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Rumor: HTC Incredible HD Headed to Verizon on November 23rd?

According to reports, there is an HTC Incredible HD in the hands of certain Verizon reps and is scheduled to launch on November 23rd (Yes, next month.).  You may remember this device after shots of it leaked out through BGR a couple of months back, looking like the HTC device which we wish had landed on VZW from the beginning.  There were rumored specs such as a front facing camera, 4.3″ screen, etc., but what we really know now is that if it comes out, it’ll be the U.S. version of the Desire HD.  

All I can say, is that I know a mysterious HTC phone has been in the hands of a couple of testers, but have not heard one word about a possible release date.  It seems unlikely that it will be released for the holidays, especially with an entire lineup of phones hitting stores on the 11th including 2 new Droids, but you never know.  One thing I have been told is that the Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global were supposed to be the final “Droid” branded phones for this year, meaning if this comes out, don’t be surprised if lacks our favorite tag.

Oh and it’s apparently not 4G LTE, so why would we consider it when we’ll have a whole lineup of 4G devices in early 2011?  Or is this a must-have?

On the hunt for more!

Via:  Phandroid, Droid Forums

  • Meech

    I love my life ….

  • Turkey111

    Why waste all you money on these phones. All your doing is really checking e-mail and getting a stupid phone call.

  • Duhhh15968

    who the hell follows up on PHONES? Get a life!

    • I'm sorry, but who the hell comes to a phone blog to complain that it exists?

  • mked

    I've been putting off getting a droid but finally decided to buy an Incredible (either one-year contract or ebay). Now this….should I wait?

    • There's ALWAYS going to be a next & newest & better thing. If you always wait, you'll never get anything at all…

      • Champlification

        Same thing I always tell people

        • I mean, I understand. It's frustrating to buy any electronic and something better to come out a week later (or worse, 31 days later when you can't exchange for it). But at some point you have to just say to hell with it and buy something, or you end up sitting and watching technology flow by.

  • gandreae

    My droid is kind of screwed…. but I don't want the droid 2…. cause its not that different or better. Sooo should I get this? or wait till 2011.

    • gandreae

      I think it looks amazing tho.

    • RoadsterHD1

      wait until January 2011 when the new phones LTE and dual cameras are announced.

  • Droid

    A new phone coming out doesn't make your old phone do anything worse than it did before. It sounds like u are just mad that your phone isnt the newest and coolest. Are u mad that they make new cars every year?

  • Skillz

    This may come with bing! also… The Samsung Fascinate runs circles around the Motorola Droid1&2 even with bing … Better gaming Cpu better hardware …. so let's just hope this Htc new phone isn't a letdown like the droid 2

    • NoFinWay

      What do you mean “comes with bing”? Isn't there a google search widget on all androids? Are you talking about a pre-installed bing app? If so, how is that a problem? Just don't use it?

      • everything that is currently Google by default on the device becomes Bing!. It's crapware at it's finest.

        you can still go out to google.com but everything on the device has BING! all over it, incredibly annoying.

        • Yeah but it's easy enough to root the Fascinate and de-bing it, I imagine that will be true of the other phones they plaster with Bing.

  • Resolution greater or equal to the iphone would be nice for a change.

  • Front facing camera!! Drooling…

    But, I already have a DX with 4.3″ screen, so I'd much rather wait till the 4G devices are released with a front facing camera in 1Q 2011.
    I suppose this is a great option for the folks just getting a new droid. I'd say, from what we know about the specs of the device, its better than a DX. 🙂

  • bravoleader2

    Make it LTE and I'll drop my Incredible in a second.

  • socalrailroader

    Most areas (like mine, Northwestern California) won't even see LTE until 2012 at the earliest, so that's not a negative in my opinion.

  • digitalicecream

    Interested in seeing what this looks like in the reviews. Dont want/need 4G anytime soon and I am sure as hell not interested in paying for yet another internet access point I wont use to the fullest. I want more affordable pricing options for my calling plans.

