Gossip Girl Episode Invaded by DROID Brand

We may have just had more Droid appearances in the latest episode of Gossip Girl than all others combined.  While I’ve been tipped to original Droid sightings in this show quite often in the past, I have yet to see any TV show that busts out almost the entire lineup.  Thanks to our fantastic lady audience, we were tipped off to a scheduled appearance checklist which included the original Droid, Incredible and Droid X.  All of them pictured below.   (more…)

Google Maps Updated to 4.7.0, Includes Places Widget and Ratings

Google Maps received an update tonight which brought it to version 4.7.0.  So what’s new?  A new Places widget for your home screens and the ability to rate places using a new Google service called Hotpot.  Apparently Google is going to take over the social check-in game as well and using their massive Android audience to do so.  In Hotpot you can add friends, rate just about anything on the planet, and do it all so quickly and easily now from your mobile phone.

If we find more goodies, we’ll be sure to let you know!  More info. (more…)

HTC Merge to be Unveiled November 18th, Will be “DROID” Branded?

A club in Seattle called Republiq is hosting a Patron Social Club event this Thursday, November 18th, that was originally supposed to be the unveiling of the HTC Merge and would also include a re-launch of the Droid Incredible.  (So much for the delay?)  And also,as you can see from the shot below, the Patron Social Club called it the “HTC Droid Merge World-Phone” which is what really grabbed our interest.  Remember, the Merge/Lexikon is a “Bing” device and we have all been under the impression that “DROID” branded phones would never see an ounce of Bing.  Has Verizon changed their thoughts on the Merge and turned it into a Droid?     (more…)

Eric Schmidt Shows Off Nexus S Running Gingerbread, Mentions Release Time Frame

We posted this up immediately over at Android Life as it falls under the “general Android news” category, but wanted to make sure all of you saw it.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt was on stage at the Web 2.0 Summit and pulled out a Nexus S running Gingerbread.  He didn’t actually mention who the manufacturer was, but from the shot we grabbed above, it’s pretty obvious.

He also mentioned that Android 2.3 should be out in the “next few weeks” and that Google TV talks with the major networks are going well.

Video: Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab Game Walk-throughs

To continue our coverage of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab, we bring you a gaming walk-through of some of the more popular games on the Android platform running on this 7″ beast.  We feature Reckless Racing, Flick Kick Football, Fruit Ninja and of course, Angry Birds.  All of the games look and play amazing on this device and over the last few days have made this device my go-to home entertainment machine.   (more…)

Will Eric Schmidt Announce Gingerbread Today at the Web 2.0 Summit? Watch it Live!

The blogosphere noticed over the weekend that Google CEO Eric Schmidt would be speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit today in San Francisco and immediately jumped to, “Gingerbread announcement!”  Well, if you want to watch and actually see if today is the day that we all start officially drooling over Android 2.3, then head over to this live feed at 2:35 Pacific.

Update:  He’s on stage and definitely pulled out the Nexus S running Gingerbread.  We grabbed a picture which is up over at Android Life!

Cheers @JasonAGrier!

Pulse News Reader Now Free in the Market

Looking for a new RSS reader for your Android device but didn’t want to fork out the cash needed?  You are now in luck, as Pulse Reader just turned free in the market.  For those not familiar, Pulse Reader is a visual RSS reader meaning it pulls images from posts or news stories and uses them as thumbnails to display your feed in a much prettier fashion.

The app used to be $.99, but according to their PR team, it should now be free.  I can’t tell because I bought it months back.  Enjoy!

Download Link

DROID 2 Global and Pro Users, Thoughts on Your New Device?

Last week we welcomed in two new family members, the Droid Pro and the still unannounced Droid 2 Global.  Both devices haven’t seen a huge marketing push and sort of fall under the sneaky original D2 category, but we do know that many of you ordered them immediately. Since we have yet to get our hands on either, how about you give the rest of us your initial thoughts?

Loving the candy bar keyboard on the Pro?  How about the 1.2GHz boost on the D2 Global?