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From the Weekend: Netflix Headed to Select Android Devices Next Year

News snuck out on this over the weekend and we wanted to make sure everyone saw it as this is the first official word we’ve heard on the Netflix-to-Android front.  According to the Netflix blog, they have struggled to secure a DRM policy because of piracy issues on Android, thus the reason behind what seems to be the slowest rollout in the history of must-have apps.  They also mentioned that select devices will receive their app first as they have been forced to work on a device-by-device basis.

More info over at Android Life.

  • Exclusive deal with select carriers? Verizon had Blockbuster, perhaps another carrier is going to pay for exclusivity for a year or so?

  • LOL. Piracy issues on Android. It's not like a trained Chimpanzee couldn't rip any DVD in their entire library with a PC.

    • g00ber

      idk man clicking rip is very hard to do 😉

  • supermiah

    Here is the deal….THEY(the networks) know that they are losing money on DVDs and Online streaming…so they see a new platform and think “We can get some money back by squeezing it out of them with this new way of streaming.” They are just “trying” to stay one step ahead. In reality, they are just taking steps backwards.
    Anyone want to guess how long it will take for “all” android devices to have access to Netflix when just “one” device gets it? Not long.

  • g00ber

    Why they dont make a app like the first one they ever made for apple just to browse movies and manage your queue just to start us off. They have a bug up there butt about linux and open source, just wont say it.

    • lilbigboi

      Yea, the bug up there ass is that there worried about drm and also it's fragmented os. They said in there blog, try reading it

      • g00ber

        they say they are worried. thats different then them admitting they are in binds with Microsoft and silver light. And as we all know M$ hates us.

  • Risenequinox

    im hoping droid x will be the first since is is the best android phone 😉

    • →DISLIKE←
      i laugh at you! not its not.

    • Viper76269

      We all know the best Android Phone will be the Nexus and the Evo, and DInc

  • Shepherd Jared

    I hope they are focusing on the droid X, with the largest screen outside of a tablet surely they are.

    • Viper76269

      well if thats the case, it would be the dell streak, and the Evo…and don't forget the HD2.

      • Bladebarrier

        Derp derp derp.

        The dell streak is a tablet.
        The evo, while having a screen size similar to the droid X, has a lower resolution.

        Thank you for playing. You may pick up your concessionary prize at the door.

  • guest

    I'm sure it's easier to pirate off a PC now than it would be if they gave Android an app without robust DRM features.

  • Michael_NM

    I “flix” my finger at them for the BS!

  • EC8CH

    FYI… content on Netflix instant service isn't worth stealing in the first place.

    • bravoleader2

      There is some good stuff on there, including a great collection of independent and documentary films. Not a lot of A movies, but if you like movies in general (and not just popular ones in theaters) there is good selection.

      • EC8CH

        True, it's just BS that networks and studios are slowing down expanded access over BS piracy concerns. It's just another excuse for them to keep their iron grip over distribution.

        • g00ber

          cause a dvd is so hard to rip from…. Other then a screen cap how would u “steal” from there servers. Silver light is not like flash so its pretty locked down.

          • EC8CH

            This is equal to the BS of the networks blocking access to Google TV because somehow there is a greater threat from that device stealing their content than the millions of PC that access that same content online… what a joke.

          • g00ber

            I think thats more of a we want money in order for you to get to this with a “non” pc device. Networks are money hungry monsters man.

          • EC8CH

            That's exactly it. They're not satisfied with getting paid directly from the consumption of their content. They need to shake down every possible distribution channel too with irrelevant distinctions between devices accessing their content.

          • g00ber

            i juat want a app from them letting me set up my queue lol. i dont plan on watching flixs on the go. My eyes hurt from AB e-nuff dont need to add Netflixs to that ill be blind by 30.

          • EC8CH

            In case you didn’t know… the app Movies (by Flixster) lets you link your Netflix queue, allowing you to add, reorder and remove items. It’s kinda flaky at times, but it does work and it’s free.

          • Anonymous

            thats what i use now and it is flaky at times i agree. I use my PS3 most of the time with netflix anyways so i use there little software program more then the website.

    • g00ber

      WOAH buddie there are a lot of old kick ass cartoons on there. Ahh real monsters, rugrats, invader zim, the list goes on but movies…… not so much….