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Verizon Giving Away HTC Merge at Urban Challenge in Seattle?

Verizon is running its Urban Challenge this weekend up in Seattle and plans to give away a few HTC devices to 3 sets of winners. Which one exactly? Possibly the Droid Incredible?  Well according to the picture on their main page it’s the DI, but if you take a quick look at the “About” page for the challenge you’ll see a much more surprising name.  Six HTC Merge (aka Lexikon) devices are up for grabs!  

And yes we know, both HTC and Verizon have yet to announce this device, so we’re as  surprised as you are.  They may still have some spots available in the contest, so jump on it if you want to have a brand new, and unannounced HTC device.

And if any of our readers are in the area, feel free to snap some shots as they’ll likely have the phones on display.

Source:  Verizon Global Challenge
Via:  Android Central

  • I was number 1 on the waiting list and 5 hours later i was confirmed to join…booyah!

  • Kaila_nichole

    Boo! I'm number 35 on the wait list…ack! This would've been a fun date!

  • 0mie

    I'm part of it 🙂

    • villian1998

      Good luck to you!

  • Legacy23

    I signed up but I didn't make it in the first 50….sucks!

    • villian1998

      Yeah, I knew I wasn't going to make it, but they have standbys so you might make it.

  • looks like a cool fone

  • Xcrunner509


    • CONGRATS!!! You've won a roll of tinfoil!!!!