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Download: Miren “Charming Browser” by jpsiemer

The Miren “Charming browser” which looks like something you’d find on the MIUI ROM, has been ported over to work on all devices and after tinkering with it for 5 minutes, I’m going to recommend that you all give this one a look.  The browser was obviously not originally in English so it has been translated by jpsiemer and packaged up for your browsing pleasure.  Overall, this has a great feel to it and the shortcuts located on the main page just make sense, plus it allows for tabs, has multi-touch, simple RSS subscribing and so much more.

Give it a later Friday afternoon spin!  

Download:  cn.miren.browser-v1.1-b97-mod2.apk


1.  Tap and download the app above.
2.  When it finishes tap on “Install.”
3.  When that finishes, tap “Open.”

Full support thread over at XDA Forums.

Via:  Miren

Cheers Stuart!

  • Serious Sam

    Really like the browser…a couple of observations:

    1. Get rid of the spinning graphic behind the URL. It's annoying and making me dizzy.

    2. In response to INQUISITOR, you are incorrect…IT DOES SUPPORT FLASH. And it does it better than XScope, which is currently still my favorite. The zoom IS better than XScope, though in my opinion…

    3. It really needs a proper translation to English, but JPSIEMER did a great job of translating this for us to try..props for the work you did!

    If the above gets done, this will definitely become my browser of choice…love the clean look and minimal interface.


  • Augustodelvalle

    Has anyone tried the miui rom from d team v6 is pretty clean looks llike an ip*one, very stable, lock screen is a bad ass. Just saying

  • Stock rocks

  • Tbriody

    Still filled with Chinese so until it is all English I prefer xscope

  • dblj

    I'm still partial to xScope..

  • Supports Flash? They fixed the random elements that were picking up chinese still, right?

    • Inquisitor

      Nope, no flash. Big dealbreaker. Besides that looks nice.

  • Nightmares

    Im happy with dolphin.

  • Chris.Go

    What's it do?

    • jason6g

      lmao takes your gmail account info and all your other personal information and sends it back to the chinese

      end sarcasm (had to throw in a hit to miui)

      im impressed, but still like stock browser & xscope

  • Armyof2

    It's pretty slick…gives you a nice full screen view a la xscope and seems to be pretty quick. Been running it on MIUI for a couple of days now

  • Braydenstupidass

    this look great! 1st

  • Michael_NM

    Charming in first.

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a a bowl of lucky charms!!!