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Rumor: Android 2.3 Gingerbread SDK Coming November 11th?

Tipsters sure do love next Thursday.  A new rumor has popped up pegging November 11th as the date for the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) SDK to go live which matches up to all of the rumors surrounding the Nexus S and Samsung’s event on the 8th.  At this point, another rumor is another rumor and we’ll just have to wait until the 11th to see if this holds up.  Google to my knowledge doesn’t actually announce dates for their Android releases, so we’ll know for sure when the SDK goes live on their site and they start tweeting about it.  

If it does come on the 11th, then maybe we can start dreaming of a date for a release of Android 2.3 onto an actual device.  Remember that the SDK is for use by developers to make their apps compatible with this new version, so don’t expect any ROMs immediately.

Via:  Intomobile

  • I really hope this is true. I have a Nexus One 2.2.1 and now that the Droid X is getting 2.2.1 we need to stay on top of things with a new version 🙂

  • tsd

    I live next to goolge and I take pictures of ginger bread. I wanted to visit the anderoid building but its not open to public 🙁

  • Johnoakwood

    Starting last night, my device (Droid 2) started downloading an update labelled” 2.3.20″. But i'm rooted, and I think that's giving me issues, cause it keeps failing to install.

  • nblufire12


    Pumped for the new animation when the screen turns off!

  • Big_boy

    Y and im still waiting for froyo….. Damn canadian milestone.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Will the D1 be able to run gingerbread with it's memory or lack there of?

  • RoadsterHD1

    This is very cool, I can't wait to see the various ROMs the devs are going to make with this. Actually I can't wait till January and febuary when the new phones come out. Me want a 4G dual camera 1.5GHz cell phone……

    • 1.5 Ghz dual core cell phone***


      • RoadsterHD1

        yeah….. dual core, QUAD core… 🙂

    • I'm with you roadster next year is new phone time.

  • Lulz

    To your knowledge, Kellex? How many android updates have we had so far? haha

  • beeslee

    People in this eris forums on xda built a working froyo rom out of just the SDK when it dropped months ago, so maybe the same can be done for 2.3 🙂

  • The gingerbread man is soo cute, but in all seriousness I can't wait to get my hands on a newer verison of android and i cant wait to see how my bugless beast ROM will be improved. Although I wanna see more phones get their promises 2.2 before they kick out another andy into the wild.. Androids biggest issue, hope it gets better.

  • Beemos18

    Please Google don't forget we O.D. owners. (original Droid)

  • oh my! can't wait for the “when will my phone get 2.3?” talk

    • Tergiversator_Maximus



      • RoadsterHD1

        take it easy…. you should be looking for the ROM build on 2.3. Rooted is the way to go.

        • Tergiversator_Maximus

          I've actually been weighing the decision now that my job that heavily relied on my phone working 24/7 is over. I'm leaning toward waiting until my warranty is up in February, but if we find out that 2.3 is passing the OG Droid by (which I personally think is unlikely) then that will likely tip the scale.

  • Riverjao

    I don't know if D1 will get it OTA, but that's why we have been blessed with custom roms 🙂

  • timarnette

    Same here Cant't wait

  • Doolidg

    So you think the droid 1 will see this?

    • Armyof2

      I think the ROM community will help us D1 users see this if Google doesn't ..I imagine a OC'd droid can handle this, unless the memory is an issue which it may very well be.

      • Tommaxwell184

        if it's not going to be the major UI overhaul they why shouldn't us D1 get the update?

        • Right, so far it pretty much looks like Froyo with some sleeker UI tweaks (not a bad thing), and given that the D1 handles Froyo smooth as butter I don't know why we'd be left out just yet. Who knows what's under the hood though.

    • snoty

      We can only hope… until they come out with something new that is comparable.

    • BETTER!

    • I hope so. I can't give up my baby just yet….

  • Why not!! lol Cant wait… d1

    • Should I?… No, I shouldnt!.. lol
      What the frack….. FIRST!..

      • CONGRATS!!! You win a box of those white fluffy foam things!!!

        • Romma1

          Styrofoam Peanuts?