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Verizon’s VCAST App Store: Everything You Need to Know

The big news yesterday was the impending update for the Droid Incredible which will bring the VCAST app store to its first device.  Most of you were not all that excited about the news and had a ton of questions as to how this might affect your current phone app setup.  PC World reached out to Verizon to get all of the info you could ever ask for.  We’ve highlighted some of it below.  

  1. Complimentary Store: It will not replace your Android market and will be complimentary to the other stores out there.
  2. App Selection:  The store will launch with a few hundred apps, many of which are already available on the Android market.  There is nothing preventing developers from listing their apps in both the VCAST app store and the stock Android market.
  3. Purchasing Apps:  The highlight of the VCAST store is the billing feature.  Rather than using your Google Checkout or Paypal account to buy apps, you can add the charges straight to your Verizon bill.
  4. Refunds:  There will not be a 24-hour refund policy with the VCAST app store.  You buy it and it’s yours.
  5. Other Devices:  Other than the Incredible, the VCAST store is expected to be available to the Droid 1/2, Droid X, and Fascinate in the near future.  It will come pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I’ll admit that I like the billing feature and the thought that Verizon may be able to control the quality of the apps better than the open Android market.  With that said, it is another piece of bloatware.  We’ll find out the true story next week though, right?


Via:  PC World

  • Nice post,well There is nothing preventing developers from listing their apps in both the VCAST app store and the stock Android market.Thanks for sharing these useful information!

  • abhoward9

    anyone want to explain to me what makes this different from the “verizon” section of the appstore thats already on my phone?

  • Coaster36

    no refund? Ill delete it as soon as I get it. Ive used the refund feature so many times. I have no problem using google checkout. Im not using vzw market. they get enough of my money.

  • Jawshua

    Thoughts? Hah! You had me at “no refund”! You can suck it hard Verizon! How could you offer no refund, you suck so bad. That is one of the huge great things the Market has over the Apple App Store.

    You're going backwards Verizon… man you are stupid! I hope the Vcast store fails miserably! I would set it on fire if I could. No refunds you buy it, it's yours? Is that supposed to be a selling point!? Ahahaha! Man Verizon you fail and fall to the dark depths of stupidity! Burn it down!!

  • Mdeamicis

    no refunds for crappy aps that look good before you try them kills it for me.

  • Peurifoyd

    No thanks….I wish verizon would not try to stick there grubby fingers in our cookie jar.

  • marleyinoc

    I think carrier billing is a good idea so long as it can be opted into. Not sure parents or employers would care for i it otherwise. And while I find the Android Market easy, since I have a Google account with payment options set up (something a iOS developer wasn't clear on when I talked to him recently-but he's more GUI than front office-still it was strange), carrier billing may increase sales by making it easier for some people. As far as bloatware, I doubt the app will be any bigger than market… it's a link to a server, with a data file, right? (Don't know, scared to look or lose this comment-not really, just lazy)… Anyway, launcherproand I guess other home alternatives (and probably gingerbread) can hide apps you don't need in launcher to reduce clutter if that's the issue. All and all I don't think more options can ever be a bad thing–provided you have an option. Vcast coming preinstalled isn't ideal, in my opinion, but if it's mandatory it should be very small…

  • Paul

    What if I switch carriers in the future? Are app purchase still registered to my google account so that they follow me to my new phone/carrier? I doubt it…

    In other words, if you ever leave Verizon, you have to re-purchase every app you've ever paid for through VCAST Apps.

    • you wont be able to if you leave verizon.

    • Pir8Bob

      And if it's like with past phones using VCAST apps, you'll have to re-purchase them if you get a new phone too. At least last time I had a VCAST phone, purchases were a one-time download. Ringtones were the worst…

  • obsidiangt

    1. “Complementary”… certainly not a complimentary store.

  • Dean2359

    The no refund policy doesnt make sense. If an app doesnt work,why should you be stuck with it? I'll be staying with the market,pandaapp and 4 squared too

  • tombaz

    The no refunds is a huge selling point. Way to go Verizon, what were you thinking?!?!?

  • No refunds… NO THANK YOU

  • InvaderDJ

    Couldn't be less interested in this app, especially since it is proprietary to one carrier. At best I will use it's focus on quality (supposedly, considering how Verizon's apps are some of the crappiest on the Market I'm skeptical they can decide what is a quality app and what isn't) to search for the app I want, then buy it through the Market or to email to dev and tell them how stupid they are for not putting their app on the Market if it is only available through VCast.

