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Verizon Starts Testing Unlimited Everything Plans for $69.99 a Month

Verizon sent out some interesting emails over the weekend, asking select customers to think about testing out a new $69.99 unlimited everything plan for individuals an a $139.99 plan for families.  The plan includes unlimited text, data and mobile-to-mobile Verizon calling, but will require you to sign a 1-year contract to participate.

Oh, you can also add your “friends and family” numbers that aren’t Verizon including land lines.

Anyone taking the plunge?

Source:  Verizon
Via:  BGR

Cheers ibow!

  • Anonymous

    Verizon, been with them for 10 yrs today to find out I’m taking it in the behind. The Walmart, Straight Talk plan for $45.00 is unlimited everything. Wait you haven’t heard the best part, guess who owns Straight Talk???? Verizon… i talked to a guy that’s been using it for 3-yrs and says it’s great, I’m limited on everything from Verizon and pay twice as much….AT&T has the same plan for $50. Verizon say they want $69.99.. Okay now guess who’s fixin to change carriers??? Me, Me, Me..
    You’ve heard of a sucker born every minute, well I guess my name’s Sucker…On top of all this bad news, Verizon is a backer of Obama….

  • Jrpiquer

    Just switched over.

    Confirmed had over a year left on my contract so no extension. Also it is only for 1 year.  Lady told me exact date I would revert back to my old plan. 

    Old Plan 450 min 5000 messages Unlimited data
    New Plan 450 min Unlimited messages and data

    Saving $10 a month.

  • Matt. Reynolds

    This is perfect, thats exactly what Verizon needs to do. The bills people get today is the reason why people are switching.

  • jess7

    I called and tired to get this plan just now. what they dont tell u is verizon can see every email and text they send you. so i was told by 3 different reps that i could not get it bc it was not offered to me. i was also told by the 3rd reps supervisor that this plan only last for a year, theres a chance u could keep it or they could remove it since it is just a “test”, and if that happens you may not be allowed to get your old plan back, therefor paying more…yeah if u can actually lie to them well enough to get the plan with out receiving the email, u may pay for it in the future with a much higher plan…total waste of a hour of my time!

  • Armyeric8575

    Tried it was told by operator and superviser that the plan was not eligible for me in my area which is Indiana. They said it may be offered in the future but when they tried to put it through computer wouldn't allow it. will try again

    • Al Davis's Crusty Lips

      I was the guy who posted the last comment and I live in Indianapolis, IN and I got the plan. Call the 877 # and tell them you actually saw it on Verizon's website and it didn't mention being available to only certain areas. Don't take no for an answer.

  • Al Davis's Crusty Lips

    I called the 877 # and they guy gave me the run around and was very vague about who received the emails. So I asked him what the criteria was to get the email and he finally broke down and told me it was geographical and I wasn't eligible. I told him I saw this on Verizon's website and it made no mention of being geographical and only stated that it extends out your contract for a year. He completely switched gears and offered me the deal. One thing to keep in mind is that it's $139.99 for the first two lines and $20 extra for each additional line, not $10. I was able to keep my 20% discount as well and he mentioned the plan will be in place for as long as I have Verizon. I have 4 lines and my bill will go down a bit but my GF was wanting a Droid anyways so I at least know the price won't go up in the future. Everyone should take advatage of this deal, if they say no just push a little harder and they will give in.

  • (i never got the email) i called again today, i think this was my 5th or 6th time calling (the 877 number) and again i was told that the offer was only for selected customers. we discussed the lameness of the whole thing, and she went on about how since it's been posted online it has been a big nightmare at verizon. before i got off the phone i asked her what would happen if i were to threaten to leave (i didn't even make the threat), and she told me to hold on for a minute. she came back and offered me the deal. WIN!

  • Garysa

    First try: I reached a CSR who said “It was a test promotion for a few people only.” And whoever announced the deal “Blogged incorrectly”. She said it was not within their ability to add anyone at this time. Will try again tomorrow.

  • googledoes.com

    Had to called 3 times but finally got a nice lady in Sacramento, she honored the deal. i told her I was on Verizon's website looking at a promotion (which is true choose as the link above is part of verizon's own website) Anyways, it appears to show up on my plan as “TALK & TEXT PLUS DATA $20 DISC ” so now all 3 of my lines get unlimited data (2 Droid X's) for $10 bucks! awesome!