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Verizon Starts Testing Unlimited Everything Plans for $69.99 a Month

Verizon sent out some interesting emails over the weekend, asking select customers to think about testing out a new $69.99 unlimited everything plan for individuals an a $139.99 plan for families.  The plan includes unlimited text, data and mobile-to-mobile Verizon calling, but will require you to sign a 1-year contract to participate.

Oh, you can also add your “friends and family” numbers that aren’t Verizon including land lines.

Anyone taking the plunge?

Source:  Verizon
Via:  BGR

Cheers ibow!

  • Anonymous

    Verizon, been with them for 10 yrs today to find out I’m taking it in the behind. The Walmart, Straight Talk plan for $45.00 is unlimited everything. Wait you haven’t heard the best part, guess who owns Straight Talk???? Verizon… i talked to a guy that’s been using it for 3-yrs and says it’s great, I’m limited on everything from Verizon and pay twice as much….AT&T has the same plan for $50. Verizon say they want $69.99.. Okay now guess who’s fixin to change carriers??? Me, Me, Me..
    You’ve heard of a sucker born every minute, well I guess my name’s Sucker…On top of all this bad news, Verizon is a backer of Obama….

  • Jrpiquer

    Just switched over.

    Confirmed had over a year left on my contract so no extension. Also it is only for 1 year.  Lady told me exact date I would revert back to my old plan. 

    Old Plan 450 min 5000 messages Unlimited data
    New Plan 450 min Unlimited messages and data

    Saving $10 a month.

  • Matt. Reynolds

    This is perfect, thats exactly what Verizon needs to do. The bills people get today is the reason why people are switching.

  • jess7

    I called and tired to get this plan just now. what they dont tell u is verizon can see every email and text they send you. so i was told by 3 different reps that i could not get it bc it was not offered to me. i was also told by the 3rd reps supervisor that this plan only last for a year, theres a chance u could keep it or they could remove it since it is just a “test”, and if that happens you may not be allowed to get your old plan back, therefor paying more…yeah if u can actually lie to them well enough to get the plan with out receiving the email, u may pay for it in the future with a much higher plan…total waste of a hour of my time!

  • Armyeric8575

    Tried it was told by operator and superviser that the plan was not eligible for me in my area which is Indiana. They said it may be offered in the future but when they tried to put it through computer wouldn't allow it. will try again

    • Al Davis's Crusty Lips

      I was the guy who posted the last comment and I live in Indianapolis, IN and I got the plan. Call the 877 # and tell them you actually saw it on Verizon's website and it didn't mention being available to only certain areas. Don't take no for an answer.

  • Al Davis's Crusty Lips

    I called the 877 # and they guy gave me the run around and was very vague about who received the emails. So I asked him what the criteria was to get the email and he finally broke down and told me it was geographical and I wasn't eligible. I told him I saw this on Verizon's website and it made no mention of being geographical and only stated that it extends out your contract for a year. He completely switched gears and offered me the deal. One thing to keep in mind is that it's $139.99 for the first two lines and $20 extra for each additional line, not $10. I was able to keep my 20% discount as well and he mentioned the plan will be in place for as long as I have Verizon. I have 4 lines and my bill will go down a bit but my GF was wanting a Droid anyways so I at least know the price won't go up in the future. Everyone should take advatage of this deal, if they say no just push a little harder and they will give in.

  • (i never got the email) i called again today, i think this was my 5th or 6th time calling (the 877 number) and again i was told that the offer was only for selected customers. we discussed the lameness of the whole thing, and she went on about how since it's been posted online it has been a big nightmare at verizon. before i got off the phone i asked her what would happen if i were to threaten to leave (i didn't even make the threat), and she told me to hold on for a minute. she came back and offered me the deal. WIN!

  • Garysa

    First try: I reached a CSR who said “It was a test promotion for a few people only.” And whoever announced the deal “Blogged incorrectly”. She said it was not within their ability to add anyone at this time. Will try again tomorrow.

  • googledoes.com

    Had to called 3 times but finally got a nice lady in Sacramento, she honored the deal. i told her I was on Verizon's website looking at a promotion (which is true choose as the link above is part of verizon's own website) Anyways, it appears to show up on my plan as “TALK & TEXT PLUS DATA $20 DISC ” so now all 3 of my lines get unlimited data (2 Droid X's) for $10 bucks! awesome!

  • mario7

    I'm not seeing Friends and Family (5 numbers) on my $69 plan. Should I be?

  • Downey1971

    Even though I was one of the lucky ones and was able to get this deal. I think this is a BIG FAIL on Verizon's part. They should have never came out with this plan the way they did. Why should I get to save money and not someone else. I have only been with them for six months and they are denying customers who have been with them for years. No way to treat a long time customer, or any customer really. If your going to have a new plan, you should let everyone that wants it, have it. Did they now see this coming? Did they really think that word of this would not get on to the net. If that's what they thought then they really are not that smart.

    • Pope Wilson

      They should have worded the email piece better.. there were no disclaimers stating 'not available to all subscribers – terms and conditions apply' … that, in and of itself, would have saved a lot of people a lot of headaches…. although if they did include the disclaimer, I wouldn't be rocking this plan right now, would I? Of note, I'm the account holder on my family plan, yet my phone comes in second on the list… not the primary. I get a corporate discount, and I was the only one in my plan with a smart-phone, so I was paying full price on my data package and features. I asked them to change my line to the primary many many times, and they said 'there's no way to do that' … basically, I felt like Verizon took over $200.00 from me that should not have been billed over the course of one two-year term, so at any rate, this is a great payback! I'm getting my money back and then some.

  • Irish313

    I spoke to several people yesterday was deinied and finally told they would have a supervisor call me today which never happened. Called back tonight was told I was not eligable, nicely told the rep i have been a customer for almost 10 years and that if they were only doing this for select customers or people out of contract that verizon was telling me they didnt care about my business and that sprint has a $69.99 plan to compete which I could get and maybe I should take my business elsewhere. She was quiet for a moment, had no real response. I asked to talk to a supervisor was put on hold for about 2 minutes and told the supervisor said to give me the plan and they would send me a letter confirming the change.

  • Paul

    Great post, I just switched over.

