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Introducing Android Life, Our General News Site for the Android Enthusiast

We have a special announcement to make today, and one that has us really, really, really, excited!  The Droid Life brand is growing by the day and with the increasing number of Android enthusiasts reading our site who seem to want more of what we’re cooking, we realized it was time to expand.

Please said hello to…

Android Life:  An Android Community Blog


Android Life will run in the exact same fashion that you’ve become accustomed to here at DL, only with a general Android feel to it.  Droid Life has always been  the home of the “DROID” franchise and we want to keep it that way, but we also have a great feel for our readers and know they want more.  Android as we all know is blowing up and we’ve been itching to cover it for quite some time.  Rather than integrate it into the successful system we have here at DL, it just made sense to give it it’s own area of fun to thrive in.  

The Voice…

The site will be run by our newest team member, Scott Young.  Scott is a major voice in the Android world and one with a ton of blogging experience on the subject that we all love so much.  He’ll head up this new endeavor, continuing on the same style of coverage we have here at DL.  It’ll be awesome.  Everyone say “Hi” to Mr. Young.

The Experience…

1.  To keep up with the new site, be sure to subscribe to the new RSS feed here.

2. Both the Android Life and Droid Life Twitter and Facebook streams will be combined into one, but to keep everything separate for those not wanting both, we’ll be doing something simple with hashtags.  For news coming from AL you’ll see #android attached and news coming from DL you’ll see #droid attached.  Easy enough?

3.  More site integration between the sites will come over time, so stay tuned.

4. And how about that logo?  Is that hot or what?  Cheers @wadeivy!

Some of you may have noticed the tweets redirecting to AL over the last few days and we really appreciate the positive support we’ve had without having made this official.  Well now it’s official and we welcome everyone in to our new journey.  We wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you and want to thank you for that.  Enjoy everyone!

Let us know what you think!

  • Franz

    This is probably the worst thing you can do.

    DROID is just a brand. I say “make” droid-life be “android life” and just keep everything in one domain: droid-life.com.

    This is going to confuse people.

    an.droid-life.com is your MOTOBlur now.

  • Droidczar

    I really don't want to have to check two sites daily to get the news about droid and then the rest of the android community too. What about gaming news? Will android-life have some of the same news as droid-life? I like the idea of expansion but definitely think it should be all together. Give an option for people to filter out the stuff they don't want. Droid user.

  • Rizzidy

    I'm pretty sure these sites will be merged in the near future. Keeping them separate like this just doesn't make that much sense.

  • Chris Nimon

    :'( looks like the end is nigh for my Droid. Hopefully it'll be like a party at your friends house instead of yours.

  • RLJSlick

    I don't get it, why another site, what the hell have you guys been doing with this site all this time? LOL

  • suchashorttime

    Crap, I wrote this whole comment and it got lost somewhere. Let's see if i can recreate…

    I really love the look of the new blog. I am, though, afraid that it will fragment a community where fragmentation isn't necessary. I am a Droid user, but I have always enjoyed coming here as me one-stop powerhouse for all things Android. Unless I am missing something big-picture in the community, I don't see why there exists a need for separate communities. If it were a blog devoted to Droid Tablets, I can see the need for separation, but not as it applies to the mobile community. I have never even seen resistance on the part of a user who thinks Droid-Life has traveled off the beaten path. Don't think I'm hating, because I'm not. I love the work and effort that everyone puts into this site; I have found quite an e-home here.

  • Timmah

    No. I HATE IT. Not trying to be mean, but stop trying to cover a huge range. Stick with DROID. you were orginal, and that's what I liked. There is phandroid, and billions of others. STICK WITH DROID LIFE.

  • Aaron

    “Please said hello to…” ….. typo?

  • Scott_Young

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! If you have any questions for me, or things I should know about, you can tweet at me: @sdy284 or shoot me an email: scott AT droid-life DOT com

    • Michael_NM

      You've got an underscore in your name… I like ya already! 🙂

      • Scott_Young

        haha, i'm sure they'll be somebody who'll be like “nice underscore in your name idiot” But then you and I can beat the snot out of him, so it'll work out in the end. 😉

  • TheDrizzle

    Seems like a good idea. My only problem is the RSS feed for AndroidLife, in Google reader it doesn't display the whole story, just the first paragraph. Could you use the same type of RSS feed that DroidLife uses? Otherwise, congrats on the new site.