  • I call fake! Why would a device not yet released, yet announced have a screen protector on it? Could still be real. If it is me want 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a screen protector lol… it’s the little plastic covering that comes on all new phones when they’re released. I guess it just never got taken off lol.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not a screen protector lol… it’s the little plastic covering that comes on all new phones when they’re released. I guess it just never got taken off lol.

  • I call fake. Why would there be a screen protector if the device has not been release? Fail.


    I need this phone cause no locked bootloader, kickstand, front cam, and hopefully a better battery than the inc…Like my droid x….but with the front cam and kickstand and sense…Srry motoblur but i love their widgets… 🙂 OOOHHHH AND PLEASE HAVE THE DROID BRANDING ALSO!!!!!!

    • Just buy an EVO and put a custom DROID bootloader on it.

  • finally a Sense phone 🙂 hopefully theres NO LOCKED BOOTLOADER!!!

  • jedijesus95

    I might want this phone. My Droid is aging fast.

  • this is my future phone

  • Finire

    I have the Droid Incredible as of now, and I love Sense. This phone looks like such a promising upgrade, but with all of the lineup to be announced in January at CES I just can't justify picking anything up before then.

    • This phone isn't meant to be an upgrade for current Incredible users

  • ABerry5

    I am in the interesting situation of just graduating college and my parents telling me I need to get my own plan… because of that I've narrowed down my options to the Phone being #1 priority, then a dead tie between coverage and price.. Sprint fit the bill, since I'm here in Portland I will have 4g access, and ever since my roommate got his Evo 4g on launch day, I have been insanely jealous, I had a D1, now I have the X… I NEED SENSE, but I will NEVER go back to a phone smaller than 4″

    I've been delaying my parents like crazy praying a 4+” HTC phone hits verizon, and I think I found it 🙂 So that is my rationale for getting this phone

    oh and I will sell it a week b4 the 4G launches, it will end up costing me $50 to upgrade to a new LTE phone 🙂

  • aaronvail

    I really, really want the Droid incredible because I just love everything about it! But now newer phones are coming out so fast I will want to get another one soon after :((

  • Alphawolf36

    Well went and asked about 4g phones from friend (owner of VW store) because want to upgrade soon, he said most likely not till late 2011. 4G, at least in NY area is gonna be aircards to start. Then later after that passes, phones. So IncHD will hold me off for 6-9 months till I upgrade again to LTE!!! I kinda believe him too, doesnt make sense that they will launch 4g and no phones in Jan. Cards would be a smart first step in testing network. IMHO

  • r0landct

    Assuming HTC/Verizon know what they are doing then there must be some disconnect with 4G phones we haven't been told about (directly). Either in price of the phone or data plan (or both). If 4G launches in March and the phones have a $100 premium over 3G and $10-20 month premium in data then that would perfectly explain this device coming out early next year. They know there will be many more 3G phones to sell and 4G will not replace 3G in sales until at least 2012 when they are able to provide national 4G coverage and the early adapter premium goes down on the devices and possibly the service. So this doesn't make me think HTC is dumb, just makes me think Verizon is about to bend over 4G early adapter next year.

  • Spaniard85

    I think this thing has most my interest right now. However, I think I'll be holding off on my upgrade from the OG Droid til after CES to see what's announced 4G-wise.

  • feztheforeigner

    Not needed at verizon. We have the droid x that already trumps it

    • KingKon0001

      DX is lame cuz its moto made ive been waiting for this htc giant since i got my Dx

      • ABerry5

        I owned the droid since launch day, till the X came out in july, got one of those on launch day… and I have too many friends with HTC's sense not to be jealous… I know I'm the tiny minority that likes mfg added GUI's, but i'm telling you sense is what all android phones should have stock

    • That's about the most ignorant comment you can post, I expect this out of fanbois not Android users. How does your locked bootloader trump this? What about the lack of FFC? Many want FFCs (personally, I don't care). Also, I believe it is supposed to have more RAM, which would make a huge difference.