  • Big Red

    That was sweet!!!!! THANKS DROID LIFE FOR SAVING ME $40 A MONTH!!!! More Happy meals for me a month LOL jk

  • Can the title of this entry be modified to NOT say “Unlimited Everything”? It's not unlimited voice, so to call it “everything” is just going to mess up google searches for the indefinite future for anyong searching for the ACTUAL verizon unlimited everything plan (which is currently $120)

  • Pope Wilson

    I called last night and the rep refused me. I told her I didn't think it was fair that some people were getting it, yet I was being refused.. I've been with Verizon for 7 years and pay a lot of money, etc. She said she'd speak with her supervisor (in the morning, since they were gone for the night) and call me back. Well, no call this morning so I called in again. This time, the rep I spoke to had a rebuttal waiting for me… something like, this offer is for a specific group of customers, and I may get an email with this offer in the future, but at this time, I'm not eligible. Not cool. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who then took the call and said the same thing. I told him nowhere on the advertisement was there a disclaimer stating it was not available to me, nor was it fair other customers could participate and I wasn't able. He said the same thing again, at which point I said, “Sprint is offering this identical plan .. now I don't want to switch, but if this is how you're going to treat a long time customer, I will.” He put me on hold for about three minutes, came back on and said he'd give me the offer. WIN!

  • Demonsquat

    called the number, (877-873-3278) said about the plan, NOT WHERE I SAW IT, and they signed me right up. saving about $40 a month.

    • Demonsquat

      It required that i be on the 1400 minute plan (already was) and that all lines sign up for the unlimited texting (also already was). wewt!

  • db17k

    i got denied just now

  • Lalalovee

    Nothing worked for me. I called and even threatened to go to sprint and the lady just gave me a big attitude.

  • kept trying…

    Called 3x yesterday telling each rep that I received the email (which I really didnt) and they told me that it was for selected customers only and got denied all 3 times. One rep even asked me to forward it to to her but I told her I wasn't at a computer. Today, the first call the rep said he could add it for me but wouldn't be able to combine it with my corporate discount. I told him I would think about it and call back. I called back a few hours later and got the same thing, couldn't combine it with my corporate discount.

    I just tried again and told the rep that my friend was able to get the same thing with the corporate discount included. He told me that he could TRY to add everything plan WITH my corporate discount, but when the monthly bill is calculated the corporate discount will be excluded. Told me that's what they were instructed to tell us. My account now has both discounts listed but time will tell when I get my monthly bill if I get both.

  • Bakubomb

    Ok here is my story.
    I tried calling 4 different times today and no go. The first call I was asked right off the bat if I got the E-Mail. I did get an E-mail about it but not from Verizon so I told the lady I did and asked my to forward it to her. No go
    Second call was shortly after and I got the same lady and I asked her to clarify who was entitled to take advantage of this. She said only people who got the E-mail. Third call was to another lady who said that I was not eligible because I recently upgraded one of my lines to a Droid Inc. and that they couldnt push my plan until 2013 so no go. I called a fourth time because I realized that when I upgraded to my Droid Inc. I only did a 1-year renewal and that didn't make sense to me. The person I got this time was a nice guy who explained that the E-mail was only supposed to get out to certain individuals and that it exploded when someone posted it on a blog. He said that the bosses sent word that if people didnt get the E-mail, then they dont qualify. No go for try #4.

    All of the Reps were really nice so I did not feel the need to get angry with them nor did I try to push the issue too much because all in all, I have not had any real issues with Verizon and I am a naturally nice person. From here I don't know what to do really.

  • droid4lyfe

    anyone who cant get this after calling a few times should email or call regular customer service and make this a nightmare..this seems like a great way to push customers to another carrier..lets give a few ppl a better plan for less and screw the rest…hmmmm

  • droid4lyfe

    so if i get a 19% monthly discount i will get it off the whole 139.99??? the woman told me i was not eligible for this prom and that it would actually cost me more money..i said how can that be i pay 137 a month after discount and before taxes..so 139 before discount and taxes is less in my book..time to call and threaten to leave..this is a low ball move for verizon to only offer to a select few..sprint has great coverage in my area ill leave in a heartbeat if they dont wanna play

    • Chelsea

      I have a 9% discount, but it only comes off the primary line. Looking at the way this bundle is set up, I will receive 9% off $110. The discount does not come off of either of the two unlimited data packages ($9.99/each), the second line (also 9.99) or the tax. I called the 877 number and had no problem. Like others, I simply said I saw the package on a website that I read.

  • I just got signed up, no problem at all! I told her I saw it online and she looked up my information and went on about what a great deal it was. No hassle, no bargaining, just got it on the first try.

  • lvmydroid

    Thanks droidlife and ibow. I just got to save me over $50 a month with this ( I still get my company discount also ). Called the 1-877-873-3278 number. I told her I was looking to sign up for the everything plan she asked where I heard about it, told her I saw an e-mail and Viola ! all signed up within about 3 minutes. I'm in Tucson, AZ

  • Tried three times and they always ask about an email or a mailer.

    • lvmydroid

      Have you tried this # 1-877-873-3278 ? She asked how I heard about it and I told her email that was all she needed.

      • yeah I tried it and when she asked I told her email and she wanted me to forward it to her. haha

  • beeslee

    This worked for me, just call the number – 877.873.3278

  • New

    Call @ 877-873-3278. Just called and transferred into this promotion. Per the CSR, the plan should remain on your account even after 1 years and until you cancel it. Also, you will get corporate discount on the primary account. You also get Friends and Family for 10 numbers.

    • bsteen

      I got the same info. I didn't get e-mail, but called the number this morning and was added without question. Will save me $50/month for four lines (three smartphones).

      Specific questions I had:
      Will corporate discount continue? YES.
      Will this affect my eligibility timetable for new phones? NO.
      Will I revert to some other plan at end of year? NO, will continue until I change it?
      Will it extend contracts on those lines that are already more than a year out? NO, it will only extend contract on those lines that are currently less than a year.

  • riz

    Does this promotion have an expiry date or until you change it?

  • Hype

    Dont want to beat a dead horse here, but if you're calling Customer Service Reps (*611) you'll get no where. For those who dont know yet, call that 1 877 number. Talked to customer service yesterday for an hour about it and they were baffled and ignorant. Spoke to the nicest lady in the world today and was saving 20$ in under 6 minutes…

  • New

    Call @ 877-873-3278. Just called and transferred into this promotion. Per the CSR, the plan should remain on your account even after 1 years and until you cancel it. Also, you will get corporate discount on the primary account.

    There is no code. You also get Friends and Family for 10 numbers.

  • BD

    You also get Friends and Family for 10 numbers.

  • BD

    Call @ 877-873-3278. Just called and transferred into this promotion. Per the CSR, the plan should remain on your account even after 1 years and until you cancel it. Also, you will get corporate discount on the primary account.

    PS. There is no code, just call the #.

  • Meatlover

    Thx so much for the info! Was paying for the 700 min talk/text plan with unlimited data for me. Now I have double the minutes plus unlimited data for my wife for the same price!

