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Pocket Legends Beta Released, 3D MMO Android Action Ensues

Pocket Legends, the “world’s first 3D Mobile MMO” is available in beta form on the Android market right now.  W.o.W. users unite your phones and prepare for hours of time killing, relationship ending, Mom’s basement owning fun!  (Cheap shots!)  Actually, the game looks pretty polished for a beta and even I’ll admit that the 3D graphics look really sharp.  While I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about MMOs, if that’s your thing, then you should probably grab this game now.  Pretty sure that Mashable ranked it as one of their top 5 mobile games of the year, ahead of Angry Birds.

The beta is free, requires Android 2.1 or higher and is a 30MB download. 

Promo video:



Download Link

Additional videos can be found at Spacetime Studios site.

Cheers Charlie Brown!

  • Mysterion

    Wickedpython is just my username

  • Downloaded this game and I'm very pleased so far. It is very polished for a beta that just hit the market; the only flaw I've seen so far is some lagging when the enemies swarm you, but even that is pretty scarce on my Fascinate. At first I thought it looked like a kid's game with the character choices and all, but after playing, it definitely is something most users will enjoy. I would advise keeping a charger with you though, as I can only imagine how much battery it would eat on the go ( there is a nifty battery life indicator in the menu screen which goes great with the fact that it is a full screen game). On a related note for the battery, Walmart has started carrying a universal, solar powered/ ac charger that you can clip to a backpack, etc. Perfect solution for students like me that are outside a lot. it takes about 12 hours to fully charge up in the sun, and about 2 or 3 using the ac adapter, and will give your phone a full charge pretty quickly.

  • My Furry Sense is tingling, though.

  • first

  • fallofshadows

    The QR code won't work for me, and the download link is broken. What happened? I really want to try this haha

  • So so fun without paying so far. Not much more than a lvling grind to lvl 10.

  • holy crap…… i'm going to gert fired from work now!!!!!! at least i'm going to keep busy in the unemployment line

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I got your pocket legend right here

    BOO YA

  • Ben M.


    Oh no. This will not end well. I was going on three years of being MMORPG free, and now this?

    DAMN YOU Spacetime Studios!

    • Higher_Ground

      Seriously, I finally quit the PC crack that is MMO games and now they're offering me a hit for free…

  • Mysterion

    im the bear character

    • Justin A Zito

      better find a twink character to join you.

  • Mysterion

    great on my Droid.

    my username on there is: Wickedpython

    • boot879

      But your not wicked or a python!

  • Justin

    I can only open this app through the market link.. it isn't showing in my app drawer

    • Sure its fun… but I refuse to take part in a game that allows people to get an advantage by paying money.

      I would WAY rather have it be a paid app than have people who have $50 to spend on 800 Platinum to have better equipment than me.

      Its the same reason I didn't play Farmville…

      Even a monthly fee would be better… but thats only if they provide stable servers, and consistent updates.

  • i'm getting an error message from teh market: “Sorry, there's not enough space to install this item.” meanwhile, according to system info, i have 6.41 gb free on internal phone storage, and 549 mb available space in phone memory (ram).

    what gives?

    HTC Incredible

  • Ninjachico

    Anyone else getting a installation incomplete message? I have tried 3 times now

    • Kyle55x

      Yep, I have tried a ton of times with no luck.

  • Chris G

    Time for the wife to hate my droid too.

    • Chris.Go

      I hate you as well cause you stole my name.

      • Chris G

        And my parents always told me I wasn't named after anyone.

      • Chris

        And you stole my name also.

  • thank god for app2sd <3

  • Havok1990

    Downloading now…27mb? move to sd please.

  • Hmm.. interesting.. now people can have no lives on the go.. including myself. At least we can get some sun now while we have no lives.

    • pezjono

      What is this “sun” you speak of? I shall have my guild's warlock summon a Doomguard to further examine…

    • John

      I am my guilds warlock, I lost 500 DPS and my phone because I had my imp check it out, he wont stop playing long enough to do a raid now

      • I almost “Like”d this post, but then apon further examination determined that there wasn't a hint of sarcasm in it and got a little sad. In other news, the fact that my computer I use to play WoW is down will be slightly resolved now that this app is on here too. I was able to import my toon from my i*od Touch.

  • Rezin


  • Will have to give it a shot.