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Rumors: HTC Merge Release Delayed Due to LTE Radio Upgrade, Incredible HD Coming Beginning of 2011

Twitter is turning into the ultimate information machine when it comes to upcoming Android devices and we’re loving it.  Last week we had a conversation with an LTE engineer who revealed that the Incredible HD is real and will likely be an LTE device.  Today, a new source (@V3RDICT) who appears to be some sort of a Verizon device rep, went through pretty major device training and tweeted about all of it.  

The first tweet had to do with the HTC Merge, suggesting that it has been delayed while HTC packs an LTE radio into it…

He followed that up with release date info…

He then jumped onto some Incredible HD release info…

And finished it all off with HTC’s 2011 Android plans…

Talk about some information.  Everyone follow all of that?  Basically, the HTC Merge has been delayed for an LTE upgrade, but could still see a 2010 release date.  The Incredible HD is apparently still real and should be out by the first of 2011.  And I’m officially excited.

Cheers Mike!

  • Chris

    I read Verizon signed a 5 year deal with microsoft, so I'd except this BS on pretty much all their new phones for the next 5 years. AWESOME!!

  • Guest

    Go Bills Yeah Jeremiah

  • Donnyd

    I dot get it is the Incredible HD still due this month? The more reliable source is the original guy who said the 23rd

  • GlobalUser

    Well, it's definitely NOT out today, November 11th. I went to my local Verizon store, asked for it, and was told it has been delayed for “4G”. However… when I asked a service tech, they went around the corner to ask their Supervisor, who scolded them for talking about it and they said “Hey, I didn't divulge anything, this guy knew about it and asked for it” and I overheard the Supervisor say that it would be out in the next couple of weeks but that they aren't supposed to talk about it. So… I'm still waiting….

    • Yellowfrizbee

      Nice source! My prediction is it will be out November 23rd. As planned.

      • Yellowfrizbee

        Or sometime near/on black friday*

  • jareth86

    I can has the new sense ui?

    • kimir


  • 11knives

    Everyone is LTE crazy, wait until you see the data pricing.

    • Paul Vons Oc

      WTF is LTE?

      • iBowToAndroid

        Long Term Evolution (4G technology for VZW and ATT)

  • Tncowman

    I am waiting on a Motorola Droid X HD with LTE

    • kimir

      i would too if it was made by htc

  • Donnyd

    damn i wanted the hd in 3g clothing………..lte will be to much $$$

  • Oops, double post.

  • That can't be true, because Verizon is already giving the Merge away as part of a contest, and has accessories in stock for it, which they wouldn't if the launch was pushed back. otherwise those accessories would be just sitting untill April. Go to http://www.htcmerge.com and see the screenshot for yourself if you don't believe me.

    • guest

      Well its still said to release before the end of the year so accessories wouldn't sit around until April, and all of those have nothing to do with the antenna in the phone so its probable not definite but probable that this could happen… or the guy could be wrong and it was LTE from the beginning and things got delayed or hes just stirring the pot as viper says.

  • Viper1549

    im going to be laughing when this no name is incorrect and i am holding an inc HD in 2 weeks.. but w/e's let him stir the pot.. lol

  • Wmsco51

    Lasts and Gents consider this make alist of all the new innovations things like bigger screens dual core processor larger internal memory ram….on and on then when your done look at the list then that's the phone you want!! Don't buy every new device because of one thing….And just maybe they will get the ideal that we want a real game changer and maybe it might last as long as your contract before it's Verizon Life Cycle is up and another game changer is up to bat…Think.

  • LinuxLover

    Where's Motorola's phones? I agree: Vanilla Android. Let the users put Sense or Blur or whatever on there if they want to, but only if they want to.


    OMG it has a keyboard! DO WANT!!!!!!

  • guest

    In my opinion HTC and Moto need to give the consumers a little more input on whats going on instead of leaving all of these phones rumors because all its doing is losing them business because people are settling with devices released by the other manufacturer and other ones such as Samsung. Anyone agree??

    • PuzzleShot

      Why wouldn't they settle for a phone by the same manufacturer?

      • guest

        They might but this one especially is a good example if HTC doesn't at least give some info on it in the next week or two many people who see this delay are gonna go “screw it” and go get the D2 global because there is no clues on when the Merge will release. If anything they could at least announce it or something because right now its still not indefinite that it will even get released and nobody has any idea when, the tweet says “Might still be out this year” that's not very promising and if HTC wants the holiday sales or a significant amount of sales in general it needs to do something because the D2 global is here now with a faster processor than rumored on the merge… more onboard memory… no bing… and its global so I see a good amount of people losing patience for this “rumor” phone and going with the droid branded D2 for all the things that ARE on it as compared to the things that are RUMORED about the Merge that still fall short of the D2 global.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. then people go searching for it and want it more…

  • i dont want a merge unless they get rid of Bing…

    • iBowToAndroid

      that, sir, would be why you root 😀

      • I know…and honestly, theres more than just Bing that pisses me off about this phone…when it was leaked a couple months back, it was rumored to be a DROID with Gingerbread, so obviously there wouldnt have been Bing on it…then it was rumored to have a 4in screen and a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor…now this is what we are left with(correct me if im wrong on anything) an 800mhz single core processor, 3.6(8)in screen?, and Android 2.2…theres nothing there that makes me want to leave my Incredible, besides the amazingly sexy keyboard…so i hoping that in April when i can upgrade from my Incredible…that HTC(not Motorola) has a dual core DROID phone with a keyboard

  • Pnicuh

    how come it dont say “Droid Incredible HD”?

  • John Dececco

    I want it.

