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Tuesday Poll: Which New Verizon Android Device are you Most Interested in?

We just got done telling you about a handful of devices that are headed to Verizon over the next few weeks and we want to know what is exciting you.  There was the duo on October 28th which included the Samsung Continuum followed by the big boy group on November 11th featuring the Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global.  Do any of these devices interest you?  Let’s say you weren’t locked into a contract and had the opportunity to pick one of these up, would you?

Which of Verizon's Holiday Devices Would you Buy?

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  • Adm930

    I have my Droid X…what else would I need really?

  • Waiting on the dual core Motorola Droid, Tegra 2 w/LTE support.

  • guz1115

    d1 to d2 to dx lol!!!!

  • JT

    I think if you put the iPhone on there it'd get the highest rating.

  • I'll hold onto my original Droid until I see a dual-core Motorola with a keyboard.

  • Aaasd

    lol most peeps don't care..

  • BAoxymoron

    i'm not buying any until I get my unlocked bootloader…

  • Michael

    Eligible for upgrade, but waiting for my iPhone baby!

    • Michael_NM

      You are doing a great disservice to the name we share. 😛

      • Michael

        Just welcoming a device that started it all to VZW family! =)

  • it just hit me, the droid pro has a hump like the droid x… has motorola learned anything?

  • Dpry3580

    My X is fine until a 2gig comes out. I don't care if it has 12 cameras. 1's all I need. Front facing is stupid. Never use it.

  • Buckgrad

    I'm good with my Droid X, thank you.

  • Rjtremor

    It's Verizon, that's an auto lose there. Sprint user forevaaaah.

    • Michael_NM

      RJ, loser is spelled l-o-s-e-r, not u-s-e-r. 😛

  • Jcs122388

    I dont get the whole fad for a front facing camera. I dont wanna be riding the bus with my phone sticking out 3 feet from my face talking to someone. (if u can find someone with a front facinf camera) Ask any of your friends who has a phone with one, Im willing to bet youll find that they dont really use the front facing camera for anything other than the first time to say, “Hey thats cool”.

    To all the people who cant seem to stop complaining about a front facing camera, I implore to STOP, take a minute to reflect on the practicality of a front facing camera, there is very little.

    What it comes down to is I dont really want to to see your face while Im talking to you, Id rather have the slight anonymity that comes from talking on the phone instead of in real life

    • -if your business requires you to be away from your family quite often, you'd see them more.
      -it could help deaf people communicate with their friends and family. (sign language)
      -if you're at a concert or any kind of event, your friends that weren't there could “be there”
      -if mobile speed can catch up, there could be live streaming of media conferences to your phone via your favorite site e.g. CITA 2011 from engadget

      to all the people like you complaining about the ones of us who actually have a use for it, i implore to STOP, take a minute to reflect on the practicality of a front facing camera, there are quite a few.

      • Phaise- formerly JCS122388

        If you are a heavy traveler I could see how that might help you on occasion, but really its an occasional use. The human race has gone years talking on the phone, all the sudden Apple puts a front facing camera on their phone and it becomes a MUST have? Get real.

        I got a ton of deaf people in the area (Rochester, NY) and I have never seen any of them do anything but text on their phone, but I guess it is a possibility.

        And Im not sure why you think it is imperative to have a front facing camera, in order to live stream events?

        Its ends up to being a nice feature to have for a very select percentage of the population.
        I know it sounds awesome but in everyday situations people just don't use it.
        You let me know how often you see someone using the Front facing camera

  • richie

    A blackberry pearl

  • ilovesandiego

    Wow, I'm not the only one that think these phones are all crap..haha.

    Having a tweaked out android eris, I would buy NONE of these phones. You would think they would at least put a front-facing camera and a few other features found on the Iphone 4.

    Come on Verizon! I'd pay $299 for an android phone with similar functions to the Iphone 4…even if it didn't have 4g.