  • iBowToAndroid

    Listen, jackass, there are plenty of us who didn't get any kind of email, but we got on the plan. Stop hating just because you didnt get it, and act faster next time

    • Eric

      Hey Jackass, I am saying the people who got only got it b/c they were preselected and had no clue they were. I'm not hating at all i just hate how people don't tell the truth. so F off

  • Tacown

    I've tried a ton of times and each time I get a quick no. One rep even told me that they have been getting flooded with calls from people who aren't on their list of “select numbers”. She also said they did not send it in the mail it was only sent through txt messages and emails.

    I'll keep trying but I doubt this will work.

  • Well crap. In Phoenix, AZ here. Called 3 times yesterday and was told no each time. Even emailed in and was told this:

    “My name is Manuel and I will be happy to address your concerns. I have contacted the 877-873-3278 number and am sorry to inform you that you are not eligible for the $69.99 promotional plan. This is only a promotional plan and was targeted for select customers. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. “

    • lvmydroid

      I'm in Tucson, called the 877 number myself this morning and was able to get it no problems and no sprint competition here. Most people don't have it because sevice pretty much sucks here.

  • skltr21

    not working for family plans. just individuals…….. the guy couldnt find that promotion???

  • Khronykking

    Okay all 5 times i tried this number they said no. It was always a different excuse from not in your area to promo ended and more. BUT i tried the *611 number and they didnt know what I was talking about. I told them my friends got the mailer hes lives in SoCal. They said well let me look. Then said in my area NorCal they see a 0 off promo on talk text data 1400. BINGO addded it and said thx! Awesome Droid-Life saving me $60 thx!!

    • Khronykking

      whoops 20 off promo not 0

    • Khronykking

      PS she said promo says it is good until 2038! No mention of 1yr added to contract.

  • Downey1971

    We got the deal and you didn't, now who is the idiot. Just saying.

    • Eric

      I didn't get cause i wasn't preslected and you must of been (you probably didn't even know it). B/C i didn't get the deal makes me a idiot? Umm no It just means i wasn't lucky.

  • Digeemonk

    I called the number and had NO problem getting the deal…the rep says it does extend your contract by a year but only if your contract expires in less than a year and does not effect your new every 2 or upgrade date. I was getting ready to buy a droid but was waiting due to the steep increase I would have on my monthly bill (I didnt have data before). This promo kept me with Verizon and, in a month or so when I am due for an upgrade, I am sooooo getting the droid I dream of!!!

    • Digeemonk

      PS…I recieved no email or anything…just found it surfing the web. This is what I told the rep…honesty works.

  • RCS476

    Judging by your post, it's obvious why you were not able to get the deal.

    • Eric

      cuz my poast has anything to do with getting the deal. Boy your real smart.

      • RCS476

        Perhaps it's your attitude? While I could also pick apart your last post, I will give some friendly advice instead. I suggest you call them back and ask someone else for the deal. Call this number: 877.873.3278

        • Eric

          You must of not read my 1st post i called 10 times and never had a attuide they said everytime it is only for preslected customers. What don't you people understand.

          • RCS476

            There is absolutely ZERO chance I was a “preselected” customer. The account that I had them apply the discount to is an account that has been open for less than a month.

          • Eric

            whos said length of account being open has anything to do with being preslected? Btw i just tried 5 more times thats a total of 15 and got the same response.

          • Anonymous

            Then I guess they’ve possibly caught on and are not giving the discount without the promotional code anymore.
            Tell them it was in your email and you accidentally deleted it because you didn’t think it was what it actually is. That there was no way you would have thought it was unlimited data and all of the other options for that price and that you later heard people talking about the great deal.

            You need to sell the person on the story. I had to… they eventually gave it.

          • Eric

            They already know if they sent me a e-mail or not. 1 rep even said they already know about it being spammed on the internet. Its not gonna work.

  • Eric

    You people are idiots i just called 10 times. They only give it to people who were preselected. If you got it then you were preselected maybe you just didn't know it. Stupid mother*fckers.

  • man, i called the number posted 3 times yesterday, once saying i got the email (apparently they can tell if they sent it or not), and each time they told me that i don't qualify, but couldn't tell me why, claiming that the system doesn't tell them… i did renew my contract for 2 years almost exactly a year ago, maybe you need to have less than ONE year remaining on contract to qualify? has anyone done this with more than a year remaining?

    • Yea me. I just renewed my contract a few months ago when i got my DX.

  • took me 10 minutes to switch over to this plan last night (7 minutes waiting on the phone :-p)

    I lucked out and got a super nice rep that switched me over with no issues. Hope this is a permanent thing :-p

    I renewed my plan when the droid x came out and I didn't have my contract extended a year fyi.

  • Nmanix

    PS from previous post. I am in Hoover,Alabama. This new pricing is now comparable to Sprint. Difference is Sprint has mobile to any other carriers mobile. Also, navigation, visual voicemail and TV are free with Sprint whereas these would add 22.97 to you VZ bill.

    • Google Navigation is free and better than VZ navigator.

  • Nmanix

    Called VZ yesterday and rep new nothing of promotion until she did research. Got my plan changed right away with no discussion of email. Data plan still shows up at 29.99, but my bill has a 20.00 refund for each line, saving me 80.00 a month on a four line family plan with 2000 minutes. Before I hung up, VZ rep did say this offer was good until the year 2038, which means it is virtually permanent. Plan is for unlimited data

    • skltr21

      the guy im on the phone with cant find the promotion???

  • Den3921

    Thanks droid life it pays to stay up and be in the know. You have to be patient it took me three tries the third time the woman on the phone was nice and never mentioned anything about an email, i get a 24 percent corporate discount saved me money thanks again. By the way i a m in Seattle washington

  • Chris G

    Not doing it here.

    My D1 is the only data plan we have. Now, tell me i can call it a family plan with my Droid, a tablet, and the wife's regular phone unlimited everything for 139 and i might consider it.

  • Donaldrke

    Just saved me 28 dollars a month. Not too bad and adds unlimited texting. Verizon just got a attaboy from me.


  • RCS476

    Just called and had this applied to my account. Thanks droid-life!

  • Maslan

    Just called – said “I got some info about this special promotion” and he said yup that is a great deal let me set you up. Never asked about email or anything. Took 2 minutes and i was done. Keeps the same family and friends deal, said as long as i have a phone that uses this same type of plan it would continue on. But if i dropped one of the phones to a single line – then i would have to get whatever plan they offer at that time. Saving $40 a month. 🙂

  • Djdarke1981

    I called last night and told them I got the email.(I never actually got the email) They went on and on about how they didn't know anything about it. Finally got transfered to another department and got it right away. Not sure what people are talking about when they say the plan expires at some point. I was told it's good for life, unless I change it myself. I can also add a line at any time for 19.99. I live in Akron, OH.

