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Angry Birds Tops 1 Million Downloads in 1 Day (Updated)

We asked everyone on Friday how many hours of Angry Birds they planned on logging over the weekend and the numbers were pretty crazy.  Thousands of you planned on playing the game for more than 3 hours, with the majority looking to eclipse the 10 hour mark.  (Addicts!)  Well, if you thought those numbers were nuts, wait until you see a stat that Rovio (Angry Birds creator) tweeted which might be the ultimate topper.

According to their numbers, over 1 million people downloaded the game in one single day and has topped the Android charts for free games.  Amazing.  

Update:  Another million down just 2 days later…

Anyone beat the game yet?  Find any golden eggs?  Hit that 10 hour mark?

  • Messenger2002

    Love angry birds, the pigs are my bitches


    Yes, made all levels. Yes, found some eggs. Yes, way past the 10 hour mark.

  • Slimshady4503

    Logged almost 15 hrs n got 3 stars on every level plus 13 golden eggs

  • Paawpabear1955

    Have had a hard time getting it to run without getting kicked out on my Ally. Sometimes it will run for an hour or two without any problems and then I might get kicked out every 5 minutes. It's fun to play when it will stay on.

  • Christopherriley6

    I Dropped my DX in the pisser….im more upset i cant play, i was at 4-13 with two eggs now i have to wait for a new phone and start all over….

  • brain550

    Finished all levels, found 3 golden eggs. Now to get 3 stars on each level and the rest of the golden eggs.

  • Dpry3580

    I don't buy or play games since high school. Had to check this out and I was almost late for work. Again. This game kicks! Got 1 egg so far.

  • Stephen D

    Wow. That's crazy. I bet they're glad they made it free. I've invested as much time in it this weekend as I could, but I'm only on the 1st section and on 3-8 or 9.

  • Stevaroo01

    So, last week while I was reading all of the posts about Angry Birds being released I was thinking it sounded kinda dumb. (I'd never played it before.) But I decided to download it anyway and see what it's like.
    I pulled my phone out before bed on Saturday night to give it a try, and my wife, (who calls my D Inc “the other woman”, lol), asked me what I was playing. I told her about it and she started watching.
    She got interested too, and we started handing the phone back and forth taking turns playing the levels. Before we new it, we'd spent well over an hour playing Angry Birds.
    Same thing happened last night too. I think it's safe to say that we're both officially addicted to Angry Birds. Pigs must die!!

    • Mike

      if your marriage is on the rocks, this game can bring you back together

  • I have 3 golden eggs and beat the levels they spawned. The Rube Goldberg-esque one is still my favorite.

  • picaso86

    Im on the first set of levels… its more addicting than my Cappuccino

  • Ronanderson177

    I have made it to 3-14 found one golden egg. Probably 6 hours of play

  • Dan

    When you first started talking about Angry Birds (pre-beta), I was wondering what all the hoopla was all about. I thought to myself “Whatever, it's just another game”. Since it's been released to the Market and it's free, I decided to give it a try.

    And guess what? I'm hooked. Up to now, my favorite game on Android was RoboDefense. Man, those firds are not only angry, they're mad.

  • Let's just say my productivity at work the past few days has been waaay down 😉

  • I an most of the way through the second set of 21 levels with 3 stars all the way. I think I've found 3 eggs.

  • Chris Pupka

    Played for about six hours on Saturday, beat all levels and found all golden eggs except for three starring all levels in 1,2,3 and 4,5 working on that now.

  • def killed some battery w it, found 1 golden egg so far 2-? can't remember

  • bravoleader2

    Seems to me they should have charged .99 for the game and brought in over $2 million.

    • JG

      the amount he'll make in ad revenue, and when it comes out, from the people who want to purchase the ad free game, he can probably make a money suit out of the 2 million.

      • bravoleader2

        that's a great point

      • Danja2968

        they could have charged 4.99 and i would have bought it

    • tehshift

      They would have made a lot of money either way by charging .99, but do you think they would have broken the 1 million mark if it wasn't free?

      • bravoleader2

        yes i do

  • I'm on 3-6, but I've been playing on and off since Friday night.

  • I believe it.. I spent a few hours this past weekend playing it. It's great

  • JTE

    what do the golden eggs do?

