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Bug in iOS Fails to Recognize Daylight Savings in Europe, Android Users Chuckle

We couldn’t help but mention this story.  According to THOUSANDS of reports across Europe today, there appears to be a major bug in iOS that can’t understand Daylight Savings time and left thousands of i*hone owners an hour late to work today if they were using the stock alarm app.  And to make matters worse, U.S. owners are reporting that their phones were waking them up an hour earlier than normal when we all know that our day doesn’t come until the 7th.

Of course, no Android related alarm clock delays have been announced.

Oh and this tweet in preparation for Steve J*bs’ response is perfect…


And back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Via:  CNN

Cheers Mathees!

  • Typical Google minion says:

    OMG apple is so dumb., I can run ADW and CM9 nightlies on my dual core beast and get the max quadrant standard score because i got G Nex and not locked bootloader motorola junk! lol. What did apple patent bugs too?

  • Yeah… Like android doesn't have more bugs…

  • Andria Kaye

    As a precursor, I hate Apple and Steve Jobs and I find @diveintomark's tweet hilarious and oh-so-true.

    Moving on…

    How many times has a phone alarm clock screwed up someone's morning? Sometimes inexplicably. For something as anticipated and prepared for as DST, if you're willing to rely on your cell phone's alarm, then you should be willing to accept the consequences. Sure, there are problems with real alarm clocks, but the number of issues experienced by them versus cell phone alarms I can only imagine to be far less. I use my phone's alarm clock daily. I haven't had a real alarm clock since high school, and the only reason I don't still have it is because it broke and I just used my cell phone to replace it. But I'm not going to act like I fully, 100% trust my cell phone's alarm clock, be it on my old BB, my current Droid, or my never-to-be iPhone.

  • Djenks24

    This is news people and it does directly affect android. Without the hating there would be no competition, and without the competition there would be no $149.00 phones. Android is better than iPhone.

  • Mr.Joe

    For something as old as DST I'm surprised that so many devices have had issues with it. 1G Zunes, the pre slim PS3s also had a DST as well. I'm sure there are other that have had them but yeah.

    DST bugs are just blah.

    • Mr.Joe

      OH WAIT… weren't those two leap year bugs.

      YOU KNOW what they were. So yeah leap year and DST bugs are blah.

      Sorry fellas T_____T

  • Every OS has its bugs. Daylight savings bugs are nothing new, some Windows Mobile devices have had daylight savings issues for quite some time now.

  • Steve

    Maybe they were holding it wrong!

  • Guest

    Seriously I came here for Droid news, not bugs about iOS, so what there is a bug in iOS and day light savings time.

  • Rodeojones000

    Reading this brought a smile to my face. This is my second favorite news story of the day (following any story about the continued demise of the Dallas Cowboys' season).

  • KpAtch3s

    I think what most of you are missing here is that this kind of bug can have a real affect on your life, such as being late to work and maybe fired because of it. As far as I know, none of the known bugs in Android could lead to such detriment. You should expect some cracks on Apple because of it.

  • mathees

    yes i got a shout out

  • Brandon Goodman

    Android is not without its faults either. The “lets all point and laugh” mentality from Kellex & the gang just makes us all look immature.

    Anyone remember the lame date related camera bug in the original droid where the autofocus only worked every x number of days?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_Droid#2.0.1_Update

    • Chris.Go

      Remember when you had a life and used to be cool?

    • Mth2134

      It's funny. Immature? Nah. When jobs cries about open source and insists he knows what's best for everyone then makes them all late for work? Sorry but when u close your eyes and follow blindly, u might trip over something.

  • mark

    How about the fact that on my Froyo Droid X my SMS message time stamps are 4 hours off!

    • grptertius

      That's not really so much an Android problem as it is Motorola's refusal to stick to what they're good at (hardware) and leave the developing to the pros.

      • Chrisss

        That sounds like a Steve Jobs answer…

        • obsidiangt

          Perhaps, but unlike a Steve Jobs answer, it's true.

  • No worries folks, Steve Jobs will quickly produce a press release where he will explain that every smartphone's clock isn't perfect and will be handing out free stick-on LED clocks to cover that portion of the screen.


    • But only free for a limited time and only in limited supply at first!!

  • skltr21


  • Children…children…
    The android OS has bugs.
    Each specific android device had it's own list of bugs…
    Must we hate the iPhone? This sounds like an act of envy, to most.
    We chose Android!
    Others…chose iPhone!
    We're wrong? No.
    They are wrong? No.

    Who is better?
    Who can say.

    • kaboom

      This sounds as if you went to John Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity (and Fear). The iPhone hatred at this site is ridiculous. If you don’t like a product, don’t buy it. But please don’t look down on others who do.

    • Finire

      Yes, we must hate.

    • skltr21

      i can say…… android is better.

    • One_ina_milli

      I can say haha.droid-life can SAY! MUAHAHAHA

    • you can say that.. but its pretty obvious whos better. everything an iphone can do, An/Droid does and waaay more. they only thing is the front facing camera which isnt important to every one. dont know why people dont realize this. my grandma even thinks my droid 2 is better than her iphone. iDOES MIND CONTROL.

    • + 1, seriously. Get over it. Droids have bugs, iPhones have bugs, Blackberries have bugs…You're turning into the same type of idiots that you call 'Apple Fanboys”

      plus we're all forgetting the major fact here: screw daylight savings time, for EVER, Blackberries couldnt even register different time zones automatically. WE SHOULD ALL BE LAMBLASTING THEM!! TEH DROIDS WILL RULE THEM ALL OMGWTFBBQ!!!ONEONEONE111


      • Dredamanfoo2

        You’re an idiot. Last time I checked the name of this site was DROID-LIFE! If you want to go and discuss your bugs with I*hone users and sign peace treaties with J*bs, do that on your own time and on another site. If you’re not down with the way things are done on droid-life, do 3 things: 1. Leave! 2. Go buy a turtle neck! 3. Follow J*bs and his army of I*hone idiots!

      • Dredamanfoo2

        You’re an idiot. Last time I checked the name of this site was DROID-LIFE! If you want to go and discuss your bugs with I*hone users and sign peace treaties with J*bs, do that on your own time and on another site. If you’re not down with the way things are done on droid-life, do 3 things: 1. Leave! 2. Go buy a turtle neck! 3. Follow J*bs and his army of I*hone idiots!

    • You sound like you've never attempted to have an intelligent conversation with an itard. They sold themselves over to the devil, we must give them crap for it

    • Chris.Go

      If it was not for market competition there would not be any cool new phones. Let them buy the iPhone so the price of my Droid stays or should get lower someday. Competition is what drives all of this without it you would be forced to pay a high price for only one choice.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      But our BUGS dont deny that they ARE BUGS. They dont choose I*hones they are M!nD F*ckd into buying one. Now turtle neck is gonna say he revolutionized time and removed daylight savings.

    • Thanks.

      As much as I LOVE Android, I really am starting to get a little annoyed at all the iPhone bashing. This is what I always tell people: What the iPhone does, it does extremely well. It's what it DOESN'T do that keeps me from getting one. To each his own, though.

  • I'm not chuckling too hard, since because of a bug in Android my phone time is always 13/14 seconds off because it reports GPS time instead of UTC time. GPS time does not adjust for leap seconds.

  • Not there first bug

  • Mth2134


    • Mth2134

      Maybe Steve-o has a sick sense of humor and set the Guinness record for biggest practical joke.

  • joe1138

    That's comedy!