  • izzy

    If they going to delay the merge, might as well remove Bing, add a more RAM and faster processor to be top of the line device.

    • <1 ghz these days is not quite a “top of the line” phone

      Bing sucks.

      • izzy

        Exactly, I was thinking of at at least 1.5GHz or dual core processor, dedicated graphic chip,1Gb of RAM, at least 4Gb of internal space, 512Mb of ROM, memory expandable to 32Gb, larger screen(4in at least) made with gorilla glass, that high in resolution (1024×720 would be nice), with a killer sliding QWERTY keyboard.

        • guest

          Yeah, that sounds nice but they most definitely aren't going to completely overhaul the phone at this point. Your talking some major changes which would just make more sense as a different phone.

        • Muddy B00ts

          Don't forget the front facing camera that nobody has ever used before, but suddenly can't live without.

        • Anonymous

          expect the incredible HD Pre-Orders Friday.. not LTE tho 3G.. 1.2 ghz 768mb 4.3 blah blah blah you will see friday..

          • Anonymous

            didn’t happen

          • Anonymous

            Ya depressed vzn canceled it sorry

        • Pope Wilson

          Not all at once there.. gotta build up to that. They’ve got at least 5 more quarters or rolling out better devices, bit by bit, making every dime they can make before they roll on this one. I think they’ve conceptualized the ultimate device and reverse conceived it down to the flip phone .. and now we’re working up to that ultimate device.

        • Anonymous

          Sounds like a 2012 VZW device.

        • Adrenaguy

          I think you mean killer sliding,”flip up”, Keyboard…gorilla glass would be amazing, I live near corning,ny..lol!

      • Ben

        This is definitely not true… the G2 has an 800MHz second generation Snapdragon, and that completely annihilates several of the “top-of-the-line” phones you speak of.

      • The 800 MHz processor in the Merge is the same as the HTC Desire Z, which has outperformed many devices that have a 1GHz processor. It’s using chip architecture that’s more efficient. Essentially you’re getting 1+ GHz speeds but without as much battery drain. Like getting a BMW 5 series with gas mileage like a Mini Cooper.

      • Jim Davis

        It’s not just about the MHz, though. The G2 processor is faster per MHz than its contemporaries. See here:


  • Essaj415

    Lets hope at least one of them isn't all binged out…

  • kevinb721

    dont know if i can wait until january for the merge. oh well

    • guest

      DINC HD is January not Merge….. smart one

  • I'm not a VZW device rep, I'm an indirect store manager. We had a Q4 launch training today. Glad I could pass on some good news!

    • Rayman411vm

      did they mention if all these phones come with bing?

      • The Merge is Bing’d out, for sure. They didn’t about the Incredible HD or the other devices, but I would assume those will be as well. Seems to the way VZW is going.

        • Jeremy

          It is blasphemy putting Bing on Google devices like that. This is why its a love/hate relationship with me on how open source Android is. Verizon just leave things be, I’m sure you aren’t going to start shipping the new Winmo 7 devices with Google search as the default.

          • I agree! Leave Bing on the MS devices.

          • Rshan93

            speaking of MS devices when is windows phone 7 coming to vzw?

          • Not anytime soon. Verizon CEO says Windows Phone 7 OS isn’t “revolutionary” enough.

          • EC8CH

            Typical Microsoft… wonder how much they are paying to have Bing installed on all these android phones?

        • So then the Incredible HD will not be part of the Droid line anymore? Because it seems like so far that the Droid phones are not getting Bing standard, unless that is about to change. Anything good coming out from Moto, or Samsung that is planing to come out?

      • GlobalUser

        Well, it’s definitely NOT out today, November 11th. I went to my local Verizon store, asked for it, and was told it has been delayed for “4G”. However… when I asked a service tech, they went around the corner to ask their Supervisor, who scolded them for talking about it and they said “Hey, I didn’t divulge anything, this guy knew about it and asked for it” and I overheard the Supervisor say that it would be out in the next couple of weeks but that they aren’t supposed to talk about it. So… I’m still waiting….

    • Timmah

      So the new merge wont hit until next year? 🙁

      • Don’t know. They just said it was delayed. We might still see it this year.

  • mapmaker

    no merge tomorrow = new d2g for me

  • i'm about to stick my d*** in the mashed potatoes!

  • dellbx

    Red function keys will kill this phone for me.

  • PyroHoltz

    Give me premium hardware, Gingerbread and LTE at a reasonable cost, and I'll be a happy camper.

  • goldarr

    Needz moar vanilla android!

    • Tiny

      the reward i5 merge!

    • EC8CH

      the mythical N2 is our only hope 🙁

      • Muddy B00ts

        Honestly if that thing comes to Big Red It’ll be the only phone I will pre order at midnight and/or sleep in front of the store for. (as long as my wife says it’s okay)

  • EC8CH

    4 new HTC android phones on Verizon in as many months… seems a tad ambitious

    • Anonymous

      Phones get cancelled all the time, so don’t be surprised if the number changes.

      • EC8CH

        just don't cancel the Incredible HD… cancel the “eris HD” instead

        • PyroHoltz

          Haha, the 'Eris HD'.

          That might be nearly as good as the OG Droid.

    • kimir

      sounds good though.

    • Well some of them could be higher portion of the low end phones, like a CDMA variant of the Aria as an upgrade to the Eris(but with a slight newer cpu and still keeping the HVGA res screen). Or it could be one of them is a tablet?

  • Jgunznp

    Wow nowadays the life span of a phone is about 3 months before a bigger faster one comes out. Am waiting for the incredible HD if is real….. HTC phones are sexy

    • The devices are really nice, but the accessories are pretty lame.

  • i just cried a tear of joy