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Cute DROID Pro Training Flip Cards Arriving for Employees

Neat little flippy cards on a ring are being distributed to Verizon employees at this time in preparation for the Droid Pro which debuted back in October and still lacks an official release date.  We’ve got it locked in for November 18th, but VZW remains silent even though the training has already started for this “Blackberry Killer.”

Speaking of Blackberry, we’ve got a mini-comparison up at this post to help ease your decision to join the Droid family.  Join us.

Via:  Android Mixer

  • Mliebman1011

    ok so at the bottom left of the top card it says available 1-2011? is that the release date…


      It says Q1 2011 for the Data encryption. The last sentence of the last paragraph says that it will have data encryption and it has a * next to it and then if you follow that to the bottom it says *Available Q1 2011. so the phone will hopefully be coming out sooner than that =]

  • shr1k3r

    So this is the iconic device we've been looking for


    ok so if you watch all the videos introducing the phone from Motorola it says that the release date of this phone is the first week of NOVEMBER! FIRST WEEK! so i don't think it will come out on the 18th i think it will be hopefully this weeked or the 11. I am hoping.

  • Risenequinox