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Tweetdeck Now on More Android Handsets than Mac Computers

TweetDeck on Android continues to thrive and in a recent tweet from their official Twitter account, has apparently passed over the number of Mac users.  Sort of cool right?  It would have been nicer to see it say, “Passes iOS users!” but we’ll take this as a first step.

TweetDeck still everyone’s favorite Android Twitter app?

Via:  Eurodroid, Phandroid

  • Chris.Go

    People with Macs have jobs.

  • Tom

    I still use tweetdeck because of it being able to use my accounts at facebook, foursquare, twitter and buzz, but as a stand alone twitter… I prefer Twicca. A bit of an annoyance to set up, but once it is… it has a nice interface and great features… Including lists and trending.

  • jtwildman1

    I use it for twitter + FB… works great.

  • i use TweetDeck for my personal twitter account. I also have four others i manage, and i use a different app for each of them. Touiteur, Official, Twitdroyd and TweetCaster

    • hunkoman

      And so the winner is?

      • honestly? TweetDeck. I actually like the whole “Add Friends -> All Friends -> Pick A Username” set up they use instead of Auto-Complete. I've noticed the auto complete wants to get in my way on like, say Touiteur-when i just want say like “hey, im @ such and such place” to save characters / be lazy…

        plus I use TweetDeck on my Macbook, so yknow…its a simple transistion for my main twitter account.

        • hunkoman

          Ah interesting …..I don't tweet much just get breaking news. So Handcent can handle.

  • StephanC

    I'm still glued to Touiteur.

  • Anyone know why i cant hit done when im finished adding accounts to tweetdeck on my droid2?

  • superchachi

    Unless I missed something the last time I tried it, I prefer Touiteur's ability to predict who I want to add as a mention. Not sure why even the Twitter corp app doesn't have that – unless I'm REALLY missing something.

  • I'm still a Twidroyd guy. I don't really tweet, but I do follow a lot of users with links to other things and its LivePreview is great for reading stories without ever having to leave the app. When I do actually tweet, it's admittedly not that great but that's not very often so I'm still sticking with it

  • MagnaCartaHG

    I think mac users are still looking for TwitterDeck

  • I'm a Tweetcaster user because I prefer the interface, but my wife swears by Tweetdeck, and she uses it to manage several accounts (her own personal and business as well as clients').

    • villian1998

      It's the best if you have multiple accounts and want to tie facebook, buzz(what is that), and foursquare

  • Michael_NM

    I don’t twitter or tweet or twhatever it's called, but I love any news that might make Steve Jobs a little hot under the turtle-neck!

  • Teagadinho

    Official Twitter is awesome with the new i*hone features…:)

    • kellex

      You just had to go there. 😛

  • Gabe


    • you win a dog…. that yells tweetdeck all day long.