    • agreed. i would really like a powerful phone that has a front facing camera. if they just had a dx with a front facing camera, i'd be a-okay. 🙂

  • Mr2turbo15

    Just got my tmobile g2..I had the og and let me tell you it is the same phone exept way..way faster!! Tmobile has better family plans so I left vz for tmobile..the g2 is basically tmobiles version of a droid..and iv played with the droid 2 and the g2 is faster and more responsive than the droid 2

  • has anyone heard of the HTC Droid Incredible HD? It's speculated to come out this quarter, but there's been no more leaks than the one on BGR a month or 2 ago. I have a D1 and none of the phones listed above are worth it. I want a droid x, with a front facing camera. The Inc HD seems to be that, with sense. Who else thinks that Kellex should try to scoop something up about the Inc HD?? Here's BGR's post: http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/08/27/evo-ish-htc-device-verizon/

  • Mememe

    I have a droid and none of those phones are good enough for me to upgrade, verizon get your crap together.

  • ironick

    Although I'm a moto fan, and own the D1. The Lexicon looks intruiging. Seems to have the screen size of the DX with the great keyboard layout, similar to the D2. Best of both worlds in my opinion. However my only experience with HTC is my wifes Eris, which I am not a big fan of. It is extremely slow, freezes a lot.

    • balthuszar

      dont base your opinion of HTC on the eris…all their other phones are 'incredible'

  • Jtwildman1

    My holiday will be next June, hopefully by that time there will be a phone to get excited about … ie no Blur or locked bootloader.

  • Droid 2 Global, if for no other reason than the fact that its white and the hope that it will be modded.

  • Buzz

    And loose the **** bing…

  • Yewslus

    Waiting for VZW's LTE, thanks…

    Btw, I'm an O.G. Droid user.

  • KingOfPhones

    Love my Nexus. One!

  • Whitelaw Jason

    DX has all my attention right now. Nothing out right now that can compete with it in my opinion….

  • Romma1

    Incredible HD.. Nothing beats my Inc right now as far as I am concerned. Perfect size and functionality

    • richie

      I hear ya I just hate the ******* battery life!

  • Jasonw.s.

    Yea, i think im fine with my DX. It'd have to be somthin real slick like the tegra 2 to pull me away.

  • Rain_king46

    Dear Moto, we are good on choices for phones. Now please do something about your software…

  • Eriik

    why is the iPhone not listed? haha

  • Arrgill

    Love the Droid and found many new apps from the “best app poll” I am still looking for a better calendar app for the Droid.

    Any suggestions…

    • Craigboy

      Launcher Pro calendar widget

  • RanballX

    Is there life after Droid X?

  • The one that isn't locked down and Binged. {{-_-}}

  • RoadsterHD1

    Droid X pro. 🙂 with dual cameras and 1.5GHz processor LTE/4G

    • Anonymous

      That’s actually pretty reasonable. I’d buy it.

    • The350zWolf

      Now this is an idea Moto/VZW

    • CrashCore

      We’d be better off with something like a dual-core 800MHz than a single core that will burn the phone to pieces. That was an exaggeration, but battery life and heat are more manageable with multiple cores that are clocked lower. Plus mobile devices are a perfect fit for multi-core CPUs.

  • FrenchToast

    Palm Pre 2. sorry guys… WebOS is just beautiful.

    • there’s only like.. 5,000 apps…

      • Anonymous

        apps arent everything to me. i honestly dont understand people’s fascination with them.

        Angry Birds is already on WebOS too, that seems to be kinda popular atm lol!

        I just really like the gui of webOS and the stability that i havent seen repeated in android…

        • well if you can find the right apps, they extremely useful e.g. wireless tether.
          true that.. i’ve been addicted to it since i got the beta.. lol
          yeah, i used to be about the interface, but i understand now that what’s great doesn’t always look great. but hopefully the overhaul of the ui in 3.0 will fix the i*hone-esque of current android versions..
          personally, i really like the windows phone 7. but i just can’t hop on board until i can do everything and more that i already can do on android.

