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T-Mobile HTC G2 Review

The HTC G1 (code name HTC “Dream”) was the first Android phone on the market. It took the underground world by storm and has graced the hands of many as their first Android phone. Cyanogen, Koush, Obama, and maybe even Benjamin Franklin.  So imagine a successor too this technological achievement.  Basically anything short of a jetpack that makes calls would have been a disappointment, am I right?  All jokes aside, I was really excited to go to the T-Mobile store and pick one up after hearing some good/bad things about it…

After the poor marks it received from my astute colleague MrPicolas, I knew it was up to me to get to the bottom of why a phone which succeeds the first Green Monster phone could even remotely be considered disappointing.


  • Speed. If you aren’t into overclocking and rooting, then this phone actually packs quite the punch. Running an underclocked Snapdragon at exactly 806 MHz, we can see this baby was built for speed.
  • Size. This phone feels good in my hand. Plain and simple. Even feels better when held up to my ear. It has some weight to it. Maybe due to the fact the snapped a real titanium plate on the back? Does it help with reception you ask? We’ll get to that…
  • Software. It’s finally a pure Vanilla OS! Please excuse my excitement, but that is what I got into Android for in the beginning. Something plain and simple that I myself could customize! Not some 3rd party to muddy up!
  • Battery Life. I was using this thing constantly. Couldn’t stop playing with it. And at the end of the day it would be at 60%. To me, that is a huge factor. I need my phone to NOT die on me!

Unfortunately in this world you must take the Cons with the Pros. And these cons…are not flattering to an already tattered image.


  • T-Mobile. I could literally go on for 48 hours straight on this carrier and how “bad” it is. So please just allow me a paragraph (or two). Kellex and MrPicolas have both heard enough whining about being on Edge more than 75% of the time during the 2 week period I had the phone (in San Francisco).  God forbid that you walk into a room with 4 walls and a roof that isn’t a T-Mobile store. I myself have two offices and my home. Outside of these dwellings I have 3 bars out of 4 of the so called “4G”. Oh, but wait! Step inside these mystic caves of black void and you get a huge “X” and “Searching for Service” on your homescreen.
  • Really?!? This is 2010! Almost 2011,  and already we have a major carrier concerned with what phones they offer over call quality and coverage area for their subscribers. I was lucky enough to grab a statement from the Regional Manager of the San Francisco T-Mobile branch. “We’re working on it and you should see a big difference within six months.” Not necessarily words of encouragement…
  • Hardware. I am not going to touch to much on this issue since it has been touched on by almost every other major blog/review site out there. Those Hinges will be a falling point for sure!

So what exactly does this mean? Well, if you have T-Mobile and somehow possibly like and receive service, then by all means, pick it up! You won’t be disappointed. If you were crazy enough to think about switching carriers for this piece of hardware….please don’t. I implore you to make another choice…

In a time where phones have front facing cameras, HDMI, and 3G everywhere you go (Verizon) – There is no reason for the general lack of “sweet stuff” with this phone. They really could of had a winner. Better luck next time!


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  • Rick00770

    i agree , nice phone for someone who doesnt care about front facing cam and other few things, it should have been on par with other new phones out there, but over all nice, congrats to tmo for putting more choices out there. id be happy with it if i were locked in with tmo.

  • Bruce77064

    I am respomnding to the comment on Shi-T-Mobile service, I commonly get ZERO bars in my house, and the service every place else in Houston Tx is weak for sure, so since I am in a financial bind right now like many other folks in the country, I decided if my service level is low, so should the price of my plan be. So I found a friend that had 2 upgrades available with Shi-T-Mobile that he did not wish to use and let me buy 2 Vibrants for $99.00 each. I then took them to Walmart and hooked them up with Walmart's Family Mobile Plan (which uses Shi-T-Mobile towers), $35.00 a month for unlimited talk and text, and a reasonable price for data each month. All in all I pay under $100.00 a month for 2 lines of service, data included, so now My payment each month matches the level of service LOL

  • Winterfresh

    Believe it or not i had better service with T-mobile in my area than verizon, i swear to god my side of the city is a dead zone, i dont have decent service anywhere. I dont live in the sticks either, theres 30,000 people and a damn verizon store.. but anyways… tmobile screwed themselves when:

    1) None of their crappy phones were free (for the family)


    2) They didnt offer the G1 at a lower price for an upgrade (is the G2 the same way?)

    So with some convincing i got my family to switch to verizon so i could get an OG droid, but im very disapointed with the coverage in my area

  • Tim should revise his post… since a lot of people like rooting on this site

  • InvaderDJ

    The G2 is a disappointment to me for pretty much the same reasons you listed. I don't see how people on T-Mobile get good enough service to be happy paying for it. Maybe they have Wi-Fi everywhere but for me, when I had T-Mobile I could count on Edge at best and sometimes even that wasn't reliable which is really unacceptable to me.

