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Yahoo Updates Messenger to Include Video Chatting, Mail with Multiple Accounts

Yahoo updated a couple of its more popular apps, Messenger and Mail, to include some much needed new features.  Messenger now has official support for video chatting on the MyTouch 4G plus “experimental support” on the EVO and zero support for the Galaxy Tab.  Actually, Yahoo apps in general appear not to support ANY Galaxy S devices which is a little odd.  There are only 3 million+ in existence around the world.  The mail app now allows for multiple accounts, lets you preview photos and has a more polished notification system.  Like I said, all “much need” stuff.

*For video chatting to work, you will need both the Yahoo Messenger app and the video add-0n.

Yahoo Messenger | Video Add-on | Yahoo Mail

Via:  Yahoo

  • hunkoman

    What's the point on Droids we don't have a front facing camera?

    • Mcleanboi

      They need to come up with a solution about these driod phones. I yahoo alot and I want to use my cam. What's the purpose of making these apps if they not usable by all androids phones……

  • Jeffsohot

    Another reason to like iPhone better. You DONT need an ad-on for video chatting to work. It just works, and it works fine over wifi. Plus, all these updates were already included when the original app for the iPhone was out, except video chatting. Not saying i dont like Android, its just that Android is a little more complicated to function and for an app to work properly. 🙂

  • Mcleanboi

    Does this work for the first Droid?

  • R2D2 fan

    It's about time! Now it Hotmail can come up with an app, I'd be set.

  • Yea the old app for video that was posted a month ago worked great fir my droid X but now with the update I can't video chat from phone to pc… what gives

  • Chris.Go


    • Chris.Go

      Garmin will most likely always have better navigation, so, why not? Pretty good idea although they might focus to hard on that aspect.

  • Experimental video chat support for the HTC EVO but official support for the MyTouch 4G? WTH?

  • KleenDroid

    Interestingly First!

    • CONGRATS!!! You win some Yahoo mail!!! (Bills)