          • Anonymous

            well, verizon is offering the mobile hotspot for the pre for free atm. so that’s a pretty moot point imo.

            the UI for android 3.0 honestly looks like a lot of the same, just tinted green for some reason. reminds me of the matrix or something. WP7 looks like it has some serious potential, but its still too young to hop on board, plus its not on verizon atm either. but give it a few versions and updates, plus verizon’s network and then it will be the intriguing to see where it is.

          • Wes Campbell

            I didn’t know that the free palm hotspot was going on again.. that is a pretty sweet deal.. first time it was going on, I actually considered buying one.. lol
            I may be trollin but I honestly believe that photo is just a green themed rom…
            Yeah. I hope it actually does take off, it’ll create even more competition.. make for even better phones and features…

          • Anonymous

            yeah they’ve always offered it since they first started i believe.

            i sure hope that photo is just a green themed rom lol! android is decent and unless HP makes a good comeback withe next year’s WebOS hardware it’ll be the only thing left worth having. the current Android UI is incredibly minimal. i want my $200 smartphone to work well and impress me in EVERY way, not just pure functionality. I want a great looking UI, no bugs, etc. nothing seems to really offer this atm other than WebOS and the current Pre level hardware has some serious durability issues. I had one for 3 weeks and it started doing the Oreo Twist, therefore i switched to my Droid. The Droid works, but I definitely prefer WebOS, it just needs better hardware lol! Hopefully the Pre 2 and the hardware that HP is going to show off at CES 2011 will open up some good competition 😀

      • Anonymous

        apps arent everything to me. i honestly dont understand people’s fascination with them.

        Angry Birds is already on WebOS too, that seems to be kinda popular atm lol!

        I just really like the gui of webOS and the stability that i havent seen repeated in android…

    • there’s only like.. 5,000 apps…

  • jess86

    Just purchased two D2's. My 14 yo daughter wants an X for christmas and wife wants the Fascinate. Don't get me started on what my 3 year old wants (I$ad).

  • Can't there be an option “Droid X Unlocked Bootloader”?

  • Riverajeanc1

    Waiting for a 4G Android phone

  • Jason

    Moto Android tablet will be my next buy… my X is more than enough phone ( for now)

    • BA_Carroll


    • BA_Carroll


  • I got a 2-year contract w/ Verizon, so my upgrade bonus won't kick in for another year+. BUT it turned out that my last upgrade came about just when the Moto Droid came out…which I have and am very happy with. So looking at these phones is nice for me, but I'd rather wait and see what they have when I can upgrade next. I can only imagine the functionality these “phones” will have by then!!

  • Patch89esch

    T2 FTW

  • Collinsclerk

    I want the Evo-esq 4.3 inch Verizon mystery device BGR had photos of awhile back.

  • Where are the 4g phones?
    Also those promised 2Ghz phones! Get in the game Moto!

  • rals

    Anything with Gingerbread

  • BA_Carroll

    Ssaving my money for after the holiday season. I can upgrade in November but if I can't holdout I will most likely get a Droid X. Hopefully I can wait till after the Holidays.

    • Bigrob60

      Same here. About 1 month left on my contract(LG Voyager). But I will be waiting until next year for the upgrade. Going to enjoy some non-contract goodness for a bit & see what this Tegra 2 is gonna look like. Then make my decision what phone to up grade too.

      • BA_Carroll

        I was thinking the same thing wait to see the Tegra 2 then decide!!!

      • BA_Carroll

        I was thinking the same thing wait to see the Tegra 2 then decide!!!

  • EC8CH

    OG D still holding it's own IMHO.

  • Tuna

    My girlfriend wants the Pro, she complains daily about the droid 1 keyboard after having the BB tour, but she loves everything else about Droid, so the Pro is it for her.

  • aczm1988

    Still want a DX. Although i might check that merge out if the ugly red keys are removed. This is a really crappy lineup for the holidays..

  • It's a shame to that nobody considers these an upgrade yet when I first started coming to droid-life to check up on droids I was using an enV touch. Even a Eris was an upgrade for me. You're only speaking for yourselves.

