i saw the Droid X
    and just thought of this site 🙂

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    • Towelie420

      Will you go out with me?

      • KillaPenguin

        I LOL'd when I read that. +1

      • Chris.Go

        No body goes out anymore you just update your status on 20 web sites and send pics.

  • You watch Gossip Girl? Interesting. 😛

    • tjhrulz

      No kellex watches it every night while giving himself a pedicure

      • Anonymous

        While eating ice cream out of a tub and gossiping about other blogs… 🙂