    Also that locked/faulty restore NAND memory. This phone is supposed to be hacker friendly, even if it is a bug I just can't get behind something like that.

  • wirezd

    'could of had a winner'? I believe you mean could *have* had a winner.

  • how come there's no mention of the fact that you can't root this phone? I'm disappointed in this review!

    • Mr2turbo15

      actually you can root the g2 I have mine rooted and overclocked to1420mhz..its only a temp root right now but its incredible man so fast..and smooth..it goes back to regular If you reboot the phone but literally it takes a min to root the phone again

      • temp root is better than nothing, but still lame..

  • Mr2turbo15

    I live in phx az..and I do have the tmobile g2..I'm coming off vz and I had the moto droid..moto droid loved it..y the change u ask well my wife has tmobile they offer better fam plan so I decided to save my self $80 yes $80 I'm only paying $30 for my phone same min same unli web unli texting..the phone does give u problems with the battery when its brand new but not nomore no sir…its true no hdmi but far from that it is blazin fast!! For everything no bugs glitches nothing..I love it iv played with the droid 2 and the droid x..let me tell u I'm ok with the g2..specially now that I overclocked it to 1420mhz wow..and when it comes to reception it all depends where u live..droid,g2,iphone..had really crapy reception in my crib..but out side of my house full bars everywhere so far

  • JagoX

    Ya know…whining on about T-Mobile in your area and making it be a “Con” for the phone isn't really a legitimate reason. It's been a couple years (2006 I think?) since I was on T-Mo but my coverage in Southern California was fine and in fact when I cancelled my contract to go with the iPhone, my reception was *getting way better*.

    T-Mo probably sucks in your area regardless of the phone that is used so dinging the G2 for it isn't exactly being fair.

    • The350zWolf

      You might right about being a little unfair to T-mobile, it used to be my carrier when I lived in Maryland and it was good there, just before my girlfriend switched me to Verizon about 5 years ago and then I saw the difference. T-mobile coverage is real patchy: there are places were you get great reception, and then it cuts off abruptly in others. There is a guy here at work that has t-mobile and we joke about how whenever he need to send a text message he types the text on the phone, then puts the phone in a box and then mails the box the text recipient.

  • “Could HAVE had a winner”

    Otherwise good review.for some reason my city got hspa+ fast and furiously… great coverage. Hinges suck on this phone. Otherwise its the best phone out imo. Lightning fast and easily overclocked and given wifi tether for free.

  • When I bought mine the rep flat out told me, “Just so you know, our coverage is not very good around this area.” – this area being Princeton area of New Jersey. So he did set my expectations.

    First week I was hardly ever not in edge but getting strong signal. Then out of the blue both at home and work (about 5 miles apart) I started getting the full HSPA 4-bar signal regularly and it is FAST. Not sure if they pushed through some software update on their systems or added backhaul to the towers but it sure is nice.

    As for the hinge – I don't know I think it depends on how rough you are on it. I am a big guy and not very gentle and have not seen any issues with it yet with regular daily use.

    I have to agree with your assessment of the phone's feel – it feels solid in the hand as if it is built like a tank. The build quality feels better than my Incredible or Evo.

    Definitely a nice phone I have enjoyed it.

  • tehshift

    Sweet haircut bro!

  • Mrpicolas

    So sad this should have come to Verizon minus the hinges and it would have been a winner

    • The HTC Merge essentially this, but with a different skin(IMHO is a bit uglier).

  • mtkregs

    “I was using this thing constantly. Couldn’t stop playing with it. And at the end of the day it would be at 60%”

    I thought the commercials said that you're supposed to call your physician if you experience this for longer than 3 hours?? 🙂

    Good review Tim!

  • Jake C.

    That poster's got me hungry for a good burger now.

  • mhoe

    Del Monte Ketchup?? Heinz FTW

  • mathees

    love the “Shi-T-mobile”

  • Mth2134

    So…how did that constantly searching for service affect your battery life? I imagine you were in service all the time in order to get 60% remaining?

    • Didn't really affect it much at all. Surprisingly…because I know when I'm traveling through the mountains with my OG it destroys the battery looking for service. Maybe this phone is just totally used to it? :/

      • Mth2134

        It's first words were,”I will not constantly search for a service that does not exist.”

  • I had some fun making these lil vids. 😛

  • Michael_NM


  • KleenDroid


    • Michael_NM

      You're a very “interested” person… 😛

      • KleenDroid


    • That's exactly my sentiments hah

    • wow. your annoying in some way. very interesting.