      I would upgrade to this over a DX in a heartbeat (locked bootloader)

      • AnDroidSepTIX

        BooTLoader On the The DX hasnt seem to stop us from getting custom Roms and OC. So im not sure if thats a valid argument anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, Droid X…That great phone that was crippled by a botched Froyo update 36 days ago today…Motorola has been working on a patch to fix it but who knows when that will be released…Next year perhaps…. I will happily give up my DX for a 4.3 inch HTC phone ANY DAY. I am done with Moto.

  • Stephen D

    ANOTHER HTC device? Dang.

  • austin

    As long as it has a better battery life than my Dinc it will be a great phone

  • If its not gonna be a droid then drop the incredible name

    • same thing i was thinking

      • Undergroundwire

        To much peoples surprise, the phone is called HTC Incredible. Verizon calls it Droid Incredible. So please lets just get our facts straight.

        • Bullet Tooth Tony

          It was only the HTC Incredible for a month or so… all memory of that has since been erased thru new packaging and a new loading screen.


    i love my Inc. so i'm holding off to see what's coming up on my next renewal… i'd love the Inc HD to have an actual qwerty board. Digging the front facing camera a lot! buy yah not 4g? they'll just come out with the HD 4g right after everyone buys into this one!

  • Theche03

    Any one have an idea on what the 4G/LTE data pricing is going to be?


    4G LTE will be released in Jauary 2011. I doubt this will be released before January if it has a front facing camera. The 1st front facing cameras will be in January with a complete line of them.

  • Mmoreimi

    i wouldn't touch any of these phones unless they come 4g/LTE ready…

    but yeah, i agree with most. So depressing to get the Dinc and then you see the X, the D2, and now DincHD… It's cool and all…but damn…

  • ScottK24

    I'm not interested in any phone unless it has a front facing camera.

    • how often do you see iDont 4 users using facetime?

    • android

      the only people that use front facing camera are girls when they wanna look at themselve as a mirror you ask anybody that has an evo or iphone 4 they hardly ever use facetime

  • theineffablebob

    Needs a high quality LCD screen like the Droid X, not a low quality one like the EVO or HD7.

    • Asdf

      haha high quality like the droid X. that is hardly the standard. the htc incredible and samsungs AMOLEDs are quite a bit better.

      • theineffablebob

        I said LCD.

      • richie

        Way better the colors blow on the X!

    • Anonymous

      What it needs is to be reliable, something the Droid X is NOT

  • I'm not gonna lie…I want 4G, but I'm not sure the coverage will be amazing to begin with anyway, so as an OG Droid owner this looks pretty sweet…

  • This is frustrating when I just got my Inc in August.. turnover on these phones is just too fast now.

    • Anonymous

      this isn’t even competing with inc.. it is 4.3″.. besides OTHER than the i*hone every phone you’ve owned in history probably was obsolete within 3 or 4 months, this is not a new concept

      • The i*hone doesn’t get obsolete any slower than other phones, its just that its on the market as an “obsolete” phone for 6 months longer than Android phones. When you’re in the market to get a new Android phone you’re always looking at the latest and greatest, while when you’re allowed to upgrade to an i*hone you may be looking at 10 month old technology. I’d much rather have a faster upgrade cycle than a slower one, as my Droid 1 still works equally well as when it came out (actually better, thanks to 2.2) AND when I’m next able to upgrade I will get a product three or four upgrade cycles improved instead of two upgrade cycles improved.

        Its sad that the fanbois and iJobs have us all convinced that just because a newer phone came out means that our phone is outdated and no longer functions.

        • Anonymous

          That’s not Job or fanboys. That’s the American consumer marketing system at its best. Your car is obsolete the moment you drive it off the lot, trade it in and lose money and buy yourself a new one! NO? We design them to break down in 5 years, that’s 60 months of payments to you. Gotta have that phone? Sure! New every two because why the hell would you want a perfectly good phone that’s 24 months, old? Sure as hell wont make phone calls in 24 months.

          As long as we the consumer keep buying it. Why would the marketing department change anything? Vote with your wallet.

