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Wednesday Poll: Trade in your DROID for the Nexus S?

We all know that Samsung is announcing a new Android device on November 8th and are pretty sure it will be the Continuum, but we’re still holding out hope that they will also include news of the Nexus S (Nexus Two?).  This is the phone that will replace the Nexus One as Google’s developer phone, should include a front facing camera, could run Android 2.3 first, and sport slightly better specs than the rest of the Galaxy S line of smartphones.  It should be one heck of a device.

What we want to know though, is if you would be willing to ditch the “DROID” brand for this new beast should it land on Verizon?  I know the Fascinate received some pretty mixed reviews from our readers, so we’re expecting some good opinions on this one as well.

Buy the Nexus S on Verizon?

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  • str8havoc

    I had the D1 and went to the Fascinate. Lets just say I'm ready to go back to a Moto. I have issues with the speaker phone, GPS and sound quality on calls.

  • ryanallaire

    I used to like having a qwerty keyboard, but after using swype i feel i no longer need it. The droid x looks great, but i don't get to upgrade till January 2012, so i'm sure there will be something much better then..

  • The Fascinate kicks ass. It is the best Android phone on Verizon right now. But this one will beat it. I love my Droid 1, but I would trade it for either of these in a heartbeat.

  • Airos4

    Waiting on a 4g handset myself…

  • Cleetose

    I'm sticking with my Droid for a little while longer. At least until I see what 4G phones Verizon brings out.

  • StephanC

    Yes, I would drop it in a heartbeat. Only because my current Droid is a cheap facsimile from Asurion.

  • Lakerzz

    Cant wait for stock Android, but Droid-Life for…well…life…

  • Mgwest949

    Anything but Droid. Had an original Droid and loved it til I hated it. Got a Droid X and LOVED IT!…until froyo totally ruined it! Just today talked to Verizon Executive Services after emailing the CEO. Even at the upper echelon, they told me there was nothing they could do. After all, I was told, Verizon isn't responsible for the operating system, just the network. And, by the way, they told me no fix is coming for froyo on Droid X.

  • Tay

    Nope, love my Droid Incredible. Not getting a new phone until Verizon releases a sick Android LTE phone next year.

  • Why would I trade for something I don't even know exists? Silly poll.

  • I don't really care if its a droid or Samsung, I just want a phone to run stock android. I also want to have a tegra 2 phone as well

  • KillaPenguin

    Droid XX Please.

  • Marc

    Honestly the droid would've been good if it wasn't linked with motorola, there have been soooo many problems with every droid phones ive owned and honestly I think motorola makes shitty phones

    • ieatapples

      Fu*k off

  • TheDrizzle

    I don't really like either option. I really like stock Android but I don't see the Nexus S being a economical decision right now. There is so much new hardware coming soon (T2 anyone?) that makes me feel like the Nexus S is not a substantial upgrade to my Droid 1.

  • p-man

    As long as it will as unlocked as the expect then I will jump ship for sure.

  • ryanallaire

    Whoever voted they would drop the droid, should leave this site now…

  • nblufire12

    Can I Upgrade? It hasn't even been a yeaR WITH my DRoid 1… Bought in Feb 🙁

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    Never ditching my Moto OGD OriGinalDroid. Its gonna fall apart before I get rid of it. Might be worth checking out though

  • Dmarriott93

    depends on the trade in value of my DX and how much i would have to spend to get it. But yes i would LOVE to have the nexus S after seeing what the nexus 1 brought to the table

  • Jtwildman1

    Still sporting the Droid, but my wife upgraded to the Facinate. Both great phones and both aren't locked down. Not into the whole label thing… reminds me too much of *phone users…. oh yeah, I went there! I want the best Verizon phone for my $ and don't care what it's marketed as. Droid does, but sometimes the user doesn't 🙂

  • If it existed on Vzw, and if they offered an early update option, I'd be all over a Nexus S. But I don't think the former will happen, and if it did, I don't think the latter would, so…

  • Raven

    Only if it had a good keyboard.

    You would have to pry my physical keyboard out of my cold Droid hands.

  • Bs_thinker

    After my experience with the Omnia, crap keyboard, proprietary connectors, I just don't think they can make a good smartphone. I'm sticking with my Droid X thank you.