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Dark Edge 1.0 Released in 7 Color Options for Original DROID

Dark Edge V1.0 was finally released last week in an update.zip format bringing joy to thousands of people who were too intimidated by the previous installation method to give it some run.  And just one week later Xeudoxus and REALigion have brought you the full rainbow of color schemes to make your life that much prettier.  How does DE in green, gold, red, blue, orange, purple or pink sound?

To get your color choice up and running, grab the file below and hit up our instructions at this post.


Update:  The DE guys also wanted you all to be aware that they have free ADW Launcher themes available in the market.

Full  support thread can be found here.  Donate!

Cheers @davekover!

  • Having problems doing a complete theme transfermation.
    I have been able to root my droid running FRG22D, and installed Rommanager, and clockwork recovery to install this….
    But, the keyboard doesn't show up properly, and the clock in the notification bar is black, instead of white. 🙁

    I LOVE this theme, and want to use it, but these are two things that I just cant get over 🙁

  • Mikehewittnyc

    Quick question….i have this dark edge theme, i also downloaded rom manager. i see al sorts of roms you can download (i have the premium version). any benefits to downloading any of these? like cyanogen or others? dark edge seems like it has it all. what kernels can i combine or download that will play nice with dark edge?
    sorry, newbee here…. essentially, would love 1.0ghz as opposed to the 800 i have now, thats about it….

  • BKTee

    I wish it would be ported to other ROMs. I love love love this theme, but I do not want to run a stock ROM. Sapphire or ShadowROM please?

    • Guest

      +1 for CM6

    • BAoxymoron

      +1 for Sapphire… although i'm no so sure it can't already be used… just idk how well it'll run…. any feed back mr p or kellex…. will it work?

  • ninestories

    The theme by itself seems to render some apps like Google Voice completely unreadable. Assuming the app theming section as a requirement, Dark Edge Tools seems to be taking an awfully long time “Processing A2S…” (Apps2System). From what I understand, it's just copying/moving apps from one part of the phone's storage to another. Why would this take more than an hour? 😛

    • koveleski

      Sounds like an issue with busybox. Try downloading Stericson Busybox from market, making sure busybox is installed and up to date (even if you think it is) and then try app transfer again.

      • ninestories

        I've tried this several times now on many different ROMs. With a clean, rooted & deodexed FRG22D install + a fresh copy of Busybox installed off the market, DarkEdge Tools just hangs on “Processing A2S…” Without installing Busybox first, the process just errors out in “null null”. So I tried with Bugless Beast V0.5 as Kellex confirmed that worked, and had the exact same issue. Sapphire 1.1.1, same thing. The closest I've gotten was on Droid stock odexed FRG01B, which actually ran DarkEdge Tools successfully(!) and allowed me to skin the apps using Metamorph, but that completely broke some core apps like Gmail, which force closed every time I tried to open it — others like Google Voice did work correctly until installing their market updates, which un-themed it — trying to apply the app theme afterward was unsuccessful, and trying to run that through DE Tools again resulted in the same endless “Processing A2S” text.

        Of course each ROM was installed with the “Wipe cache and data” option and the system was rebooted several times during the various installation steps before I gave up and moved on to another ROM. For now, I've regrettably had to give up entirely.

  • El El Kool J

    here is some screenies.. http://darkedge.davekover.com/gallery/


  • Negativerxn

    will it work with simply stunning 4.8?

  • Dgdebx

    Does this require your phone to be rooted?

    • The350zWolf


  • Urgonnadie1

    I installed the one from the other day I like it but would like to try one of these other colors but after downloading any of the new colors and showing it to rom manager when it reboots all I get is a phone icon with a exclimation piont in a triangle… wish I could get around this problem

    • Soap

      Try opening Rom Manager and at the top select “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.” Then try to install your theme again. This works for me every time I have this issue (with any theme).

  • Crmay1215

    Screen Shots?

  • Ok I'm sorry I will be the one to say it………..The droid 1 has had enough love. It's for more droid x and droid 2 love. Sorry it needed to be said. You guys have waaaaay to many options for roms and themes. Please share the wealth you greedy bastards. lol

    • Tomrant

      Our phones have been out for almost a year! Wait your turn!

    • tanknspank

      Maybe it's the fact that the Droid 1 doesn't care what frimware you run, and that the X and 2 have digitally signed bootloaders. Makes a HUGE difference. Also, the Droid 1 is still a great phone. Don't ship it down the river so soon.

  • Seanj22

    wouldn't theme my widgets, such as google search. Any suggestions?

    • Patriotvirus

      Uninstall Google search from the market.

  • wonderful piece of information, I appreciate it that you share something useful for the readers here

  • Justreboot

    Really want this (or Avalon) for my DX can't wait…..

    • koveleski

      Droid X version is coming soon!

      • Justreboot

        Thanks K – must be tired of my bantering and begging 🙂 'Course doesn't help now that my son has my old D1 and showing me the DE Blue theme (asking me if I wanna swap…)

      • Maizekid

        Sweet sir cannot wait

  • AeonFrog

    Do I need a ROM to use this theme? I'm currently rooted but don't have any ROMs (not really my thing).

    • koveleski

      It will only install over a deodexed ROM. So if you are on stock, but rooted, you'll need to run xeudoxus' xUltimate which can deodex your system. Then you should be able to flash the theme as it was designed for FRG22D which is the OTA patch that all D1's received.

      • Patriotvirus

        Any tutorials on how to do so using xeudoxus' xUltimate?

    • Patriotvirus
  • 5th!, top 5 has got to count for something?

  • The350zWolf

    Works great on BBv0.5, not tried it with any other ROM. Love the original gold!

  • evltwn

    I had DE back on 2.1 and really loved it. So happy to see it back and rocking 2.2. My favorite theme. My only question is which is the best ROM to overlay this on? I'm running ShadowROM v0.2.1 right now.

    • koveleski

      While you lose the gem settings and reboot options, running over Sapphire 1.1.4 is a pleasant experience.

      • JP

        Sapphire 1.1.4 – is that a typo or did I miss the update from 1.1.1? My install of ROM Manager isn’t showing that there is an update past 1.1.1.

        • It’s a 3rd party ROM developed by Tanknspank. It is in the official Sapphire thread at droidforums.net

          NOT a typo 🙂

          • JP

            Cool, thanks! I’ll have to check it out.

    • CheeseMcGee

      I've been running it on BB V0.5 for a week now and I have had no problems at all – runs really fast!

  • koveleski

    If you are using our theme and using ADW launcher, head into the market and search 'DarkEdge' and we've got matching ADWThemes available if you really want to complete the look.

    • Maizekid

      Is there any plans of getting this to the X?

  • I remember beta testing this theme way back in the day on 2.1. Good, professional work, but a little too dark for me.

  • Muddy B00ts