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Today Show Calls DROID X a “Buy Now”, Tablets a “Buy Later”

The Droid X made a surprise Today Show appearance and according to their “Digital Lifestyle Expert” is a “buy now.”  The phone as we all know is a beast and has already been out since July, but their guru seems to believe it will last you for another 24 months.  While I would categorize it as a “buy now” I’m not sure I’m willing to give it 2 years worth of life especially with 4G devices on the way.

In related news, Verizon announced pricing and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab today which the Today Show’s DLE dropped an emphatic “buy later” on.  Actually, he said that about tablets in general and the i*ad was the one featured on the show.  He did point out that after the holidays at CES is what consumers should be paying attention to as a ton of new tablets will be launching.  Maybe he reads Droid Life?  

Cheers Big Rob!

  • Jawcase

    Nice, I got a BUY NOW phone, hooray! It really is the truth, why wait for a better model then the Droid X, by that philosophy you'd never get a phone! Now they can even clock it to 2ghz so its going to be relevant for a long time to come.

  • Phongg1

    The today show is about 3 months late on their sh**t. Who listens to their advice except little old ladies.

  • El El Kool J

    This is like some lady coming on TV to tell women what Shoes are in season…:P

  • Bill

    what a horrible review of these products. this guy is the wrong person to be talking about this stuff. only thing he got right was to buy the DroidX

  • Revrant

    Who cares about 4G? Two years from now it MIGHT be available in my city, 3G only started being available at the tail end of 09, and I live next to one of the larger cities in Michigan, Kalamazoo, it's great for all those big cities that are getting it almost immediately.

    To summarize, if you live in a big city, go with Sprint if they have good coverage(horrifying outside of a big city), you'll adore the G2 or EVO, and you'll get 4G way faster.

    Anywhere else? Verizon will give you more 3G coverage than anyone else and the Droid X or Droid/Droid 2 are definitely 'buy now'(and hopefully a FIX now, in reference to the 2.2 bugs).

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I do agree that tablets are a buy later thing. Market and app incompatibilities with the screen resolution are deal busters for me, they will come with older software (when 3.0 is not that far off) and faster VZW network coming. by next year, we will see WAY better tablets I bet.

  • Eric

    This guy don't know sh*t. #1 reason why, he said buy extended warranties what a joke if you want to throw money out the window i'll give you my address so you can send it my way.

  • dellbx

    Droid X….Don't buy, don't buy!!!

    Let them fix all the 2.2 software bugs first

  • k1cks

    I could see the 24 month thing if dealing with the general public. If they needed/wanted a phone now, the droid x is a good choice and they'd have it for 2 years with a contract.

    Until I find something that my droid x can't do well, I won't be switching. The Droid X was my wife's upgrade though… 😉

    • I disagree with most of you all. I feel the Droid X certainly can last 2 years no problems. So what if 4G is looming? Everyone is going to pay the 4G premium? For most users, 3G is good enough. Let's think about the average customer perspective and not a total tech enthusiast point of view 😛

  • Bigrob60

    I'll drink to that. Actually I had the Today Show on in the backround while I was eating breakfast & reading the updates here on Droid-Life. Thought it was pretty funny. Did like how the iSad was there but the digital lifestyle expert said to wait untill CES in Jan. Stingray here we come.

  • EC8CH

    In the words of Rick Marshall:

    “Matt Lauer can Suck It”

  • EC8CH

    cause the Today Show is the place to go to get your Tech news…

  • PersiandDeity

    Well… reader's of DL i'm sure are a bit more computer savvy that would be the target audience…no offence to anyone who watches the today show… aimed towards older people… people less computer savvy… those who would look at a (any)pad and be confused… lets start them small and in two years when they're ready to finally get something like a (any)pad… they can… WE on the other hand are the younger tech-crowd… the latest and greatest appeals to us… lets not forget we don't rule the world…. yet….

    • I don't think many people, regardless of age, would look at an “(any)pad” and be confused, and your prejudice against “older people” is disheartening (as is your assumption that “WE” are the younger tech crowd). Speak for yourself mate. Or, did I miss the memo stating that this site and “Android” are only for young people?.

      Plus, the Today Show's primary demographic is not old people per se.

  • nblufire12

    haha I want a Droid X but i only have a D1 🙁

  • 1bad69z28

    I agree with Kellex and somewhat agree with the Today Show. The Droid X is a buy now BUT not a 24 month option with 2011 just around the corner and the CES show coming previewing a host of 4g phones and goodies, I think the Droid X is on it's way out. (Can we say 2GHZ phone)

    The Pads will be jumping off the assembly line too and we will see more of the features that we want with more competitiion from the manufactures out there to get in on the market share that Apple is enjoying right now. I am also interested in a 2GHZ Pad as well :), which might be coming down the pike in the nesar future.

    Ahhh interesting times lol Go Android

  • ieatapples


  • ieatapples


  • Travillion

    Am I really first?
    Sorry, had to get that out there.

    • Coaster36

      yes and we are all bowing at your feet. you are sooooo coooool…

      • MMM333

        Don't encourage. 😛

      • Pandemic187

        Haha, I had the same attitude on the article about D2 OC and someone said I “need a nap.” Sorry for not caring about something that is in no way an accomplishment…