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DROID 2 Global Ads Appearing in Magazines

Still unannounced, the Droid 2 Global makes yet another appearance only this time in an actual magazine.  As you can see from the shot above, the D2 Global is mentioned alongside the Droid X and Droid Pro as the leaders of the “DROID” brand going into the holiday season.  

What I find interesting is the lack of an Incredible mention.  We’ve seen various discounts arriving for the DI and rumors of an HD follow-up lead us to believe this phone is nearing an “end of life” designation.  We’re fine with this, just announce the Incredible HD already so we can move on.

If you’d like to know all there is to know about the D2 Global, we’ve definitely got you covered.

Cheers Droid Life app tipster!

  • Droid Life DROID 2 Global Orders Already Arriving for Customers, First Full GalleryDroid LifeThe still unannounced, but for sale Droid 2 Global is starting to arrive on doorsteps.

  • Also VZ Navigator is available in the app store for the Droid 2 Global

  • Are there going to be any 1 year anniversary blogs for the Droid? Today is the 1 yr anniversary of it's debut.

  • Sjm614

    What's ridiculous is how much Verizon hates the DROID Incredible…and its the best phone they have….

    • sylent101

      Who cares I love my incredible and I don't need any cheesy Verizon droid eye commercials to feel good about my purchase.

    • Jjgrubs

      If you don't mind carrying a charger around all the time its a great phone

      • thislandisyourland

        I honestly think this was an issue that was resolved with the 2.2 update. I got an incredible the other day at bestbuy for free (thanks to kellex and droid-life) and I have not had any issue with the battery life at all. Maybe I just don't use the phone as much or have lower expectations or something, but damn, I really hit up that the wonderful wireless tether app a lot…

    • Stevaroo01

      Yeah, I agree! I got mine in August, and I still love it! By far the best phone I've ever had! And to Jjgrubs below, I've never had to carry my charger around with me… As long as you charge it up each day as I've always done with all of my phones, it lasts just fine.

      All of that being said, I'm always looking forward to the great replacement that will come along soon. As much as I love my DInc I don't intend to have it forever… I hope the Incredible HD is a “Droid” branded phone! Incredible Does!!!!

  • Mr. Joshua

    This is getting ridiculous. They should just announce it already.