  • Patricia Edmonds

    I signed up for the promotion this morning. All I did was ask if I was eligible for the promotion. The rep checked, and said I was and signed me up, no questions asked.

  • Hazer

    Called the Cust Serv Rep and they just babbled… then I called that 1877 number and got it in 3.4533 minutes… WOWOW… love it!! The lady told me it lasted the duration of my device, and I JUST got the DX on July 15 when it came out, so hopefully I'll be doing this SICK price for the next couple years… PLUS my employee discount… lol 55$ a month for DX on vzw network… cant beat it.. DROID LIFE FOR THE WIN!!

  • DBK

    Interesting. Will have to check that out.

  • Brevic211

    We pay 230 a month right now for three unlimited text and data plans. With limited minutes. Sounds good to me.

  • I'll called today to get the $69.99 plan and the Verizon rep told me that she has no info on that plan then she asks her super and he had no info on that plan..

    • iBowToAndroid

      make sure you're calling the 1-877 number, not the regular VZW cust service number. If you get the same thing, call back and talk to someone else

  • Downey1971

    Worked for me but it took several calls to make it work, first DO NOT call customer service, you will not get what you want from them, call this number 877.873.3278 and tell them you got an email over the weekend about the new plan and you would like to know more, that's what did and I got what I wanted. I live in Alabama. The first customer service rep said it was only for California and the second said it was only for New York, like I said DO NOT call customer service or you will run into this too. Call the number I posted, it is a different department and the only way to have this number is in the email. Good luck.

  • BigFonz

    Oh yeah, I'm in Maryland and it did work for me.

  • i called to see if they would allow me to do it, and they said its a special promotion….ratzz

    • Keep Trying…you will get a CSR who will apply it for you, just talk like you should be eligible for it.

  • Garlando

    Thus just worked for me in the chicagoland area. Fyi for anyone trying.

  • hazer

    They keep telling me its a So.Cal thing… ahhhh

    • Gadgetskopf

      horse apples. I'm life in MN, with a Chicago phone number, and called from a land line in a town 4 hours from my house. I did not receive an email. As long as you call the number listed on the ad, you should get a happy-happy-joy-joy experience like mine. It's costing my about $18/mo more for my family share plan, but I get twice my minutes and unlimited txt/msg/data for 3 lines instead of just one, and now I can add 10 F&F numbers as well.

      • Gadgetskopf

        And I'm bad at proofreading….sigh… “I'm LIVING in MN” is how that first sentence should read.

  • iLuvMyDroid

    I just called and he said he applied the promo code. Is it listed as a feature, I checked my account online and saw this under features “TALK & TEXT PLUS DATA $20 DISC ” so I assume that I have it. I already had the unlimited text and data with 450 min plan, he said my data would be $9.99.

  • ntowell

    I can't believe I just got $20/mo off my bill for nothing. Awesome.

  • Yagermeister

    Thank you Droid-Life! You just saved my wife and I $480 a year!!!

    It will not add a year to a two year contract (mine started in March). Also I found out that with the Family Plan after only 1 year the primary line gets to purchase a new phone at the subsidized rate and not full retail…so here I come in March! Please have a Buy One Get Any free deal so I can buy a Droid X or Incredible HD for me and a regular Incredible for the wife!!

    • BigFonz

      I'm up in March too, and waiting for the same deal.

  • Droidiva

    Just got off the phone with verizon and the rep offered me the discount but I have one line that has a corporate account and they have to see how this will effect the corporate accounts. He said verizon is working on a work around for corporate accounts and that he is going to call me back tomorrow, because they should have this worked out by then! I've got my fingers crossed that this works out.

    • Gadgetskopf

      My whole plan is covered by a corporate discount…applied with no problem.

  • StephanC

    What the hell?!? This is so unfair!!!!!!!!

  • Just did this and he only 5 minutes to do all of it. If I didn't make sure twice about what I would get and what price to pay it would have taken 3 minutes. Awesome deal. Now I'm saving 20 bucks a month.

  • Heynewgirl

    Whoo Hooo Saving 20 bucks a month. I also have an employee discount program. It works on the entire bill except for the Data part of the bill. So now i am paying 9.99 a month for Data instead of the 29.99 I was paying. Yipee. They asked if I got the info in the mail, email, coupon and I said mail and he said Great.

  • BigFonz

    Just tried again and got the offer plus I upgraded my wife to an HTC Inc. for $100. Haha. It really does work to just try again.

    I love you Droid-Life! And my wife loves you too!

  • Bbrutcher

    yee haw!!! thank you droid life!!! just saved me 80 bucks a month!!!!

  • BigFonz

    I just tried and they said I wasn't eligible. I asked her why and she couldn't give me an answer. I'm gonna keep trying.

  • Get

    I've tried 3 times so far, with no luck. Each time they tell me there are no records of my getting the email. I'm going to keep trying.

    • Heynewgirl

      I called and it took me 5 min. Just keep trying. I didnt recieve the email but they asked if I did and I said yes and all they said was Great.

      • Get

        Looks like 4th try was a charm, I'm now saving 20 dollars a month!

        • Heynewgirl

          welll GREAT.. lol

  • curious George

    So how many anytime minutes is this plan?

    • Heynewgirl


  • Acalvillo5

    Thanks droid-life! Worked no hassle or problems!

  • Stallie334

    I live in Ohio and VW wasn't buying that I had an email…She kept telling me they dont offer a plan with unlimited data…I'm going to keep trying..

    • I live in Ohio also and I got the promo deal…

  • Brian

    Looking for some help advice after upgrading to this plan. We had a family plan (4 lines) and I have the only data plan (droid 1). I called and no questions asked upgraded to this for an additional 10 bucks giving us ALL unlimited data. The other 3 people arent due for new every 2 upgrades for another 7 months. Is there any way I can get them new phones that can use the data plan. My primary line annual upgrade is up in January, so I am not sure if I can partake in a buy 1 get 1 free offer and give one of them the new phone or how that works. Anyone have any suggestions? They all are super happy about unlimited data but have phones that cant really use it, the verizon rep said there wasnt much they could do but to watch for early upgrade advertisements….

    • BigFonz
      • Brian

        For all those you will have to sign a new 2 year contract, I am already in contract and just updated/extended it out by a year so I cant really do a new 2 year contract to get the deals

        • Heynewgirl

          My plan expires Nov 6, 2011 and this plan only extended my contract by 2 days.

  • Droidiva

    Ok those over here on the east coast or Midwest how many of you guys got to use this plan!! Say “I did”

    I'm in Cincinnati, ohio and if you live here and got swiched please let me know!!!!

