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Google Instant for Android is Finally Available to Everyone

We gave you the news last week that Google Instant was rolling out to select devices, but we had no word on when the rest of us would receive it.  After checking google.com on every device I own, it finally showed up today on them all.  Check yours now!  Video tutorial of Instant after the break.  

Via:  Google Mobile Blog

  • imronburgundy

    Considering the on-screen keyboard for the DX takes up the bottom half of the screen, this is only useful for people who have D2's and other phones with actual keyboards.

  • guz1115

    Hmm, I dont see on my DX

  • Josh

    Droid 1, stock browser. It's not there, no option to turn it on anywhere either 🙁 Maybe later today.

  • belsonc

    Am I the only one who can't stand Google Instant? Once I could, I turned it off on my laptop, and if I have to, I'll turn it off on my phone too. Haven't seen it yet (not sure if that has anything to do with the fact I use Dolphin HD), but… I just don't like it. Let me do my search and give me back my results. I'll sacrifice the fraction of a second. 🙂

    • Higher_Ground

      It's not so much that I can't stand it as much as it actually makes it harder for me to filter through search results. When I'm googling, I tend to look through more than just the first page before I “refine” my search. It's not very often I'm looking something up that would only take a second to find in the links.

    • Chris.Go


      I am with you… total waste of time, annoying and gets in the way more than anything else. I know what I am searching for… I don't need AJAX commands going out every letter I type lagging the process up.

  • is it me or did the droid x already do something similar to this for quite some time?

  • This IMO is pretty pointless. When you are typing your keyboard is up and blocks the majority of the screen, so you are not seeing very much of the instant results. Now when the blindtype keyboard is released then this will be pretty useful, until then neat but worthless.

  • Bruce77064

    I have a Samsung Vibrant, it does not have this feature

  • Cjreyes666

    Its not available inother languages besides english

  • feztheforeigner

    Droid X, 2.2, is not coming up with an option for Google Instant Beta Mobile

  • Woo Google Instant. Searching made easy! Tested and works on my DX rooted running Rubix 1.6

  • joe1138

    Not happening here… no option to turn it on on my Droid X.

  • Boblank84

    droid x . . .did not have on default google home screen but is google.com/someverizoncrap. changed to google.com only and it is there. hope this helps for some if it is not showing up

  • RoadsterHD1

    Nice it works….

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    THank YOu!! taking entirely too long for me to look up porn.

    • Chris.Go

      Well your gay porn is hard to find I would assume.

      • AnDroidSepTIX

        Well no actually it cums up just as fast. Thanks for asking you looking for a date playboy ; )

  • mathees

    works fine on my D1. y'all crazy

  • Keithsmnr

    This post is inaccurate as I do not have it nor the option to use it on my motorola droid…

  • richlost

    Welcome to the club, I've had it for almost 2 weeks, on my stock Droid X.

  • Jem Harris

    DINC with MIUI rom and Opera Mini. I am not seeing the option to turn it off or on and I very tried both classic and mobile mode.

  • Hey guys I need some help… my buddy keep raving about how his iphone 4 blows my phone away… I have a rooted droid X…. just wanted to know what's something really good I can show him that will blow his mind and shut him up

    • FortitudineVincimus

      show him you can change CPU speeds on the fly if your rooted with SetCPU

      • Oh I did… he couldn't comprehend it hahaha… so I need something simple lol

        • Blake

          Typical i*hone user. Haha.

        • Armyof2

          Tell him you can hold your phone any way you damn well please without it losing reception…Anytime an i*hone user comes at me all i have to do is do a couple of nandroid flashes to show him all the different looks my phone can have in a matter of minutes…then i ask him to show me how he customizes his phone…then i watch him change the wall paper lol

        • How about widgets? That should be simple enough.

    • Billyrouth2000

      Turn by turn directions

    • Billyrouth2000


    • Hhahaha thanx guys

    • Blink1st

      Show him that you have reception…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    not on my D1, stock browser, 2.2

    EDIT: it is there IF you look a little farther down and be sure to click the “Instant (beta) is on: Turn Off” link… point is, I had to turn it on, it was not just on and working

  • cc1011

    how does this work with swype?

  • Bubbasixx

    Interesting that Instant does not show up on Opera or Firefox but shows up perfectly on Native Browser.

    • kellex

      Show in Dolphin for me too.

  • tehshift

    Not there on mine. Droid 2 running fission vanilla ROM

    • tehshift

      Correction, I slept with Katy too. And I do have google instant.

  • Nice!

  • Scott

    Yeah, not available on Fascinate 2.1.

  • Dan

    Only if you are on 2.2…

  • I can confirm that it looks great on my motodroid.

    FIRST, again.