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Download: Droid Life Themed LauncherPro

Well thanks to a very nice themer (Signals23) over at XDA, we now have our very own Droid Life version of LauncherPro. We have shown his work here on DL before, but this one deserves some special recognition. Signals23 is responsible for many of the themed versions that you’ve seen of our favorite home replacement app and this will be a great addition to his lineup.

Donate to signals23 here. Please help support him if you can. Without talented people like this, our homescreens would be well, bland.  I also would like to thank ardchoille over at LauncherPro forums for the source image I used to produce this dock.

DownloadDroid Life LauncherPro

*You may need to uninstall your current LauncherPro first.  Backup those settings though!

*You will also need the Plus version in order to use the widgets.

And of course the docks to go with it:

Have fun and enjoy!

-Dr. Root  (MrPicolas)

  • Rocketiii

    How about offering the males a black & blue version?

  • Craiglapp2

    Are the friends and messaging widgets smaller or how did you get both on one screen. My friends is 4 high and messaging is either four or 2 high.

    • brain550

      Long press on widget, but do not move, it should highlight, then resize it. Need LPPlus.

  • Mitchell Steele013

    how do you get the docks?

    • Mrpicolas

      Long press and save

      • Barlog

        After I put the dock on my screen and use the labels the dock has and put the according shortcuts to the dock how do I do this? When I chose the app drawer shortcut it asks what icon I want to use but it doesn't give me the option to leave it blank only default icon,launcherpro icon, or custom icon. Am I missing somthing? Please help I love this theme and the docks go great with it but none of my icons look good on the dock id rather use the ones on the dock. Thanks

        • Mrpicolas

          You need to use a clear PNG Google it you'll find a bunch long press and


  • Vinzky

    the colors for sure look so gay but it is a very nice theme.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Anyone else notice that the facebook widget and twitter widget don't open the corresponding app when clicked with this theme?

  • Mrpicolas

    Haters gonna Hate lol…

  • Ugly

  • Puffy98

    sorry…but this is really ugly..doesnt look cool.

  • 1bad69z28

    All right Kellex, we all know that you like PINK lol Can we get this in different colors with the Droid Life Theme???

  • kellex do u play wow?

  • *sigh* my poor captivate.

  • One_ina_milli

    How can I use the dock that already have the icons on there.when I press one of the icons nothing happens.please help

  • Mitchell Steele013

    I'm not sure what's going on here.. i installed this and it looks exactly the same as the original launcher pro

    • Toky_neg

      same here… i even rebooted the phone and nothing..BTW using droid X. Do i have to be rooted? or ???

      • Maritza L Johnson

        Same issue redone it twice

        • Mitchell Steele013

          do you have to have the full version of launch pro?

          • MJ


          • MJ

            I'm making some changes so I'll try it again. Maybe I didn't put in the code when I installed it.

          • Toky_neg

            code when installing ?? huh?

          • Mitchell Steele013

            so you can't load the themes without paying for the full version

          • Toky_neg

            Can I ask what you did to make it work? Please!

          • Maritza L Johnson

            Got it working. Now where do I get the dock from?

  • Jasons_waxxx

    Sorry Kellex, Pink is NOT the new black.

  • Beegore

    Ugly come on really?

  • jag28co

    Alright!!, I like the theme but I do agree with eddienofre, too much pink for me. I would love if this is offered in different colors. 🙂

    • Mrpicolas

      no one said you have to use the dock the docks were extra i threw in for those who want it

  • Kjcamiere

    Dono about the pink but that battery indicator is beautiful

  • Acalvillo5

    what rom has those notification bar icons?? please

    • slackerjoe

      Thanks Tim!! =)

  • Gotmurph84

    Real Droid Lifers eat, sleep, and breathe pink. Jus sayin'.

    • Not.


      • Or if anything, use the same color pink as above on the site, not bright pink. lol Just sayin'.

        • DaveIsAwesome

          The Droid-Life banner isn’t pink, it’s Salmon. =)

          • Anonymous

            Salmon meat is red, I’ve never seen Salmon that color lol

  • Knitelyf

    Sorry Kellex but the pink is scarring my retinas with just the previews.
    (With GREEN/YELLOW notification icons too! Damn that's bad!)

    • Knitelyf

      Mr. Picolas I mean

  • kellex
    • viewthis66

      kellex… how do i donate to your site? i want to help keep you up and running.

    • Anonymous

      How did you get the word icons on your dock?

  • slackerjoe

    When I go to download it, it says there are no files found…. any suggestions?

    • Mrpicolas

      working on it

  • Maizekid

    Link not working

  • Tcanderson2

    Anyone know if there's a Jrummy Pink-Life theme for Incredible?

  • Gg101

    Bad download link?

  • Marcingurgul

    ugly 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eddieonofre

    No offense kellex but this is just to much pink for my delightment

  • I'm not afraid of the pink… I'm not afraid of the pink… I'm not..

  • motograter7

    someones gettin a bomb ass sandwhich from subway…

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Oh man oh man. I just pooped.

    • Don't forget to wipe………………………….data 😉

      • Andrew Hewitt

        You are the man

  • bravoleader2


  • Michael_NM

    My favorite launcher meets my favorite blog?! Instant Win!!!