    • Yep

      Got it in KS

    • Brian

      I live in the midwest and had no problems or questions asked

    • I did, Central Ohio

  • Chachi

    My wife called and we got all 4 phones (Droids) switched over to this plan. It does appear to be related to how long you have been a customer as the CSR said we qualify as we have been with them for 6 years.

    • Mike Baltierra

      I have been with Verizon since they were GTE Mobile (1998) and they told me the promo was fake…

  • I would take it if offered
    With a new Droid 2 Global …

  • Drew66

    The extra year commitment also does not affect phone upgrade dates.

  • What's to think about. I'd save 30 dollars under this type of plan that's a no brainer.

  • Soap

    For anyone still lurking, I can confirm the following:

    o This promotion is NOT geographically limited
    o There is NO promotion code or email validation required
    o This will add one (1) year to your contract
    o It is similar to an existing plan but adds unlimited texting to your phone (or two family-shared phones)
    o It also cuts $20 from your data plan, making it appear as $9.99 per month on your bill
    o Unlimited M2M means you can call (or receive calls from) other Verizon Wireless customers for free
    o This package is therefore NOT unlimited TALK (to land lines or other wireless customers); minutes apply
    o Friends and Family numbers also still apply as usual

    If you get hassled on any of the above, respectfully HANG UP and CALL BACK until you get a representative that can help you. It can be done, just keep trying!

    • Thejerrad

      I was unable to get it because I didn’t have the email to forward the VZW rep. I told him I got an email (which I hadn’t, I found this here on DL), he said “I need you to forward the email to me so I can verify that.” I said “I don’t have it anymore, I wrote the number down and deleted the email.” Long story short, I didn’t get the deal. 🙁

      • Cgmartin33

        Like everyone has been saying…respectfully hang up (because they can make notes in their system) and call back. There are call centers all over the country…my first was to AZ and she wanted me to forward the email as well. Of course I didn’t as not to bus drive anyone or expose this link. My third call ended up answering in Sacramento and was amazing. Great personality…no attitude…spoke to me about my upgrades and current deals and when would be best to take advantage of them (black friday something big!). Bottom line is don’t give up…you will eventually get the right person that will help you.
        PS. Don’t be too descriptive about the email…they were mailed also. Just let them know that you were informed about this new program and be discriptive about that. Explain the program in detail and they will take over from there. They tend to be lazy. Hope this helps!

        • Picodroid

          You people are all very ill-informed. As a Verizon Wireless customer service rep, I know how it all works. We can see EVERY email, call, text, and mailing about promotions we send out for every account, and every individual phone number. You’re not going to fool anyone expect for a stupid rep who isn’t paying attention. Even so, promos like this are pre-loaded into our system to only work for those selected for it. There is no possible way to get this applied to your account if it’s not already coded to work on it.

          Also, “hang up to get another rep” is a horrible practice. You people don’t realize how much you’re hurting the company by doing this. Each call costs way more money than you would expect, in turn raising up keep of the service which in turn raises your bills. If you want cheaper bills, only call when you REALLY need help. And really, if you’ve got a good head on your shoulders you can do pretty much everything online.

          • JasonU

            Verizon is doing it to themselves. I have no sympathy. If they didn’t want people to play games, they could not play the game themselves and just offer the plan publicly.

          • John

            Well lets see here

            1) I didn’t get the email
            2) I called and got the plan anyway
            3) Explained I saw it online not in e-mail
            4) Saved me $40 a month
            5) Pretty sure Sprint isn’t beating out VZW in Boston

          • Bmac

            Same here. Did not have to hagel, Just explained I saw it on the vzwshop.com website.

          • someone

            I apologize that you’re completely wrong. I called up and they asked me to “fax” in my mailed flyer that I supposedly had. I told them I did not have a fax machine and to kindly let me speak to a supervisor as they were not seeing my account eligible for this promotion. I have been a customer for over 7 years and asked why people without contracts have more of an incentive and get promotions that people like myself that have been with Verizon for a long time. After on hold waiting for a supervisor the rep came back and said we will extend this offer to you. Saved me $40… I was not a jerk and also told the rep that I understand it’s not their fault about not being able to offer it to me in the beginning. I thanked them and now am sporting the new promotion. Yay me.

          • Rogermoore

            if you cannot offer a competitive price then I will call a thousand times till you do.

          • Anonymous

            After reading this a year later than you wrote it I can say that as a customer service rep YOU are actually the one incorrect. 

            Back when this was online I shared it with several friends that did not get the email and they very easily got the plan simply by calling customer support. The reps didn’t see it available for their account but were able to find the information and apply it… without any trouble. 

            Good thing there are customer support reps at Verizon that are good at what they do and are informed. Your “can’t do” attitude is why we have to try back once and awhile to get someone that knows what they are doing.

            I called last week to order an extended battery for my phone and the poor guy couldn’t find it or do anything even though he tried very hard. He was very nice and tried for about 15 minutes with me, but finally I very nicely told him thanks for all his effort you but I had to go. The next rep had no problem and accomplished the task in a few minutes.

    • Emt2er

      I did not get hassled at all. Even with more than a year left they saved me $40 a month on 2 D1s for my existing contract period. Verizon just inspired a ton of goodwill from me and will keep me as a client next time my contract comes around. Totally unexpected from a big company and really appreciated.

      BTW, I was truthful about getting this tip from DL. No need to play games.

    • Septimus Prime

      This actually did not add a year to my plan, as I already had over a year left on mine. I suspect it will only add time if your plan is expiring soon. I don't think it affects your phone upgrade waiting time, either.

      For me, the plan added unlimited calling to 5 (non-VZW) friends and family, since I already had unlimited texting to begin with.

      The change also gets reflected on Verizon's site immediately.

    • riz

      I was hassled, denied and hung up… plan on calling later.. can you confirm the above post stating it is only good for 1 year?

    • ndub12

      Worked for me In Chicago, IL

  • Deep P609

    just call them and say you recevied the email thats what i did and so did all my pals we all got the deal with no questions asked, just ask them the details of the plan and they will sign you up first time i almosed got signed up for it but my call got droped and the second time i call did not have a problem. the rep also told me that soon they might just put this in the plan line up. and click on the source for the number to call.

  • Drew66

    The promotion is good for as long as you keep the plan. 1400 minutes (non-verizon) unlimited verizon talk, text and data. Plus 10 friends and family for non-verizon / land lines (unlimited talk). I did not get email but got the promo.

  • jutley

    Is there a special number to call for this deal of just the regular CS number?

  • I Just Called (the promotion is for contracts that expire in the next 12 months) and the Promotion is only good for 12 month's.

    • Drew66

      The promotion is good for as long as you keep the plan.

  • Sullivandemarcus

    I'm confused. Incoming And outgoing calls of nonVZW will be charged? That's no deal. Not every person I know use VZW.

