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DROID Pro Pre-sale Starts November 9th, in Stores 18th?

From a new Verizon internal document, it looks as if the Droid Pro launch date has been pushed back a week to November 18th.  Well, in stores anyway.  You can actually pre-order the DP starting 11/9 (next Tuesday) and receive your order well before the 18th, likely around the 10th or 11th.  

An early date from Verizon had been set as the 11th, but in this business, release dates can change within minutes so we shouldn’t be surprised.  The sad news is that it lessons the awesomeness that would have been next Thursday.  Let’s just hope nothing else gets moved around.  We were really looking forward to seeing 8 new Android devices landing on the same day with one carrier.

Via:  Android Central

  • Dpu328

    Uh…not interested. We want T2

  • Wizbiff

    I'm wondering now….the Global 2 that's probably coming on the 11th….do we think that will be the IN STORE date? Or just online?

  • Justice060


  • LobbyDizzle

    The US shall be DP'd on the 18th!

    • NorCalGuy

      And when your done with the US you can DP world wide

  • Heh heh…DP

  • do.not.want

  • KleenDroid