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Download: Yahoo IM Video Chat App, Found in New MyTouch ROM

We weren’t really expecting Yahoo IM video chat to come out for while, but our friends over at XDA Forums managed to find it deep inside the leaked myTouch ROM that’s floating around in the wild.  The app apparently works well over both 3G, 4G and wi-fi as long as your phone has a front-facing camera to support video calling.  Early feedback also suggests that phone-to-phone and phone-to-PC video calls are working, but not for those of you with a Mac.  

To get this bad boy up and working, install both application files below:

*The video add-on will NOT work with the market version of Yahoo IM.  You need to use the version below.

Download:  Yahoo_im.apk
Download:  Yahoo_ imvideo.apk

Any of our EVO or Epic readers had a chance to play with this yet?

Source:  XDA Forums

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Ctitone

    The market version and addon now work on the droidx an htc evi used it today to vid chat between both phones over 3g

  • Toky_neg

    those using the vid on Droid X…are you guys rooted? cuz I install it and I dont get the vid option..

  • Gee

    i have the evo also and i would like to install on my phone but i dont know how…help??

  • can't wait to try with a friend… works good on evo!

  • Mcleanboi

    I have the first droid install both and still not working. I'm using the Droid yahoo messenger is that the right one after I put the files on my phone?

    • Mcleanboi

      Well I finally got it installed and now the camera doesn't work on 1st Droid…any suggestion?

  • guest man

    I keep downloading the files and it says”problem parsing the files.” Any suggestions?

  • guest man

    I keep downloading the files and it says”problem parsing the files.” Any suggestions?

  • you should see if it works on the Fascinate as well

  • Jerflash63

    hey guys just so you know i installed both apps on my droid for shits and giggles and i went from 60MB of memory to 35MB and nothing i would do would change that other then uninstalling the apps…be aware that the app is a memory hog

  • when i think about it, any time that i would want to “face to face” video chat with someone, i would be on my computer. when i am out and about, chances are i am trying to show someone something (video tour, or a point of view experience…), and then the regular camera is perfect. i hope this works on the original droid (and that google does this soon on google talk).

  • dj brikz

    Im using GALAXY S which has front and rear cameras. It works except that only can use the rear camera. Flip button is disabled. I don't know why. I tried to do 3G video call with one of my friends and both my front and rear cameras works. Only in YM video chat my front camera does not load (flip button is disabled).

  • Gadgetskopf

    Maybe now it's time to try out one of these: http://www.isnapme.com/

    • Benjr06

      Will this work with Droid 1? Says iphone compatible, but wondered if anyone has tried on a phone other than iphone.

  • 80s Baby

    Hey Droid Life, I'm not a verizon android phone owner… but I just wanted to lend a little insight on this only working on phones with front facing cams. I can confirm that this app works on non-front facing cam phone as well, works great on my N1

  • Ibladuell

    Both apks downloaded to EVO and installed, Only messenger shows up on app list and when I open and go to options, the VIDEO option is grayed out??? Still can not find the icon for the imvideo apk.


    • U can only use video calling with people that have yahoo

      • Ibladuell

        Thanks, that makes sense. I found a contact with yahoo account and it worked.

  • Ecffighter7232

    anyone else with a DroidX run into the chat lagging really bad? Or it making the phone lag really bad? not in the video part, but in regular chat

    • Dont know yet.. none of my contacts are signed in

  • Wow it even works with my droid X even thou it doesn't have a front facing camera

  • Ibladuell

    Downloaded and installed to my EVO but, can not find it when I go to my apps. Is there a different name that it shows under??


    • One_ina_milli

      You have to download both files

    • rayz336

      It shows up as messenger

  • Colemanjj616

    I have a Evo and just tried it out works pretty good and it has the option to flip cameras to the rear facing pretty cool.


  • Schmaltzy

    What does it do with an Original Droid? Can you still do video chat? Just using the rear camera instead?

    • I would also like to know this. Two small, well placed mirrors and bam, pseudo front-facing camera on my OG Droid!

      • I would also like to know this answer.

    • It works on the X so it should work on the Droid

      • Toky_neg

        are you rooted?? it didnt work on my X.

    • Mcleanboi

      I install the links on my Droid and the camera doesnt work at all…..

  • One_ina_milli

    All the droid x needed was a front facing camera. 🙁

  • Nick

    so does by looking at all these comments .. it doesnt work for any droid phone… =( cuz we all have back cameras.

    • It works but just uses the back camera

  • The350zWolf

    Here is a question for those you who might have tried it. Lacking a front facing camera, can you still video chat with someone in a PC with a webcam and see their video? Any way to port the rear facing camera as with Sipdroid? Anyone?

  • Serqet

    Being as “fragmented” as we are, surely SOMEone must have a front-facing camera… 😛

  • man :/ what Android phones out there have a front facing camera at the moment?

    • Anonymous

      Evo, Epic, Transform

    • As far as I know, just the Evo and Epic, both on Sprint.

      • rayz336

        Those and the transform are all I can think of

  • nobody on verizon has front facing camera on phone

    • kellex

      It's sad…

      • Stephen Hallmark


  • Chris G


  • Nene Babai

    FIRST 🙂

    • Michael_NM

      Nono Nene… 🙂

    • Finire

      Actually, Fail.

  • Michael_NM

    I consider myself an epic reader, but I haven't played with this and I don't have an Epic…