    • EC8CH

      They give you the ability to throw fireballs…

      No wait, wrong game… I have no clue.

    • EC8CH

      They unlock levels… scroll all the way to the right on the first level selection screen and you will see golden egg levels. These will be unlocked when you get the golden eggs.

      • JTE


  • Timoh

    I was telling everyone I met this weekend, who had an Android phone, to download it.

  • viewthis66

    oh and i did see one golden egg, but at the time my skill level was not up to par to hit it. i just noticed it way up top a hill or wall or something like that… now that i see it means something i can't remember what level it was on… damnitman!

  • viewthis66

    i don't really play games on my phone… but Droid-Life (kellex) kept posting about this game over and over… so being that i've been a visitor and supporter of this site since almost day one i thought i'd see what the brother kellex was talking about… i downloaded it on thursday last week and i think i played about 10 hours this weekend! haha i don't even play games on my DX, but man! i love this game!

    thanks kellex 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    Ok so I broke down and downloaded this game to see what all the hype is about…

    The verdict: THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! 😛

  • graceonthebass

    Well I had to down load it 10 or more times because it wouldn't install untill I shut my phone off and pulled my sd card. It is a great game but the best Iv'e played so far is Glyder 2.

  • Josephanderson196

    Finally beat da game found 3 golden eggs Goin bck to find da rest. Somebody post wat levels the eggs are on

  • my son and I (we both have droids) have been playing all weekend taking up way to much of our time and definitely more then 10 hours, he is going for 3 stars on every round so only up to 1-20. I am on 2-15 with 3 stars on almost all of 1 (I can't get 1-13, 17, 19, 20 & 21) and 2-4 and 2-11. I'm pretty sure I will never be able to get golden eggs or open chests but it is the best game ever and I always plug my phone in before I start playing so I don't get rudely interrupted by a dead battery…LOL

  • Erie215

    I have beeen playimg for threee dayz straight….major headache can't spell

  • Kierra

    Cool, Really cool actually. Devs take notice. So ummm no Droid news ( not being snarky)

  • Mmmm

    According to phandroid, its at 2 million downloads now..

  • Laz

    I beat the game on my 2nd day. I just need to get three more golden eggs and probably go back and beat my scores where I have 2 stars.

  • Cyberdemon

    Got one gold egg so far and on the second group of levels (2-sumtin) so far. Pretty addicting!

    • Cyberdemon

      make that two golden eggs now :p

  • lurch

    I may or may not have dropped my Droid 1 in the ocean fishing so I logged one big fat golden egg of 0 hours of gameing this weekend.. hoping i get a droid 2 as a replacement from asurion

  • Poop

    found 2 golden eggs. played at least 10 hrs. my wife hates it. lol. everytime the opening song would come on she would look over with this evil look. im maybe 65% done with all the boards. then ill go back to try for 3 stars on all of them. the green birds are pretty kool. anyone else know if there are any other new birds? (other than the white ones that drop the explosive eggs). best game on android so far. ads aren't too bad. accidently clicked on one once. but that's all.

  • Dj Christian Lee

    Great game people!..

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    heyo beautiful MOnday Morning! Anybody figure out how to get that chest open in level 8???

    • Kborer22

      try just tapping the chest…..;)

      • AnDroidSepTIX

        I thought you were BS'n me but it actually worked. WTF

    • Timoh

      Tap on it.

  • EC8CH

    That's alota pissed off birds!

    • Wahahaha

      I’m in the mood for some fried bird..

  • Ummm, sorry but I call BS…that number HAS to be higher 😉 haha

    Congrats to the Dev team!

  • This game is Epic.!!

  • epool86

    already completed all level in less than one day also lol, now in process to get all 3-stars


    Angry birds all the way to no. 1

  • CrayZme

    completed through 2-11 with 3 stars , Got 1 golden egg, and stuck on 2-12 for several hours trying for 3 stars and its pissing me off but I love the game!

  • Chris.Go

    I beat it simple game just like that Flash castle game.

    • Anonymous

      No photo… no proof.

  • I drained a battery with it….

    • Anonymous

      I did twice, from 100% to dead in the same day.

    • Mmmm

      just charge it back up.. Use the wall charger that came with your phone, it works pretty good.

  • Mmmm

    crazy birds!