    • Drew66

      1400 minute of Incoming And outgoing calls of nonVZW will be free. Unless they are on your friends and family then they will not count toward your 1400 minutes.

      • Drew66

        1400 for family plan 450 minutes for single line.

  • Poochiesjoy98

    wish it was me

  • Drdroid
  • Bigrob60

    I just got this e-mail. And just saw that I have to sign up for one year and my contract on my voyager ends in 12 days. No data. Arggg. Was just gonna get this then upgrade my phone after CES in Jan(Tegra 2 or Droid 2 Global right now). Maybe I'll drop the “I've been w/ you for 10yrs just sign me up bomb.” I'll see.

  • Izzyd

    Well here is a dumb question what about numbers you need to call that are not a VZW number? IE they don't fall in the moible-to-mobile category.

    • Drew66

      1400 minute of Incoming And outgoing calls of nonVZW will be free. Unless they are on your friends and family then they will not count toward your 1400 minutes (free).

      • Drew66

        1400 for family plan 450 minutes for single line.

  • Bob2kim

    okay, I just called and they do have a record if they sent you the promotion. I tried to lie and and say I received an email but the CSR indicated they do not see they sent it out. The CSR did however offer it to me since I have been with VZR for a LONG time and was in good standing with them.
    If you have a family plan, like I do with 3 additional lines then this plan cost the same amount if you have 2 lines with data and 2 without. What this plan does is change all lines to Unlimited Text, Data, and Mobile to mobile. THATS right all 4 of my lines now have Unlimited but at the same cost as 2 lines with unlimited data and two without. Since I was going to upgrade a line to an Android phone this month or next, it was worth it. I will start saving money technically when I upgrade one of my lines. So I could technically upgrade the last two lines to Droid devices and still pay the same amount.

    • leftbrain99

      We were told that they realize the promotion was published to a blog and they have been told by management that they need to honor all requests for this regardless. They will probably be careful about giving away promotions to select customers in the future.

  • Gmallard

    I certainly would love to try that plan if I had the opportunity. I love Verizon, but I pay alot each month too.

  • Hell Yeah!!

  • trd845mge

    Droid-Life…I love you. I just called and with my employee savings I get $13 off what I was currently paying =D

  • I signed up and saved $60 a month, just called in and referenced the ad. Don't know how I got so lucky but I'll take it!

    • Michael, are you in Arizona? I'm in Phoenix and they told me that the promo wasn't available in my area.

  • I just did this and saved $60 a month on my plan due to 3xsmartphone data plans.

  • I just did this and saved $60 a month on my monthly because I had 3x smart phones.

  • briderx

    I just tried twice and first was told it's the first they've heard of it.. 15 minutes on hold and he said it was probably a phishing scam and i need to change my password on my VZW account.. I declined and promptly hung up. Called back and another guy knew exactly what i was talking about and said it was fake. Dude, is it just my luck?

    • Mike Baltierra

      nope i had the same luck….three different calls to *611 said the same – it must be from a third party and they knew nothing of it or it was fake

      • briderx

        I'm up here in Washington.. Can't get much more Westlier than that..

      • Soap

        That might be part of the problem, stop calling *611. It clearly says in the ad that it is only available via the provided number. No issues here.

  • Sweetfeld28

    Just called and they say it is only for Southern California customers. All other markets are NOT eligible.

    • Soap


  • Well, I just called and tried to get switched and the guy said its not available in my area (Phoenix, AZ) yet. Hurry up VZW

  • Viper76269

    i just switched to it. it's a promotion. 450 min and unlimited everything else, plus, i added 5 friends and family at no charge. awesome! $69.99 with an 18% discount, plus tax. I was paying $109. lets see what it's down to now

  • Ardieilardi

    I called today and the verizon rep told me that it's only being offered on the West coast.
    If it “takes off” they will offer it to the rest of the country.
    I'll try again in a couple of days.

    • Soap

      Wrong. I just called 30 minutes ago and got it. Try again.

  • Phone number is 877.873.3278. You can get that and see the offer if you click on the link saying Verizon, listed as Source below the post above.

  • A Concerned Droid Owner

    That pic looks like Aquaman's girlfriend is using a throat kazoo…

  • Downey1971

    I am on the phone now with them they are asking me if I know the promo code…..ANYBODY….

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Test? The same level of service costs 90 dollars a month now… so see how consumers respond to saving 20 bucks a month? 240 dollars a year? Here's a hint to that Project Manager – success.

  • Branshaw09

    Just hung up the phone and got this deal! Saves me $20 per month on my family plan and I actually upgraded because I only had the 700 minute plan! Thanks Droid-Life!!!!

    • Samething…Was an upgrade for me and also saved me $$$$ per month Win Win

  • Jake

    This promo basically takes $20 off the cost of the unlimited data plan if you enroll in either the 450 minute Talk & Text plan for a single line or the $1400 Talk & Text Family Share plan.

    If you add unlimited data the subtotal is $89.98, whereas this promo will cost you just $69.99 for the same features. The 1400 Talk & Text Family Share Plan is $119.99 for the first two lines.

    Adding the unlimited data feature to both lines would increase the subtotal to $179.97, whereas the promo deal costs just $139.99 for the same features.

    • Jake

      edit: At the end of the first sentence I meant to say the 1400 minute Talk & Text Family Share Plan

  • Rain_king46

    This is exactly the same as the unlimited plan that Sprint has been offering. VWZ is taking the iPhone exclusive away from AT&T and now the Sprint unlimited plan away from them. The only two possible valid reasons for joining either of these carriers. What does T-mobile have that we can snake from them next? haha


    Come on vzw….on your plans since what 2000? 5 lines….1 a smartphone…1 a gloabal…pay over 300 dollars…come on….anyways…im just gona call and ask if we can switch to the plan….we gota try….

  • Droidiva

    *Plus other charges. For Family SharePlans, monthly access fee of $139.99 only applies to the first two lines. All secondary lines on a Family SharePlan must take the Talk and Data promo.

    Ok so I have 3 lines on my shared plan with the heck is the talk and Data promo!! Anybody……

    • Bbrutcher

      additional lines are 19.99. per month!

  • Gmail

    I have been asking for family data for at least a year now.

  • Downey1971
    • Yomomma

      Seriously dude, it's sad that someone has to say this again since it's mentioned several times….. But click on the word Verizon that's highlighted in red and underlined above by the word Source. If you still can't figure it out after that, then you don't deserve to have a smartphone anyways.

      • trd845mge



    Oh, you can also add your “friends and family” numbers that aren’t Verizon including land lines.

    Why would you need to add Friends and Family if it's Unlimited Everything????

