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Samsung Announcing the Nexus Two on November 8th?

Update:  Most people are pretty sure that it’s still going to be the Continuum which we thought back when this date was announced.  Oh well, was worth some good chatter.

News sort of blew up last night over a couple of subjects.  First was about the Droid 2 update which looks to set the device a slight step ahead of the Droid X in software versions and will include some neat little features like the ability to set a contact picture from your gallery.  The second bit of news might have been even bigger and was announced on the air during Radio Android’s weekly show, having to do with the Nexus Two.  An anonymous tipster sent info to their hosts claiming that Samsung would be announcing the follow-up to the Nexus One in their press event which is happening on November 8th in NYC.  

He also managed to toss out some details which of course have yet to be confirmed:

  • The device will be the Nexus S
  • It will be branded as a Google experience device featuring Android 2.3
  • It will have the same 4″ SAMOLED screen seen on the Galaxy S devices
  • It will feature the same Hummingbird processor from the Galaxy S handsets
  • It will be easily rootable like the Nexus One was
  • It will be at least GSM, unknown about carrier or CDMA
  • It will have no hard buttons on the face, similar to a Vibrant

Sound good to you?  Well, at almost the same time that news dropped over the air, our buddy Taylor from Android and Me posted a similar story which he uncovered from “multiple” sources.

This is big, people.  Now, before we get more Samsung hate like we saw on Twitter last night, understand that this will have to be a Google Experience phone just like the N1 and original Droid.  If Samsung truly does announce this device, this will be the next developer phone so it won’t have a custom skin on it or come preloaded with Bing.  This will be the real deal and a phone that almost all of you should consider if you can’t stand locked down phones with manufacturer skins.  You’ve all seen how often the N1 receives updates right?  Sick of waiting around for them on another device? Then this might be the one for you.


Via:  Radio Android, Android and Me

  • Moto should make the Nexus 3 UNLOCKED. NO BLUR. {{-_-}}

  • Rick00770

    i always wanted the nexus 1, but didnt like the online ordering thing, if they put it on at and t or verizon i want it, even without front facing camera its still a neat phone, im waiting.

  • sylent101

    I don't like the look of samsung products.. was hoping they'd stick with htc..

  • feztheforeigner

    For this to be a Nexus I expected more. Something revolutionary like the original. This is a disappointment just like the G2 is to the G1. I wanted something that is by far easily the best phone ever, not another Galaxy S phone.

  • Towelie420

    “First was about the Droid 2 update which looks to set the device a slight step ahead of the Droid X in software versions and will include some neat little features like the ability to set a contact picture from your gallery.”

    Kellex, I can do that on my Droid X right now..

    What gives?

  • p-man

    If everything we hear is true then I'd jump on board real quick if it came to Verizon. I am worried my favorite ROMs wont support it in the future though (Ultimade Droid and Sapphire). Seeing that it will most likely be a dev phone I would have to think they will.

  • *crosses fingers that it comes to Verizon*

  • Dan

    Incredible HD plox

  • Umm great…I dont get the BIG news in this. Its still a current gen phone. Ill be excited when someone starts talking 2Ghz., will this even have a FF camera ?

  • Bxrider117

    I think they will be showing the Samsung Continuum, and displaying the Nexus 2. We all know that Gingerbread is out there and Google just put up the statue. So we know that is coming and it is supposed to be before Christmas and that is when the supposed Nexus 2 is going to drop. Now all Samsung has to do is offer this phone on all networks. I'm sure Motorola is not happy. They were supposed to be next in line for the Google experience phone.

    • Winterfresh

      They upset the Google gods by creating Blur..

  • i might be selling my DX soon then 🙂

  • Ohhhh I want this phone! I have the Samsung Fascinate. I really love the Hardware! I really hate the software! Thank god for launcher pro. I hope that the awesome root community can take the bare bones Nexus 2 software and bring it to the Galaxy S Phones!

  • Muddy B00ts

    I had the fascinate for like a day, and I know it sounds stupid but I couldn't get over the lack of a notification light. I tried the apps (noLED etc.) and they sucked. Here's to hoping this thing gets one and I'll buy it.

  • It's not the frikking Continuum. That device is nothing special. I kind of dig the secondary screen but really, this is not a blockbuster device.

    Nexus Two sounds reasonable to me. I have a friend who wants to buy an Android phone, but her roommate works at Google and assured her that waiting for Samsung's announcement before buying would be a VERY good idea. He wouldn't say that if it was just the freaking Continuum.

    • was their any discussion about which carrier it would be for?

  • deutschdroid

    I love my n1 its still kicking ass left and right that said wtf Google a Samsung with a hummingbird Chip that's it? if its true I'm not gonna buy it. Go htc

  • deutschdroid

    I'm the proud owner of the nexus one and its still kicking ass left and right that said wtf Google nexus two is a samsung 🙁 HUMMINGBIRD chip that's it? And is it gonna feel Like a toy (vibrant) too? Don't get me wrong I love Google and nexus programming was just hoping for an HTC nexus two.

  • nblufire12

    I already have a Droid One I bought in February, can I still get this one?

    • If you upgrade or activate another line you can (assuming it's coming to VZW). Or pay full price.

      • Anonymous

        When can I upgrade? In two years? 🙁
        Can i buy a Nexus 2 off ebay and swap it with my Droid’s 3G?


