• Evilvampbabe

    Fave apps:

    Droid Life
    Angry Birds
    Wheres My Droid
    Droid Light
    ADW Home Replacement
    Music Wizard
    Picsay Pro
    Spring Pad
    Fast Reboot
    Memory Boost
    Ghost Radar
    ….many more apps I love lol

  • Angry Birds
    Throttle Copter
    Mini Golf'oid
    PDA net
    “free wifi tether for root”
    love the google voice search/command on 2.2
    skype mobile

    those are my favs

  • GoNoles

    – Root Explorer

    – ROM Manager

    – TBH App

    – Droid X Bootstrapper

    – JRummy's DX Overclock app

    – SetCPU

    Yeah, I think you know my addiction

  • Gambrel022

    Just to drop in a couple that I have found that I really like in addition to most of what has already been listed:

    Titanium Backup

    and because I am an AVID World of Warcraft Gamer:
    WOW Remote Auciton House
    Droid Armory

  • Br_d

    Notice no one has said Facebook, because it's a steaming pile of crap. Come on Facebook, fix your app!

  • skltr21

    DROID-LIFE APP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! how did no one else mention this???
    beautiful widgets
    angry birds
    wireless tether
    barcode scanner
    adobe reader
    astro file manager
    dolphin browser
    chompsms (best txt messaging app in my opinion)
    google maps
    ROM manager
    Wordfeud Free

    • richie

      Key ring is tha ****!!!

  • Touiteur is my fav!!

  • The_Other_Ray

    Is it simply a numbers game or about quality apps?

    • skltr21

      im thinking the same thing…. only a good handful of “good” apps on the android market.

    -Google Voice
    -Google Maps
    -Google Talk
    -Tikl Talk (very cool app)

    Over all im very happy with my Droid, I've had it since April 2010 and havent had a bad moment. I love that my two brothers and sister have android phones and we keep in touch with Google Talk. Nice to invite everyone over with just a text. I also have tikl talk in all their phones so its fun to scare the hell out of them all of a sudden! im just glad i never bought an i*phone.

  • jason

    Yeah right. One hundred thousand apps. How good it feels to quote useless statistics. What you and many like you should be really concern about is that Android, as a mobile platform, is pretty unsecured. You should be writing about it and pressuring google.com to get off its laurels and straighten something out that is going to explode and make Android the preffered vehicle for cybercrimes.

    I mean, on the phone of most Android users are sitting thousands of apps that routinely spy on the user and routinely send out personal info all over the glove. This is by now clearly documented and if you jump up with a knee-jerk reaction to blindly defend how google.com is managing this situation, you are simply uninformend. yeah, that is right google.com could care less about this situation. So, a 100,000 apps where a large percentage of them don't work, are of low quality or are simply spyware does not mean much. On my DroidX, I have “Droid Wall” installed and it is the only thing that keep me using Android. I am not a happy-go-lucky, download-it-and-install-it user any more. Think about it, but leave your expected platform knee-jurk reactions on the side.

    • Timoh

      No knee jerk but you should have some sort of personal responsibility with your personal device. You have Droid Wall, and don't install every app you see come on to the market. Seems like a pretty smart thing to do.

      That's the beauty of an open system, you can do what you want on it, but so can everyone else. Be responsible, choose your applications wisely, and don't expect anyone to wipe your a** for you.

      • Michael_NM

        +100 “and don't expect anyone to wipe your a** for you.” My vote for advice quote of the week!

    • So its like any os. I dont go home and download Stealmycrap.exe and not think about it. If you go willy nilly installing apps with out reading about them first and looking them up to find info about them. Thats not on Google's thats on you, its your phone your info. I agree there are some bad apps out there but u can report them and get them off. And having a app to check and scan others is a smart move, just like avast for windows is. As a person in the IT field i hate how people bad talk pcs and macs and smart phones for doing thing wrong cause they only do what you tell them too. just my .02. Happy droiding folks.

    • Evilvampbabe

      So who the hell put the worm in YOUR apple? Geez…

    • mump420

      droid wall the ultimate spyware… if you trust that then whey not trust any of the others? if your gonna be a consperousy theorist do it all the way … i mean motorola has spyware on the phone already you don't need to get it from the market, your jeans have a transmitter that tells google how bit your hang down is and then suggests enlargment products through ad sense. live your life and get over it.

  • Angry Birds
    Chrome to Phone
    Launcher Pro
    NFL Mobile
    Air Control
    Titanium Backup
    Droid X/2 Overclock (Jrummy's)
    Our Groceries (boring, maybe, but crazy useful)

  • Dwe5of9

    My droid just got updated and I lost the market icon. Is there any way to reinstall it?

    • skltr21

      is it still in your app drawer and just no longer on the home screen???

  • NadTwist

    Angry Birds
    LauncherPro Plus
    Beautiful Widgets
    Ewallet Viewer
    Orange Diary Pro
    Random LOLcat
    Root Explorer
    Scanner Radio
    Titanium Backup
    Wireless Tether

  • Meatlover

    -Agenda Widget (just priceless)
    -Note Everything (most feature rich note app ever)
    -Quick Settings
    -Our Groceries (can share lists with others, even across to i*hone users)
    -Auto App Organizer (good way to track newly downloaded apps)
    -Calendar Pad
    -Quick App Clean Cache

    • rapid

      Yeah: Auto App Organizer rules!