  • kulz

    i have a feeling VZ is oversaturating Android devices for the rest of the year so they can focus on the i*one next year….

    fishy….fishy…. ;

  • mathees

    we need better phones. you cant give us DX and then this s***

  • Chris G

    None yet. Holding out for the january-march releases. We'll see how that happens and what devices we have by then.

    Phones are worse than computers. By the time you buy it, its already obsolete.

  • Imtheecehlon

    waiting till the new year! Tegra 2!!!

  • Me and my Droid 2 are doing well. No interest in any other phone.

    • DBK

      Agreed. I am more than happy with my D2 and will be sticking with it for quite some time.

  • evltwn

    I'm waiting for the Tegra 2…slick looking phone.

  • Diar

    For me, any new device without a front-facing camera is DOA

    • Jjhhahdhj

      totally agree

    • Jjhhahdhj

      totally agree

    • Jtwildman1

      Agreed… otherwise it’s already behind the curve.

    • Jtwildman1

      Agreed… otherwise it’s already behind the curve.

    • That's absolutely ridiculous. lol

      • Higher_Ground

        almost as ridiculous as the entire VZW lineup of android phones not having a single phone with a FFC

        • I really don’t see an advantage to them but since I don’t care for them I’m not upset.

          • ironick

            Video calling is an advantage..

          • how often do you see an iDont user actually using facetime? When will you hold your phone awkwardly out in front of your face when you can use a perfectly good webcam on a computer? OR you’re out and about and don’t have time/it’d be awkward to be in a video call with someone. The utility of a ffc is marginal at best

          • ironick

            Video calling is an advantage..

          • the only good thing abt the i*one 4 is the ffc(and the apps) if i had a i*hone facetime would be my life

        • I really don’t see an advantage to them but since I don’t care for them I’m not upset.

  • Meh. None of these are an “upgrade” IMO. I'm still waiting for the next game changer, like the OG Droid.

  • Dacox25

    Droid X SE??

    • Michael_NM

      Droid SE X

      • Dacox25

        Droid Special Edition X?…. i'm sure Jobs would have a field day…….

        doing back to the Droid X SE, has anyone heard if it will have a front facing camera?

  • I don't see the point of having the “none of them” option.. you were better off not even polling for this. If anything the question should have been phrased differently.

  • TOMBALL718

    Waiting for the Terminator.

    • The350zWolf

      Don’t hold your breath too long Sarah Connor!

    • The350zWolf

      Don’t hold your breath too long Sarah Connor!

  • bkj216

    I gotta say, the landscape for Android on VZ looks very meh. Its almost like VZ is making way for the iPhone

  • Balthazar B

    A global LTE phone would be just the ticket, but I have the feeling that ticket won't appear for at least another nine months.

  • Gabsk8

    I wanna see front facing camera

  • Sexton117

    Incredible HD or Tegra 2 … really just hoping for a BAD*ss vanilla android phone on Verizon..hopes and dreams

  • Dannyjedi

    Will not be making a move from my X until at least a year.

  • timarnette

    Love my Droid X who cares.

    • Michael_NM

      I care. I love your Droid X too. 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    Galaxy Tab.

  • Thedimachka

    not going to be buying another phone until we have a confirmed unlocked bootloader and working AOSP roms…

    • Balthazar B

      I hope you like your Behold II…you'll be using it for many years…

  • Bigrob60

    First!! Tegra 2

    • Stephen D

      More like third!

      • Bigrob60

        Yes!!! Super 3rd! That's still bronze. Browser's acting crazy. 1st there were 0 comments, then 3. went to 4 comments. Back to 0. Refreshed to 9 for this post. I guess that blackhole on the back of the internet is back again.

  • bravoleader2

    Incredible HD!

    • TheRPN

      2nd that… Give us the same phone with LTE, a 4″ screen, and front facing camera. I'd be all set.

      • Exactly….unfortunately, the Incredible HD won't be LTE.

  • Stephen D


    Anyways, none. I'm happy with my Fascinate. Once you go SAMOLED, you can never go back. The Continuum is the only one I'd consider.