  • Downey1971

    Come guys, all of you that are calling and getting this good and not one of you will post the phone number that came in the email to call.

  • I3lade1117

    I did not get the email but called and they gave it to me without any extentions….

  • Michael_NM

    Wow! On three lines, I went from $230/month ($120 (2000 minutes) + 9.99 + 9.99 + $90 for data) down to $160/month. As the VZ rep explained to me the 139.99 includes two lines and 19.99 is for line 3. We'll see if this really holds true, but $70/month is a pretty good savings and I didn't need 2000 minutes anyway…It's supposedly set up for next billing cycle. Keeping my fingers crossed… BTW: I just called and said that I had a few questions about an email I received…

  • Called and they hooked me up with the family plan 4 lines 1400 mins unlimited data and text all four lines for the same price i was paying for unlimited data for two lines and 700 mins and unlimited text. GOOOOOOOD DDEEAAALLL!!!!!!

    • Downey1971


      • gafrican

        click on the Source link, yo. no need lose your cool

        • Just say you got the email. Do not act like you didnt they will know!!!!!

  • No dice, they are looking for people that are out of contract.

    • gafrican

      no way dude… my contract isnt up until exactly one year from today and they signed me up. couldnt be happier because there is an att discount at my job and I was starting to feel robbed

  • Downey1971
  • watersrules

    worked for me, basically the same exact plan I had other than unlimited texting, overall saving me about $20 per month, and my employer discount applied to the rate as well.. thanks droid-life!

  • Psikic

    Well, this plan is actually more expensive than my grandfathered-in Alltel plan.

  • Droidiva

    Ok some1 help me understand……. I didn't get the email could someone fwd it to me if possible. I just signed a 2 year when I got my droid X but I still have 2 phones due for and upgrade. Does it matter that I signed a 2 year already. Also I have a corporate data plan will that stay the same or will that be bundled into the unlimited.

    my email is [email protected] if someone in Ohio got the email in case they have districts they sent them too if not ……

  • Little_witch_1979

    ok so then how do you do this and how many regular mins are on the plan

  • Little_witch_1979

    why would it matter if you cant add freinds and family numbers if its unlimited?

    • Jake

      Because calls are not unlimited on this promotion. Only mobile-to-mobile calls to other Verizon Wireless customers are unlimited. The 1400 minute Family Share plan does include friends & family.

  • Wait if any change to this plan up or down results in the loss of this promotion does that mean adding LTE is impossible while keeping this rate for everything else?

  • Drdoidx

    When I bought my Droid X in July, I enrolled in a truly unlimited plan, to any network and any number anytime at 69.99 a month, and unlimited data for additional $30. I currently use the $5 a month text plan. This new plan may be good for some people but it is “unlimited” only a very limited sense. And the data plan that goes with it is not “unlimited” by a long shot. It should read, “Unlimited calling…as long as you only call Verizon Wireless customers.”

    • What do you mean the data is not unlimited?

      • Drdoidx

        Unless I am mistaken, the data plan on this deal includes only 25MB of data, or is it 250? I thought I saw that the data was not unlimited, only texting.

        • You need to read it more carefully.

        • Anonymous

          Wrong. Data is unlimited.

  • Timoh

    Tried just now, they wouldn't do it. Went back and forth a few times, now they are asking me to forward the email first.

    • Yomomma

      You try e-mailing stuff that the link takes you to? Just a thought. The worst they can do is say no.

      • Timoh

        Well it wont save me any money vs what im paying but it would give me unlimited(I dont even come close to hitting my limit on what I have.) It's not worth the effort really. It's an idea for others though.

  • Gg101

    They're basically just giving you the TXTs for free, which is how it should be anyway if you're already paying for data.

  • AllSystemsDown

    THANK YOU DROID LIFE…I'm now saving $30+ per month on my bill and have unlimited EVERYTHING on all 3 of my lines!

  • This type of plan is what I've been needing for so long! I'm stuck in a high minute plan because of the friends and family feature. Unfortunately I did not get asked but hopefully they'll make this plan public for everyone soon. I'm down.

  • I just gave them a call and apparently they have on record who the offer was emailed to. I just played dumb with the guy saying I don't know where the email came from. I might try later to see if someone else is not as wise.

    • AllSystemsDown

      I just called out of the blue and she asked if I had gotten an email or a text message and I simply said an email. I am now on this unlimited plan….

  • So if I got a Droid X a while ago for the subsidized price by going with a 2 year contract will going with this promotion make me pay the rest of the price for my Droid X?

    • Yomomma


  • Jake

    I didn't get the email, just read about it on an android forum. I called the number and five minutes later was signed up for this plan, no questions asked about how I discovered the promotion. Just to clarify, not all calls are unlimited, only mobile-to-mobile. The single line plan includes 450 peak minutes and the family share plan includes 1400 peak minutes and 10 friends & family credits (shared among all lines).

    • Downey1971

      PLEASE POST the number you called.

      • Jake

        It was also in the “Source” link in the article above.

  • MansterRock

    Done Knocked $21 + Taxes(on $21) off my monthly bill. and now my daughter has unlimited data on her envy touch along with my wifes and my Droid's….Shame that my mom still has a dumb-phone….but still if she upgrades her phone, the data will be there.

  • Rizzidy

    If everything is unlimited, what benefit is there to adding your friends and family?

    • Bigrob60

      Its only to verizon cell customers. If you call someone on another carrier it will use minutes. Comes w/ 450 minutes.

    • Soap

      It doesn’t say “everything is unlimited.” It states unlimited TEXT, DATA, and MOBILE-to-MOBILE.

      In other words, nowhere does it mention TALK as being unlimited.

    • Timoh

      If they aren't on Verizon.

    • Dredamanfoo2

      The mobile-to-mobile is unlimited, but you still pay for calls to landlines and other carriers. That's where the friends and family come into play.

      • GUEST

        Then it’s not Unlimited EVERYTHING…

  • Septimus Prime

    What, exactly, is there to *test* about this plan? Will customers like a cheaper plan, where they get the same features as their current plans? Yes.

    • Probably to see if they lose a lot of money or if their network can handle it or something like that.

    • Duray3

      II got set up sweet. Here is what the rep told me. This is only for people in markets where sprint is beating Verizon. It is good for one year only. After the one year you go back to your old plan. But I’m not in that area and they gave it to me anyway so give them a call and see if it works. I guess Verizon doesn’t want to loose customers to sprint

      • Anonymous

        Don’t know what to tell you, man. They let me in without question (didn’t get the e-mail) and Sprint is practically non-existent in this market.

    • So I was able to change to this new plan even though this promotion wasn’t offered to me. Customer rep initially stated that i was not eligible for the promotion, but then…

      I THREATENED to go to Sprint. (which i was, theres android phones on sprint too ya know..)