  • Mike Mosher

    My favorite app is Flickr Droid by Mike Mosher… I might be biased…

  • a list of my most used apps, therefore I would say my favorite

    AOL Lifestream
    Apps Organizer
    IP Cam Viewer
    K-9 Mail
    Launcher Pro
    Life Pics
    Post It Desk
    Scanner Radio
    Traffic Buddy
    Tweet Deck
    Word Up!

    You Tube

  • The350zWolf

    -Titanium back up pro
    -ROM Manager
    -Google Maps/Navigation
    -Google Voice
    -Wireless tether
    -Last FM

  • Higher_Ground

    It's hard to name apps that haven't been mentioned but I'll give it a shot:

    Speed card
    Route tracker

    And if I had to repeat a few:

    Beautiful Widgets

  • DarthRogue

    I just added up the total number of apps on my droid x, including the ones included with the device to be about 180 apps… so yea… I have a few… xD

  • Tracy Wilborn

    Angry Birds
    Beautiful Widgets
    Zombie, Run — I know it's a silly game but the kids love it.
    Bootstrap Recovery
    ROM Manager

  • angry birds
    beautiful widgets
    shazam encore
    rom manager
    root tools
    tape machine
    act 1 player
    asphalt 5 hd

    ….. i better stop here cuz ill go on forever. i have too many favorite apps. i love the market!

  • Michael_NM

    With 100,000 apps we can't forget AppBrain!

  • Launcher Pro Plus
    Beautiful Widgets
    Touchdown Exchange
    Angry Birds
    Reckless Racing <- I'm addidcted!!

    I'd be pretty lost without apps organizer and pure calendar widget as well.

  • Mrpicolas

    LauncherPro Plus
    Desktop Visualizer
    Rom Manager
    Mp3 Downloader
    Gmail (allows me to spam Kellex's inbox)

    • HEIF

      Mp3 Downloader.

      I have had my DROID forever and never thought to search for an app like this. Yet amazed again.

      Good call Mr. Salocip

  • Porschephile2k3

    Txtpad – best notepad app for Android, ever!
    Angry Birds – physics is a lil dodgy but fun nonetheless
    Fruit Ninja – very addictive game
    Sound Hound – good app to ID a song you've heard for the first time.
    Movies – good app from Flixster if you like going to the theaters.
    Google Maps – awesome, simply awesome
    Xtralogic Remote Desktop – RDP that allows flick scroll, great app and worth the price
    DocumentsToGo – love it!
    Root Explorer – for those who like to go down the rabbit hole
    Rom Manager – simply an awesome tool to change “clothes” on my Droid

  • rals

    Google Maps
    launcher Pro
    You Tube
    U-verse (that's right thanks to XDA this has made my life super easy )
    Android Central….j/k….

    Google Voice for sure is my number 5

  • Josh

    Launcher Pro
    TouchDown Pro
    Beautiful Widgets
    Angry Birds
    Root Explorer
    Remote RDP
    Wireless Tether
    Dolphin Browser (Non-HD)
    Docs to Go

    • Josh

      Sorry more than 5. If I could I would list about 50 more, but won't subject you guys to that 🙂

  • Flombardo

    LauncherPro Plus
    Google Maps – Navigation
    Voice Search
    Angry Birds

  • Cam

    Just 5??

    Google Listen
    NY Times

    I wanna do Honorable Mentions anyway:
    Google Nav
    Beautiful Widgets

  • Matt

    How many fart and porn apps are there? Really, do we really need 100,000? We need a good count of how many apps are actually useful in everyday life.

    • Josh

      I think you posted in the wrong blog comments. Your post actually belongs here: http://tinyurl.com/29kr6ds

    • Droidzilla

      Why don't you be a good little boy and go do a count for us? We'll wait.

      • Kierralj

        Why be mean and sarcastic when Matt brings up a valid point. Gosh

  • Br_hermon

    Google Maps (Navigation)
    Google Voice
    Angry Birds

    Honorable Mention:
    Android Agenda Widget

  • woo so many apps. my top 5 apps used every day :p

    quick settings
    setCPU/DX overclock
    battle.net authenticator

    • motograter7


  • Dr. L'ling

    Launcher Pro Plus
    Angry Birds
    Google Listen
    Rom Manager

  • DBK


    Sorry, don't know what came over me. 🙂


    Angry Birds
    Google Sky
    Sports Tap
    Tippy Tipster
    Talking Tom

    • DBK

      lol That was an epic fail 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    And 100 of them are worth anything… 😛

  • Jmoore

    that's ten apps…

  • Matthewharmon Matt

    Angry Birds
    Launcher Pro
    Awesome Drop
    Google talk

  • kulz

    playing catch up never seemed better ;D

    • Chewybang

      Root Explorer
      Angry Birds
      Droid X/2 Overclock
      Beautiful Widgets