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Facebook App Update to 1.4.0 Available Now

The Facebook mobile event has been filled with all sorts of goodies so far today including the announcement that the Android app would see a major update.  They held true to their word by already releasing the update to version 1.4.0 which includes both Groups and Places.  You can see above, that the new additions are on your main page and allow you to easily check-in to your favorite places or display the groups that you are a part of.  Nice.

And speaking of Facebook, be sure to “Like” our fan page!  (Over 7,000 already!)

Recent changes:

  • Groups:  share posts with small groups of friends
  • Places:  share where you are with friends, see where friends are, discover places nearby
  • Improved Notifications:  view comments and updates within the app
  • Various bug fixes

Download now from the market!

Oh, they also announced that Zynga was coming soon.  Yuck.

  • Kellex, introduce me to that blonde in your picture stream! haha

  • Satyricburzum

    they seemed to have fixed the news feed. its actually in chronilogical order instead of just showing random posts. but now i cant view pictures, and the notifications are still glitchy and decides to notify u whenever it feels like it.

  • I Am Nikole

    Mine isnt working sadly. never loads any places, and I can see that my location is on. not working via the app nor the mobile website.

  • flipper

    How do ya poke with this app.

  • noob

    can anyone tell me how to update my fb app if i have a rom installed ?

  • 30footfall

    When will facebook allow the “home” screen to rotate with the phone? am I on crazy pills here?

  • Does anyone actually USE the native facebook app?? the only reason its on my phone is to sync contact photos. otherwise, i think the interface is horrible. the mobile site is the benchmark in my opinion.

  • Bryan

    It's better than before, but still has a lot of room to improve. I'd love to see push notifications…

    Why is it they can't provide all of this in one update? They give us things little by little and the wait is terrible.

  • awesome it force closes alot more than the last one, thats just the feature I wanted.

  • JagoX

    If you comment on someone's photo album and you want to either go see what you wrote (or go see what someone wrote after you b/c you got a notification), you will be taken out of the app and into the FULL BLOWN Facebook page (instead of at least the mobile page.)

  • Not to complain but still no video upload…

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    That was a crash-tastic install. I've never seen such a thing, and I accidentally bricked my phone trying to unroot it once. It force-closed constantly, as I use the widget for glances, until the point where the launcher crashed, at which point the Phone screen showed up – as if it were in call – with nothing but “End” showing. I pulled the battery, and it all seems to be running smoothly now. But that was a mini-nightmare for the better part of 5 minutes as it crashed and re-started over and over and over.

  • NKTizzle

    They still need to add push notifications… 🙁

  • W.C. Burleigh

    Pleased. Noticably less glitchy on my Incredible.

  • running liquid frozen yogurt with samsung galaxy theme i removed facebook via the terminal still cant get the update to install

    • Gesst


      • Ahh the cure for the common operator error yes that worked.

    • Techjpc

      Try re-booting your phone and re-install .. .just worked for me

  • John

    Same here as well.

  • Will we ever get chat?

    • AnDroidSepTIX


      • InvaderDJ

        This. Even the AIM app does FB chat now.

  • Techjpc

    NO theme running … I keep getting “Installation Unsuccessful”.

    • InvaderDJ

      If you are on a custom ROM you need to go to /system/app using a program like Root Explorer. Click the Mount as R/W button, and then delete the Facebook apk file. Then click Mount as R/O. After that reboot and then try to install the app again. If you don't reboot this won't work.

      If you aren't running a custom ROM try clearing the Market cache and then reboot.

  • Tuna

    Hey, I have the 928 Black Glass deodexeeerr installed on my DX, and the new update won't install…. help?, please

    • kellex

      Its because the app is themed and in your system folder. Check out yesterday's DR. Root post.

  • zepfloyd

    Where the heck is chat, come on…this app still needs a lot of work.

  • dellbx

    Any way to disable “Places”?

  • do we actually get notifications for wall posts?

  • Gambrel022

    WHAT??????? No Chat still…. /le sigh…

    OH and just because I'm BORED….


    • AnDroidSepTIX

      TRILLIAN download and you can chat all day on FB

  • Still no push notifications. Unfortunate.

    • Satyricburzum

      what are those?

  • Cowboydroid

    Groups doesn't work for me…

  • chris

    it wont let me download. Im runing the black glass theme on my DX is that why? the old fb app is themed to match…

    • I am running the same theme and I have had no luck on successfully installing this as well

      • Gesst

        You guys have to delete the themed app apk from the system/app folder on your sd card, then install from the market

        • chris

          how does one do that?

          • Fibertechster

            I used root manager to navigate to the system app folder and just renamed facebook.apk to .bak. I then rebooted and was able to install the new one.

          • otter

            I deleted the app w/ titanium then downladed it from the market and tried installing, but no luck. I have no use for root explorer other than deleting this so is there another way?

          • Anonymous

            I rebooted and then reinstalled and it worked

        • John

          What he said.. if you’re running a themed version of the FBook app from a ROM, you will probably have to delete it first.. and of course, you will lose your theme.

  • antintyty

    has anybody tested the “notifications” issue yet?

    • Jimmydroid

      Just checked the “notifications” which drove me nuts having it send me to mobile web. WORKS LIKE A CHAMP. Clicked on it and it stayed in the app. Nice..

      • antintyty

        yea, but are you “receiving” notifications from the app or by email? is it notifying you that you got a notification? it’s not doing that for me…and that’s the main reason why i hated this version of the fb app! the BB and the i*hone apps for FB are FAR superior to this one still! But this is DEFF progress in the right direction!!

      • Thank God for that. That has been my biggest pet peeve with the FB app since I started using it.

  • jparness

    Does anyone else find the fact that Facebook (and dozens of third parties trying to sell you stuff) will always know your location thanks to Places slightly terrifying? Or do I have my tinfoil hat on too tight?

    • NKTizzle
      • JP

        Yeah, I did this the day Places came out, but great advice for anyone who hasn’t yet. Thanks for the link!

        • NKTizzle

          Yea, I posted that Life Hacker link on my FB wall after Places came out. A ton of people didn’t realize that it was defaulted to on and how invasive it could be…

    • Finire

      It's not on too tightly, you just used too many layers.

    • Gambrel022

      Hmmmm….. I'm kinda in the same boat here… <adjusts foil=”” hat=”” tin=””>
      BUT, I don't really cotton to the idea of sharing all THAT information. I mean I see the applications of the app and can appreciate it… y'all know how the rest of this goes.</adjusts>

  • 1bad69z28

    Now I know why Keellex likes Pink so much LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Still no chat!

  • Evileclipse420

    WWeren't there rumors of a mobile device?

    • ricco

      zuckerberg quashed those rumors around the beginning of the event.

  • is that your wife in the pink? hot

  • Evileclipse420


  • Jack

    FINALLY. Holy hell, it took them this long to make sure you could view comments *within an app that can already accommodate such activity*?

    • If one or more people “like” something, we still can’t see who they are…

  • nblufire12

    Yup just downloaded, pretty legit. Deals and no more browser notifications.

  • i might sign up for facebook just to get a free pair o snuggly fitting Gap jeans… 😉

    • kellex

      Haha. At least 3 Gap jean plugs.

  • FortitudineVincimus


    • Anonymous

      You don’t even care about the app? Congrats, you win an “iHeart Apple” t-shirt.

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a permanent installation of Facebook for Android!!!

      • FortitudineVincimus

        bwaa ha haa good one – you have to find me first and thank God for me, since I don’t FB and advise you of my every move every 5 minutes, you never will