      Then customer rep said he would change to this new plan, but my account could possibly be audited. I asked if I could be penalized for it, and said he didnt know. Whatever, i went with the new plan. I’m thinking it was just a scare tactic.

      I am on the new plan, upgraded, AND paying less now. ROFL! FYI, we went on the FamilyShare plan for $139.99 a month.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    WTF.. I didnt get that email as I would be all over that shizz.. I have been with them for 10 years (or whatever).

    it most have only gone to people paying LESS as I pay more so why send me the email is likely the logic.

  • fallofshadows

    I don't get it… I pay 100 a month for unlimited data, texting, and 450 minutes. Why would VZW offer this up cheaper? If it's legit, I'd love it, but I don't see how this is possible.

    • JagoX

      Because maybe they're trying to make sure that Sprint or T-Mobile don't steal their customers with more aggressively priced plans? Just thought ;P

  • overtsilence

    Now given this is a promotional pricing and all that, for any of you who recieve a corporate discount through your employer, anyone know if the discount would still apply on top of this pricing?

    • detroit313

      It sure does. I just checked my account.

    • icantremember

      My rep confirmed that my discount still applies.

    • Jake

      Yes, I got the corportate discount on top of this promotional pricing.

      • Flyinion

        Wow interesting I was just wondering about this myself. I’m currently paying $75 a month INCLUDING taxes with my employer’s vzw discount for 450 mins, basic 250 texts, unlimited data. It sounds like I’d basically only gain unlimited texting though and I don’t really care about that since I use GTalk for “texting” which is free.

  • Jtjcman

    I did not get the email, otherwise I would do it. What is the number to call?

    • icantremember

      C'mon, click the “source” link.

  • Toky_neg

    I just think the girl is very pretty so im going to call verizon and ask for her..

    • icantremember

      Yep, she's hot, and she's shaving her chin with a phone like it's an electric razor…

      • Bigrob60

        So that’s what the razor was supposed to do.

      • Toky_neg

        Oh no!! maybe a tranny.. Damn VZW.

        • EC8CH

          Dude… look at the size of her/his hands… tranny for sure

        • EC8CH

          Bet that phone is hiding a HUGE adam's apple 😛

          • Jacob Woodward


      • Chris Nimon


      • Yomomma

        There's an app for that.

  • Anyone know if this will push back the upgrade offer? I'm due for an upgrade in a year. Just wondering if I try to sign up for this will it push it back another year.

    • icantremember

      I had my rep confirm that my current NE2 and upgrade was still available after the plan change.

    • Yomomma

      From what the lady told me, it will give you a 12 mo. contract if you don't already have one. I currently have signed my soul over to the devil for the next 18 mo. to get my greedy little paws on my Droid X, so she said it would not affect my contract. She also stated that if you make any changes to you're plan, either up or down after signing up, that you will lose the special offer. I had the 450+Text+data already and was paying 90/mo, 100 after taxes, so I cut 20 off my bill.

      • Yomomma

        Also, Phandroid had this up Fri. or Sat., and it has somehow disappeared over the weekend, so you guys might want to copy down that phone # before the almighty V gets their hands on this post too.

  • icantremember

    I did this on Saturday… called the number in the “email” and they switched me right over.
    I previously had 4 lines on the 1400 family plan with unlimited messaging plus 2 data plans. This worked out cheaper, and now the additional lines can get data/smart phones, too.
    Was: 110+10+10+10+30+30 = 200
    Now: 120+20+20+20 = 180

    Figures this would come up only after I bought the only qwerty phone that didn't require a data plan (Pantech Jest) off ebay for my mom's line.

  • im getting

  • M Fox

    Just got off the phone with VZW. In order to be included on this, you need to have actually received the email from them. I was out of luck unfortunately but he said that it's a great deal if you can get it because it shaves $20 off the data plan. Hopefully, they roll this out to more customers.

    • I’m on the phone with them now and yep they asked if I received the email, however I told them I’ve been a customer with them for over 10 years and the operator is applying a $20 a month credit for a year, after a year it may or may not revert back to my triple digit bill. I’ll admit she wasn’t sure the exact criteria one must have to get this. I just asked why one person could this over another and that it didn’t make much sense.

    • Viper76269

      i didn’t receive the e-mail. i just called and asked about it, and they said i was eligible. they check their computer for your eligibility.

    • My friend just called to ask me which Droid phone to get. He didn’t get the email, but he called them and told him he did and they let him do it, no questions asked.

    • I was asked where I heard about it and told them an android forum online… she didn’t say anything about it… within 5 minutes I was on the new plan… I think it’s all who you talk to.. I’ve found that out about verizon on different occasions..

    • Bestberet

      Nope, I didn’t receive the e-mail, I called and my first rep knew nothing about the promotion. I read it to her from this site including the fine print. She called the number in the ad and then passed me off to another rep. He gave me the deal and was more than happy to do it. I end up saving $60/month on a 3 smartphone Family Plan (even though the ad’s fine print was a little ambiguous about whether it would cover a third phone.)

    • Yomomma

      I disagree, I signed up for it this morning. The key is to NOT tell them you didn't get the e-mail. A little bit of tact can go a long way my friend.

  • hell i would!!

  • tbaybe

    no way….. sounds way too good to be true!

  • Is this for smartphones too?

    • Droidiva

      I guess so some folks are posting they did this and they have a droid

    • Yomomma

      Please tell me you're kidding…..

      • Droid


    • Anonymous

      Yes, it is for smartphones.

  • mike jones

    I have unlimited mobile to any mobile on vzw for 59.99.

  • Aj9711

    I called over the weekend about this plan. It is only good for 12 months, then it goes to regular price.

    • masterxchief

      That kinda kills it

      • Yomomma

        Yeah, because saving $240 in the next year that I would have given them anyways is stupid. I will probably just end up buying crack and hookers with it anyways.

        • Anonymous

          I was talking about for me smartass

        • Anonymous

          spend it all on crack. It’s been my experience that you don’t need to pay for hookers if you have copious amounts of crack 🙂

  • I guess “everything” doesn't include voice anymore.

    • PezHead

      Who still uses their phones to talk to people … 😉

      • brife

        You can talk to people on these gadgets?

  • I was reading at engadget that it is 450 minutes and unlimited mobile to mobile. This is the first I heard about the 140 plan for families, any details on how many lines this would include?

  • KidPhat

    Sorry, I don't think it is unlimited everything. Voice is still limited, which they try to hide with the “mobile-to-mobile”.

    • They're not hiding it with “mobile-to-mobile”. It clearly states how many “anytime” minutes you receive.

  • interesting…i wonder how much extra LTE will be.