  • jwantan

    As someone who manages the Verizon account for 100+ business users, I don't want employees to be able to bill their purchases to the VCAST store. I like them stuck purchasing with their own Google account.

  • Terrible implementation of a sub par idea. There will be sooooo many different marketplaces in the near future that it will almost force everyone to go back to what they started with; The Android Market. I have had no problems using the market or sites like app brain and have absolutely no need for a VCAST anything. Carrier billing is about the only convenient thing about it and even that will be a nightmare if you share a plan. I would much rather support companies like Google than Verizon any day and twice on Sundays so I will be sticking with the Android Market and Google Checkout thanks.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    vcast store = dumb

    and the ironic thing is… don't you have to use the current Market app to get this bloatware Market?? bw ha haa NOT

  • Rain_king46

    I like the idea of being able to bill my phone account for the apps. I really hope the VZW doesnt get stupid and try to force us to buy the apps through them somehow.

  • While I understand the allure of carrier billing, it's not always ideal. For example, I'm on a family plan with my parents and siblings. This isn't out of necessity, as I'm an adult and live on my own. It's to save money. My monthly portion of a family plan is significantly cheaper than it would be to have the same service level on an individual plan. Between friends and family and unlimited texting/data, my bill is the same every month. Easy, I have a scheduled monthly transfer with my bank to my parents account.

    This is why I like Google Checkout. Or the future option of Paypal. App purchases, the variable part of my bill, is sent right to me. If I started using carrier billing, things would get a lot more complicated. Impossible? No, but definitely more difficult.

    After writing this though, I'm wondering. Is it possible there will be other billing options BESIDES just carrier billing?

  • Bloatware. I don't need another application on my phone that I will never open. (Looking at you, VZ Navigator…)

  • Mth2134

    I smell customer satisfaction all over this. Not satisfied? Ok. Here's 3 credits towards a vcast app. Also, for your satisfaction, we are going to take up another 10mb of phone memory that u can't remove and keep adding “feature” apps so that your phone is low on memory. But remember, vzw stores are here to sell u a new phone with more memory at the low cost of 200 bucks. Now, would u like to pay your monthly bill?
    Sorry. I don't like force feeding. Let me have the option to download vcast store if I so chose.

  • the near future? ohw neeooooh

  • sounds like overkill…me no likey

  • hey Kellex don't you mean its complEmentary 😉

  • I like the thought being able to charge apps to the account, but if this market falls behind on the newest apps then there is no need to even open it up.

  • rals

    This is going to be headache with all these new markets being introduced. We got this and then Amazon coming out with one. This one area I agree with Jobs that will create more headaches.

  • JP

    Hearing this makes me a bit more comfortable (at least for now). Competition and alternatives can only be good, and carrier billing will make more users comfortable/able to purchase apps, and allow developers to profit more (hopefully). It's good that there is no exclusivity requirement and the same app can be in both the VCast Store and the Market. I'm cautiously optimistic that this is a net positive for Android overall.

  • Josh

    “Refunds: There will not be a 24-hour refund policy with the VCAST app store. You buy it and it’s yours.”

    With that said, I will NOT be using the Vcast app store. I can't even tell you how many times I have had to return apps because they just plain suck or do not work as advertised.

  • r0landct

    vTunes, doesn't sound that tempting. The whole point for me is to take my apps to which ever device I go, like a future WiFi only tablet. So unless you can get to the VCAST store from that type of device, no thanks.

  • EggoEspada

    I honestly hope this will mean that this will replace their VCast apps bloat ware with just this single app. I'm actually kinda liking be able to have a variety of apps though. Should be interesting.

  • nanana


  • bkj216

    The idea of not being to Refund Apps makes me wanna stick with the standard Market.

    Also, I'd stick with the Standard market because apps purchased through that market are transferable to any Android device you may use. I went from a Droid OG to a Evo, and all of my purchased apps were there waiting for me. If I purchased them on the VCAST store, I'd be screwed

    • Anonymous

      True. Back when I had a LG Chocolate, I bought a few games and ringtones, but little did I know that when I upgraded my phone (or even just had it replaced with the same model) that all of my purchases went with my old phone. Talk about highway robbery.

      It’s great that I can wipe my Droid right now, and when I open up the Market, I’ll get everything restored. If VCAST can’t do the same thing, they’ll have a hard time attracting any smart customers. The model of “one-time download” isn’t going to fly with Android customers.

  • Michael_NM

    I didn't need to know that! 😛