          • Al_bickers

            > New every two because why the hell would you want a perfectly good
            > phone that’s 24 months, old? Sure as hell wont make phone calls in
            > 24 months.

            Phone calls? It is about ubiquitous data, not voice calls. Voice calls are just a commodity feature of every cell phone, not a reason to keep/replace a specific one.

        • BINGO You nailed it. Wanna know what’s sadder? When you browse the phone forums (i.e. howardforums) and people are buying and selling phones every 2 months. That sounds like addiction.

    • overtsilence

      The phone itself has been out a while now…just because YOU got it in august doesn't mean its a 2 months old phone

      • Jay A

        finding an incredible from launch up until about august was a well documented hassle…as usual with verizon, demand was underestimated and not enough units were ordered, leaving back orders to slip into coming months with promises that order would be filled “soon”. then the amoled display shortage de-railed the incredible even further. In short, the incredible has only been widely available in sufficient quantities for about 2 months now.

      • SmokeEater

        Sure, the phone has been out longer than 2 months but even a year is really kind of a fast turn around time. I understand that in the world of technology things move fast and this is no different but it is frustrating to purchase a phone only to see a much better phone come out 6 months later and to be left with the dinosaur. Even more disheartening with big ticket items like a TV. Honestly, it makes me scared to buy things. I want to buy a new phone but I am frankly afraid to. Personally it is an un-friendly market.

        • How does a new phone coming out effect your current phone?

          • sund0wn

            i agree. and what’s more, since it DOES move so fast, when you do get around to getting your next phone, this next generation of phones will be way outdated, and something bigger and better will be out then. the pace at which things are moving benefits everyone that loves and uses smartphones.

        • Azeron

          If you understand then stop being frustrated. Mobile phone life cycles are a year at best and more likely six months.

    • Luke

      you should be enjoying the “quick turnaround”. They are coming out with better, faster, more useful phones month after month. So let me get this straight… you would rather they DIDNT come out with new phones so you could feel like your phone is newer for longer? You realize you still have the same phone either way right?

  • Guest

    if it does come out ill get it.. where i live we wont have 4G LTE for years to come!!!

  • EggoEspada

    Ah. I shall be getting this day one on a one year contract, so during the summer I'll have choices on some great LTE devices, that I can actually even utilize.

  • Mth2134

    I got a text yesterday from VZW stating ,”Congratulations! Blah Blah Blah…you can upgrade now to any phone at the lowest possible promotional price..blah blah.” I won't be using it on this. Even if it does surprise us with an Android tag, LTE is within peeping tom distance. Pass.

  • WhereIsTony

    Wow, an HTC phone with a droid X size screen!

    • spygame

      Yes, its called the HD2 and Evo!

      PS: I guessing you meant for Verizon, right?

      • Flane99

        Evo does not have a droid x size screen.

        • they’re both 4.3″… Although the Evo’s is still smaller (taller/thinner)

        • Anonymous

          hhhmmm in terms of what? Because they both have a 4.3 inch screen.

      • WhereIsTony

        indeed I did.

      • verizon and android… hd2 has choppy winmo

  • JT

    Front-Facing camera – check! 4+ inch screen – check! For Christ's sake please let there not be any BING (fingers crossed)!

    • longjohnsilver

      it has bing.

      • Anonymous

        then the question is.. is the bootloader locked.. cas i’m getting this

        • Anonymous

          HTC wont lock the bootloader until they’ve established the company. Go check out their stock and see what this company is doing.

      • Edwoordd


    • NMMI89

      I agree. No BING. Nothing remotely connected to MS.

  • TheTerrorWrist

    looks real nice but at this point im waiting for an LTE phone.the DX will hold me down 'til then.

  • Caleb

    The name of the phone really caught my attention but i kinda doubt it's going to be called Incredible HD or Incredible of that matter.

  • in early 2011*

  • suchashorttime

    i can't wait for early 2010. it'll be just like last year, except just like last year.

    • Elliot323

      Early 2010 already passed, stop living in last year

  • first

    • Michael_NM

      You win back all of the prizes you've given away over the last few weeks. 😛