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Droid Life Wallpaper App Released on Android Market

There have been a number of wallpapers to come through Droid Life over the last year and rather than having them spread throughout various pages, we thought an app that encompassed our most popular ones would be the way to go.  Yesterday, our buddy and ROM guru JRummy16, offered to put it all together and came through in a big way.  We proudly present to you, the Droid Life Wallpapers app, which is available in the market right now, for free!

You’ll find over 30 papers including a never-before-seen set from our boy Ludacrosse05 called “Colorious Delirium”, the set of “Argyle Android” papers from yesterday, and a few others from the last few weeks of theme changes.

*Note* – After downloading and installing the app, all you need to do is head to your home screen, hit Menu>Wallpaper and you’ll see the “Droid-Life Wallpapers” section appear.  From there, you select a wallpaper just like you would any other.

*Note 2* – Yellow Android Life paper will be added soon.

Again, huge thanks to JRummy (donate) for putting this together and to Luda (donate), Scott and everyone else for their amazing work.

Download Link

  • DMills216

    anyplace to download the apk NOT through the market?

  • Android69

    I like this alot. I wish the droid-life black and white nexus live wallpapers were in here too.

  • Fri13a

    Sniff 🙁 It doesn't work on my Droid Eris unless I clear the defaults for the HTC Sense and select Stock Android as my UI.

  • CB

    Won't appear in my wallpapers screen, can't unzip. 15M is also way too much. Droid 1.

  • guest

    I would, but at 15 meg, need to be able to “move to SD”

  • Kelly

    Was excited about this but had to uninstall because it was 15 mb and doesn't have app2sd. Didn't have that much spare room on my moto droid 1

  • ryanallaire

    A lot of MB's usually means lots of stuff:) Currently downloading, it keeps pausing:( damn building i work in…

  • ironick

    How can there be no app2sd on this…15mb???

  • Adampa1006

    Awesome idea LOVE IT

  • Teabling

    One thing not mentioned in the article is that it's “HOLY CRAP!” huge.

  • I'm rockin' the green on my DROID2.

  • The350zWolf

    There have been a few holiday themed wallpapers floating around, it would be nice to include them too, especially Halloween ones. I like devil and ghost wallpapers!

  • The350zWolf

    YEAH! Thanks droid-life! Android developers are the best!

  • Larryahartman

    Awesome wallpapers so what is the story behind the pink scheme?

  • Timoh

    Downloaded and using the green argyle one. What the hell is with mark in the comments section. No s**t it's branded!
    Nice work JRummy, I agree with an aps2sd option though.

  • Brian

    I downloaded it and when i long press my homescreen I get the vibration but no menu comes up. So now I am stuck not being able to change my wallpaper at all. Any suggestions?

    • Risenequinox

      You are probably long pressing on a screen that is full, try to long press on a screen that doesnt have so much on it.

    • jxcgunrunna

      click menu, wallpapers and do it that way.

  • My current wallpaper is a picture of Drake from when I went to his concert… it's not coming down anytime soon.. sorry, i will not be downloading this one

    • Nobody cares about your shitty musical preferences or idols.

      • +1 thank you

      • One_ina_milli

        Lol ouch

      • The350zWolf

        Hey, be nice!

    • Chris Nimon

      One of the great things about Android is you can set it up the way YOU want it, and thats all that matters 🙂

  • awesome! gonna def give this a try! 😀

  • antrison

    Fanstic work! Any chance of dl live wallpapers in the future?

  • Kaufkin

    apps 2 SD? just a thought…

    • Flyinion

      Oh wow just noticed that, 15MB on the D1's internal storage? That's brutal. I'm surprised to not see support for froyo's native apps2sd considering who this came from. At least store the images on the SD card.

    • The350zWolf

      Use Titanium backup to move them to SD card. No problems after that!

      • Flyinion

        Yes I realize this, it's just surprising to me that a 2.2 ROM developer like JRummy would put out a new app using such a large amount of storage that didn't at least put the image file on the SDcard much less the whole app. Maybe it's planned for a future release or something but I'm still surprised by it.

        • jason6g

          thats because everyone should be using one of his roms that allows any app to be moved to the sd card 😉

          gosh its fun being the devils advocate, it is probably alot easier to code this way than adding native app2sd support. no complaints from my end, we all cut corners here n there at times.

  • choosn2change

    lol, I know why the android life wallpaper wont be on there yet.

  • KleenDroid

    Hats off to JRummy! I am a huge fan of JRummy and his work!

  • Great idea. Thanks!

  • Rain_king46

    Are the wallpapers sized for all Droids? Just the D1?

  • suchashorttime

    Hooray! This is great!

  • Terry

    Very nice. Thanks!

  • awesome release

  • Sweet! Great idea, grabbing it now. Make sure to keep it updated with the latest wallpapers!

  • Michael_NM

    Cool, but can I find it in the Vcrapst app store? 😉

  • amosk

    1st! and awesome! picking it up now

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a shopping cart!!!

    • Michael_NM

      Congrats on the first! Haven't seen you around lately, but it's nice to see that Hawks dominating this thread early! 🙂

      • Rain_king46

        Also a Seahawks fan. And good to see them dominating something. haha

        • Armyof2

          ESPN Headline: Seahawks get first big win in total domination of Droid-Life Wallpaper post.