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CyanogenMod 6.1.0 RC Released for Original DROID

The new CyanogenMod 6.1 RC1 has been released for a few phones, but most notably, the original Droid.  For those of us still milking every last drop of awesomeness from this device, you’ll be excited to see what’s in store for this latest version of CM.  It now includes the Galaxy S style power widget in the notification bar plus a ton of customized camera additions.  

Remember that this is still in “release candidate” stage and is not at all final.  Test away!


*Original DROID ONLY.

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
2.  You have to have ROM Manager installed.
3.  Open ROM Manager, choose “Download ROM” and “CyanogenMod.”
4.  Tap on CyanogenMod 6.1 RC1.
5.  Check the option to include Google Apps.
6.  Once it finishes downloading, check both boxes to create a backup and wipe data and cache.

*If coming from another version of CyanogenMod you may be able to skip wiping data.

7.  Your phone will reboot and install the new CyanogenMod!  Enjoy!

View the full changelog here.

Visit CyanogenMod and donate here.

  • bgenius

    I'm newbie and I installed this but my phone restarts but keeps showing loading cynaogen and doesn't start up fully. I don't how to by pass this I tried taking the battery out and restarting but no difference.

    • bgenius

      I meant to say the phone goes into a looped at the loading screen.

  • jea2000


    Newly rooted Droid 1 owner here, and I have a question I hope you could help me with, because I've been looking online everywhere with no success. I have clockwordmod recovery, ROM manager premiere, etc. installed and working. I tried installing the smoke (forget the name) rom–several different versions–three times last night, and it would always get stuck cycling on the startup screen. I made a backup and it said the install was successful, but the droid eye would load and then the white word “droid” would come up, then the red eye, then “droid” and the eye over and over. It did that for an hour. A battery pull and restore got everything back without issue. This morning I tried Cyanogen 6.1, got it installed, and got it to show the cyanogen blue boot logo, but then that kept cycling and restarting. Any idea on what's up with this? What does this mean? Shouldn't these all just be ready to go? Is it a kernel issue (if so, then i'm totally lost, because that is way beyond what I want to attempt).

    Basically, I only rooted to get wireless tether for use with my new archos 101 android tablet so I can have internet on it anywhere. I currently have that, and am thrilled. But I thought I'd ask the expert . . . and perhaps I am missing something obvious.

    I appreciate any and all help.
    Many thanks!

    • jea2000

      I should add, Kellex, I did NOT wipe all data, but from what I've read that isn't a requirement, and some have still had the same problem when they did white all data and start fresh. I'd really prefer not to have to start over entirely if there isn't a GUARANTEE it will work.

      Also, can you give me a suggestion (an easy one?) on how to get rid of the constant OTA update notification, that will still allow me to return to stock and receive updates if I want? I've read that the ROMs should block it if I just select install, but since I'm not running a rom but only recovery (I assume) right now, I've read it will take root away.

      Any help is greatly appreciated! I'd like to get a custom rom or two going, just to see what it's all about (especially if that is the only way to get rid of the annoying notification for ota update).

      Many thanks!

  • i flashed to this last night from cm 6.0. before i was over clocked at 800 mhz now i cant go past the stock 528 what should i do about this? thanks guys

  • Megna22

    I haven't had much luck with his recovery program keeps rebooting on me. Their for I can't use the rom manger.

  • Wbmikec

    Hey guys, having some issues getting Cyanogenmod on my Droid…

    I had the 2.2 version, I used RSD Lite to get back to 2.1, then I used Easy Root to root the phone.

    From there I used Rom Manager Premium and tried downloading and installing Cyanogenmod 5.8 and 6.0, as well as Ultimate Droid. Each time my phone seemed to install them fine, but when it rebooted the phone seemed to be stuck on an infinite loop at the O.S. Logo screen. I was told it could take 20-25 minutes so I've left it for 30 minutes each time I've tried, but every time it just stays on that loop until I pull the battery, go to system recovery and recover my old 2.1 O.S.

    Any suggestions here?

  • Kelly

    Installed RC3 yesterday and it is nice, though I cannot get the black theme (via cyogenmod settings) to stick after reboot. I am assuming this will be resolved with the stable release, so we shall see

  • Mbornstein419

    I'm having issues with my phone after installing and uninstalling cyanogen. I just rooted my moto droid 1 and installed cyanogen for the first time using this version with rom manager. Initially it looped at the loading screen when I missed a wipe (sorry, I'm a noob) but after I wiped the phone I got it working.