        • Generally, you can upgrade 20 months after you started your contract. If you are the primary line on the account, you can call VZW and pay $20 or something to be allowed an early upgrade after 12 months.

          If you can find a Nexus 2 on ebay, then yes all you have to do is cal VZW and tell them you want to do a hardware swap. You could also do this if you bought a Nexus 2 (or any phone) for the full price, which is generally around $600-$700.

          • Anonymous

            Hmm ok, I think I am the primary line, so after 12 months how much would I have to pay for the new phone? 200 or 600?

          • First you have to call VZW and tell them you want to use your early upgrade and pay the $20 to them. Then you can go anywhere that advertises the phone for $200 and use your eligible upgrade to get it for that price.

  • I think Verizon is the problem with it coming to Verizon. Other than the Droid 1, what's the last phone that was completely untouched by VZ software? I'm not saying there haven't been any, I legitimately do not know….

    • Paul

      Technically the Eris and Incredible were equally untouched by VZ when compared to the D1. They were SenseUI phones, so not stock Android.

      Also important to note that the D1 wasn't completely untouched. The Verizon Visual Voicemail icon was included on all phones free of charge.

  • Aboussim1

    so basically this will be a galaxy S with android 2.3 vanilla version.
    Hard choice between this and the Desire HD!!

  • InvaderDJ

    If this is stock Android, easily rooted, can get 3G on at&t and T-Mobile and is supported by Google like the Nexus One, I am getting it instantly. I won't make the same mistake I did with the N1 and debate it and delay purchasing it until it is discontinued.

    Hell, I'll even break my contract for it.

  • The350zWolf

    This makes complete sense! Google has agreed with the big manufacturers to each one rotate and issue a developer phone. If this premise is true then HTC, MOTO and now samsung have built one. Who will be next?

  • mkedw

    Wow, I was going to finally buy myself an Incredible this weekend, but maybe I should wait?

  • if it goes to Sprint and not Verizon I will be 🙁

  • Just get this on Verizon and i will buy two.

  • TheDrizzle

    I really hope it is available for Verizon. I really wanted a Nexus 1 but it was GSM only. It's going to be hard to choose between the Nexus S, the PSP Phone, or a Tegra 2.

  • Mo

    is setting a contact photo new? cause i can do that presently with lfy on my droid 1..

  • Problem is carriers – Verizon will never allow this type of phone in users hands. AT&T is just a crappy network so no way. T-Mobile offers HSPA+ but will be updating to LTE in the future for a device like this without LTE/4G will be a crime to Android.

  • I love that samsung is announcing the Nexus S with an HTC phone in the picture!!LOL

    • kellex

      That would be the Nexus One, since we don't have a Nexus S picture. 😛

      • EC8CH

        It'd be sweet if you could get us one 🙂

  • jiggaman508

    I hope this is true and I know its early to say this but I would love a rom based off off this for my fascinate…hardware specs seem almost identical so I'm hoping its possible….

  • How is this different from the Nexus one?

    • thislandisyourland


  • If it's just another Galaxy S phone sans the Samsung skin (TouchWiz?) then it's really a waste of time. I remember reading about the leaks for the Nexus One and being excited about how it broke some boundaries… this doesn't sound too groundbreaking.

  • Also, the tipster wasn't on the air. This information was given to me OFF of the air while we were broadcasting =)

    Thanks, Kellen!

    • kellex

      Gotcha! And fixed. 🙂

  • Travillion

    I'd be in if it comes to Verizon, and I'll be sad/mad/personally offended if not.

  • The Droid Guy is reporting that the event on the 8th is to launch the Continuum. While highly plausible, and even likely… I could see Sammy and Google coming out of nowhere to announce this device as well. There have been very few (creditable) leaks of Gingerbread so far… that's pretty rare since we pretty much knew everything there was to know about Froyo before it was released, and we've got a gingerbread man sitting on Google's lawn.

    My tipster has been very reliable in the past… I have no reason to doubt them now.

    Personally, I'm up in the air about it myself. We know that Samsung is working on a Google experience phone… and the timing is right. I do think though that people are too focused on a Nexus branded phone being from HTC though.

    • kellex

      If they put on an entire event just to announce the Continuum, I may never look at a Samsung phone again.

  • Ray

    Samsung announcing the Nexus 2…i guess HTC got the axe!

    • I doubt its an AXE but more, which of the 2 companies was willing to shell out the most perks for Google. Samsung makes TV's……Google TV for everyone on Google Campus.

  • Gotmurph84

    Hmmm this is making it hard to wait for 4G, but I still may pass.

  • Pandemic187

    Awmg awmg first…

    Seriously though, that's pretty exciting. Good to see another Nexus.

    • Michael_NM

      Awmg nope…

      • Pandemic187

        It's not exciting? I would say so.

        • Michael_NM

          Exciting? Yes, but you weren't first. 😛

          • Pandemic187

            Haha I was – I even refreshed the page to check to see if anyone else had posted and they had not! Only because I'm bored though…I really only care about that awesomeness that is bound to be the N2.

          • Trust me….you were not first 😛

  • I can HAS?!?!?!!??!?!?

    • Ray

      Sup Tim?

      • Ahh! Stranger Danger!

        • Ray

          Im no stranger i will be back in the Real world next month cant wait to get back into the swing of things!

  • Michael_NM

    That would be a sweet song for Sam to sing.