  • ScoobySnack

    I only want to visit one site…. as long as the an.droid-life.com site has all of the droid-life articles, I'll read it. If it only has general articles, I'll stick to the Droid-exclusive site.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    huh? 2 sites? now I need to read 2 site? hmmm….

  • Braydenboschhh

    the androidlife icon REALLLLLLY looks like a duck! lol.

  • i added it to my news widget.

  • Jeremy

    Nah. You guys shoulda just kept it one site. Expand the DROID-LIFE to include all android related news, droid is basically android anyways

    • Scott

      I agree. Anyone whose looking at Droid news, will inevitably want to know android news. Sure news posts on the Samsung Tab or new low range HTC phones comes to Sprint don't interest the DROID community very much, but in the end, if you own or are looking to own a DROID phone, you are buying into the android culture and will want to know about Android as a whole.

      • I think it was a good idea because it just sounds more broad. But only time will tell how successful it becomes. If I had to guess, I wouldn't be surprised if Android-life surpasses Droid-life. Just my opinion.

    • KleenDroid

      I know some people would complain when things veered away from just Droid. However after a year, and a bunch of new phones it is understandable that the topics would expand. I think one site would have been better and simply grow the readership like crazy. People for the most part have short attention spans and making them choose might take away from one of the sites. But good luck, I hope it's wildly successful.

  • Very cool!

  • zepfloyd

    sweet, now I can stop reading androidcentral all together….HAZZAH!

    • Michael_NM

      Androidc@#$ral? Please disinfect your keyboard! 😛

  • ericsorensen

    Congradulations – always good to see a small business grow.

    How much did they want for “android-life.com“? My guess is way too much.

  • Nemisis82

    Clever URL. I like it.

  • Murphy

    This is awesome!

  • Michael_NM

    Android Enthusiast? That's me! I'm not an obsessed fanboy geek… 😛

    Love the new site, but Droid Life is still the bee's knees with the best gee bees!

    Welcome Mr. Young! 🙂

  • Risenequinox

    Apparently it has been around since 10/10 ? Why mention it now, was it being tested? Not flaming just asking.

  • El El Kool J

    Congrats Kellex and members of DL.. 🙂

  • Sweet maybe on that site every other comment won't be “what about the original droid!!” Haha suck it D1 :p

    • kellex


    • Yeah….seeing as how droid-life’s foundation is the D1. But just like every phone its lifespand comes to a quick end. Just like what ever phone you have.

  • sledgeyj

    I think this is great news, and will be a huge success, with one exception. I think a good portion of people will struggle with that domain name due to the extra period in it. It wont be an issue for me, nor many here, but for the masses you want to attract, you need something simpler. Congrats on the new site!

  • Brandon Goodman

    good-bye pink!

  • mattyboy1013

    Hi mister young

  • Ryan

    Will all DL stories appear on the new site? It would be much nicer to get all my news from one site rather than two separate ones.

    • kellex

      As of right now, they'll be kept separate. We will explore changes in the future though if this initial approach doesn't work. 🙂

      • FortitudineVincimus

        no offense, but I hope it does not work out and you just combo them into this 1 site we all use.

        it is confusing (and I read it 2 times & am fairly smart), to say the least, about what will be there and what will be here and frankly, I think most will want it all the content in 1 place.

      • Love both sites makes me wish I had of trademarked Android Life. We were going to talk about a name change at the next AGRS Tech News staff meeting (in three weeks). Gotta love site democracy. Anyway, best wishes.

  • This is great!!!

  • kulz

    it's that time to expand the “business” eh? CONGRATS

    love the URL btw an.DROID-LIFE.com

    • kellex

      You like that. 😛

      • kulz

        i like the way you do that right DUR right DUR! ;D

  • Stephen D

    Gah so close to first!


    • CONGRATS!!! You win a blue sock!!!

      • Lakerzz

        Now he has to get first at least one more time to get a pair. *hopefully THAT one is blue too*