    I decided I didn't like it, so I reverted back to my 2.2 plain root and now all my google apps and account are force closing and not working. Starting the phone gives me popups about voice search, gmail, google search etc stopping unexpectedly, I cant access the market, my gmail, and my google contacts wont sync to the phone.

    If anyone could help a confused noob, I'd really appreciate it. I even wiped everything in the boot manager to the point where the phone loaded at the original froyo setup and still got the app crashing popups lol. 🙁

    • bgenius

      Hi I'm a newbie and I'm having the same issue with looped at the loading screen. How exactly did you around the looping at the loading screen?


  • BigDaddyEllison

    RC3 just came out and it is a huge improvement over 1 and 2. I had to reload my google apps via ROM Manager after the update, but then suddenly all bugs were fixed, and my device is much much faster than it was right before the update. whatever was wrong in the first couple of RCs has been resolved and it is definitely ready for Prime time. If you have been debating whether or not to root, now is the time and this ROM makes it worth the Brick risk.

  • I am waiting for 6.1 to reach final release. However, I am curious. I am rooted and all, but I want to know about everything currently installed on my Droid 1 and the apps. When I install this ROM, it pretty much erases all data on my Droid and the SD Card? I know there is the back up and such feature when using Rom Manager, but I do not wanna just jump into this. I am trying to extend the life of my Droid a few more months as not to feel the effects of being stuck with it for 12 more months. Assistance is welcome. Thanks.

    • If you don't want to use a back-up then you are out of luck. That is what they are there for. MyBackup pro is what I use. Titanium back-up is good and it is free. By the way it should not erase anything from your SD card.

  • UPDATED TO 6.1.0 RC2

  • Why cant I install tweetdeck on this CM 6.1.0 ?

  • jhuntdog

    Looks excellent and runs fast and smooth. Other than issues with not being able to download/install/restore some troublesome apps (eg, twitter, tweetdeck, etc), this rom is great.

  • Haha the second I saw this I got up and got my Nexus One(I know this is for the OG haha, I'm gonna download the N1 version.)

  • Mdburton11

    What is the best ROM for the D1

    • Shakazulu

      Bugless Beast V0.5

  • Whiteandnerdy55

    anywhere to download the install.zip file and update it using the update.zip recovery method?

    I've actually never bothered to install rom manager as i always do that…

  • Actngrezy

    Apps are missing and not installing because permissions xml maps xml and maps jar are missing from gapps. Find an older version of gapps from sapphire or cm and it should fix the issue. I had same problem when I compiled my frist source rom and that was the issue.

    • Actngrezy

      I haven't looked at the gapps for the rc but just figured it was worth a shot if someone wants to give it a shot to see if that works to fix the apps not showing up or apps not installing.

  • David

    I've been using lithium mod for a while cause I've been too lazy to reconfigure my phone after wiping. Is this better or can someone recommend something better?

  • desert102

    I will be milking this device untill i can get a new developer phone. And when i am eligable in another year.

  • blu3bird

    wish i could get this on my droid x

  • mathees

    love the feature that lets you kill apps by long-pressing back

  • Josh

    I loved CM6.0.0, the customization was awesome, but I switched back to LithiumMod. It's so much faster!

  • The_Other_Ray

    CM in all of its incarnations has given me poor battery life even when clocked at a measly 600mhz. It's got some really cool features but I switched to liquid frozen yogurt v1.71 because the battery lasts longer and it just runs smoothly even with all my animations and transitions turned on.

    • never quite understood why this is the case. I also noticed that I got better battery life with Bugless Beast after trying CM 6.0 for a few months and then switching back to BB. There's so many folks working on CM that you'd think they would have adopted all the battery saving techniques of all the other Roms as well.

      CM 6.1 seems to be doing much better in terms of battery life for me. So I'm going to stick with it for a while. I do love all the customization options, particularly being able to really dim down the screen so I can use it in bed at night without burning my eyes, pressing and holding back button to kill current app.

  • Romma1

    No Wifi on the Dinc. Reflashed back to Uncommon Sense

  • T2technology

    There are issues with any app that uses location based services, namely, they all fail to install.

    • Josh

      You have to wait for your gmail login to attempt to download all your apps again and then go clear the cache associated with the market in your applications list. Mine wouldn't install Google Maps update at first until I did this.

      • He is talking about a different issue.

    • I experienced the same thing, is there a fix to this?

