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DROID 2 Global Not Hitting Stores Until November 29th?

We keep hearing November 11th as a firm date for the Droid 2 Global to hit stores, but according to this new shot from Verizon, it looks like it might not actually land on a store shelve until November 29th?  This new information also suggests that you will be able to buy one long before that via “Direct Fulfillment” on the 9th meaning you could walk into a store and have a rep. order you one, but if you wanted to hold the device or see it before purchasing, you won’t be able to until the 29th.

If the 9th is the direct fulfill day, then expect a press release any minute now.

Cheers money!

  • JoeLivesLife

    That date is meant for me! My contract is up the 27th!

  • No 720p?

  • Binglut9

    and Miki is wrong if you order on the 9th it will be shipped that day so you will get it before the stores come out with it. If you just read the fine print you would know. If you order on the 9th I would say between 13 and 17 you would get it

  • Binglut9

    At least its 1.2 ghz moving up slowly but surely

  • r0landct

    Makes perfect sense, dump the remaining D2 in store stock before D2G arrives. Who's going to buy a D2 with the D2G sitting right next to it unless it is much cheaper.

  • jmc

    I'm torn! I'm ready to replace my year-old OG DROID (waited in line the morning it came out!) But not sure if I should go the tried-and-true route with the D2 Global or maybe wait a couple months to see what a Moto LTE QWERTY might look like? Thoughts anyone??

    • Bigrob60

      I'd say just wait. My contract ends the 20th of this month. Just wgonna wait 'till after CES in Jan. to make my mind up

  • Marckatz

    Does this mean if ordered on the 9th it will be delivered before the 29th?

    • BreakingCustoms


      • miki

        wait, no? It means you can pre-order it on the 9th, but you'll still have to wait until the 29th to actually receive it.

    • Binglut9

      Yes you would get it with whatever shipping you would do so you would get it in a couple days if you order the 9th

  • Onemike84

    The anticipated dates change so much that I wouldn't be suprised seeing an article on this site next week saying that it's either being released in mid December or it's being released “RIGHT NOW!”

  • Doc

    noooo…I've been waiting since the BB free phone Friday to get this. Oh well, it is supposed to snow on Thursday so I guess now I won't have to drive in the slush to get to the store.

    And what is the redesign of the keyboard.?

  • MarkDuenas


    • Steve

      will the driod 2 global accept a sim card from another country?