  • I love cyanogenmod but i think either ADW 1.2 is a little laggy or CM is becoming the Firefox of custom ROMs.

    • jxcgunrunna

      It is extremely fast running at 600 mhz and Launcher Pro plus. Although I only use 3 home screens and quick desk.

    • Josh

      Mine was laggy with ADW and Launcher Pro. Especially in the morning for some reason lol. I would have to reboot the phone to get it moving fast again. I flashed back to LithiumMod and everything was fine again (wiped data and cache in between each time). And you're right, battery life was about 12 hours with CM6 for me, with lithium it's about 26 hours.

  • Theschneidster

    Looks promising! Can't wait for the final version!

  • Mikesevenfold

    I flashed that RZ rom that Kellex posted about last week. I loved it until I realized it was missing SO MUCH and now everytime I try and reflash a new ROM onto my phone, I only get boot loops. Never happened before until I flashed this specific RZ rom…any help? Thanks

    • DonnyK

      Try going to a previous version of Clockwork Mod recovery. The same thing happened to me and this worked.

  • RoadsterHD1

    CHEVYNO1 SS4.7Blue_Watermark Theme. ROCKS. When r we going to have the ROM comparison charts????

  • Any kernel recommendations? Wifi stops working with any custom kernel that I try (even with Slayher's wifi fix).

    I am also missing apps like twitter, but the Launcher Pro Plus Twitter widget works fine.

    • I have never had a wifi issue with a P3Droid kernel ever.

  • Scjagfan

    Can someone give details on the camera enhancements with this RC?

  • I will be flashing this tonight. Looking VERY forward to it!

  • Just so everyone knows, there are some issues with applications not showing up such as Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp to name a few. Here is a link to the thread on Cyanogenmod's forums discussing the issue: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/9031-missingbroken-apps-on-cm-61-rc1/

    • Looks like the issue has been resolved with RC2!!! 😀

  • ok its official i think im leaving Bugless and seeing whats this CyanogenMod is about i dont like testing beta versions of roms tho lol so maybe ill hold on too BB until this is finished and i dont care if this is 9/10 complete its still beta hahhaha

  • Towelie420

    'Bout to put away my Droid X and bust out my OG Droid for a week or two!

    • temporary downgrade? lol just kidding 😛

      • Anonymous

        Temporary upgrade, son. The OG, Sean Connery Bond Droid is where it’s at.

  • sc4fpse

    GAHHH! I want the notification bar widgets SO badly, but my phone does not like CM. 🙁 Any chance of getting those ported to, say, Bugless Beast?

    • Try D1-MIUI. It has a very similar implementation (but it's on the bottom and contains more options). Then just use Launcher Pro or ADW and poof, looks like any other ROM but has some additional features. I like the lock screen and the pull-down. It's really starting to come along.

      • Anonymous

        +100 for this!! Make sure to try the Team D1-MIUI ROM – it is very stable, and verrry fast. I must say I don’t miss the app drawers (although you could use LP or ADW), I am totally in love to compartmentalizing with folders – makes it so much easier to find stuff!

      • El El Kool J

        ya and you get your app draw back by using LPP or ADW .. the MIUI ROM runs very good too..

    • Try wiping you dang phone correctly….and cache 😛
      Give it a go!

      • tanknspank

        Words of wisdom. People never learn.

        Then claim it’s the fault of the rom…

  • Flashing, Meow!

    • Cgmartin33

      Do I look like a cat to you boy? Do you see me jumping from tree to tree all nimbly bimbly? Am I drinking from a saucer? Now you listen up right meow. Lmao…one of the best movies ever!

      • Kelly

        absolutely love that

      • Kelly

        absolutely love that

  • Wyveryx

    OOooo…. New toys to test out for the weekend! Yay!

  • Andrew Hewitt

    I miss Daddy Droid :[

  • blackcatroad

    third first for me!

    • Haneyg

      Then that is 3 strikes for you. I would ban you if I had the power…

      • mmmmmmmm


      • blackcatroad

        that is um…..interesting. Now Im curious what was modded 😉

        although I might kiss tim for all the help he's given me….. j/k….but I will buy him a beer if he's ever here in VA.

        and now I see the stat lied. I wasn't first, all of this kissing for naught. 🙂

        • Hah! He said that's 3 “strikes” for you. He would “ban” you if he had the power…..

          Not gonna happen 😉

          • Anonymous

            LOL, I needed that! :-)I guess I’ll make that offer two beers.Thanks for everything you do Tim!

  • looks good! shall flash away!