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Angry Birds Now Live in Android Market!

Enough downloading from shady file hosting sites, Angry Birds is now live in the Android Market.  Plus, I recommend going this way so that you can get future updates and not lose any game data.  Grab it now from the link or QR code below…  

Download Link

  • Pcravatt

    can you download the angry birds to a computer and the droid phone


    Cant find Angry Birds in the market. DI 2.1

  • SecurityNick

    I still can't get this to install. I've tried downloading from the Market, downloading from the original site they sent in the email, alternate sites posted here. Every time I try, it lets me download the file, it just won't install. I've tried everything I can think of to change settings and no luck. I can't be the only person having trouble. I even removed the old version of the beta to make sure that wasn't hosing anything up, and I can't even re-install that (it gives the same error). D1, CM6, Watermarkd 3.4. Anyone with any ideas?

  • Evilvampbabe

    I better play all I can before my backround check clears and I get the ok to start work at my new job!

  • Downloaded and installed no problemo Droid X 2.2 stock non-root. Plays great! Fun game.
    I wish they'd give the option to pay though so an eighth of my screen isn't covered in ads spamming.

  • i can get to the level selection screen and after i select the first level it just takes me back to my homescreens any suggestions? I have a D1 running CM6

  • Outsider_Droid

    Great game!!

  • Johnboy

    Angry Birds will not install on my stock droid X with 2.2 🙁

    • droidx fan

      me either man

  • Daone78

    why wont this game dl to my d1???

  • ironick

    not showering up on my wife's Eris

    • ironick

      not showing*

  • Todd

    So much for the weekend =)

  • Mauro

    I love this game! Gonna be a loner for a while…

  • Bob

    Fun game! Addicting!

  • Chris Nimon

    Anybody having trouble installing this try to install through Rom Manager?

  • This just made my weekend seen as how I have to work all weekend.

  • jaymonster

    I hate the placement of the ads. Very annoying. Can't wait for the edition where I can purchase the rights to get rid of them. I mind ads normally (I'm not one of those people), but this is right in the way of swiping back and forth between the birds and the pigs and is quite irritating.

    • Bigcheese

      root + adfree = no ads

      • No, see that is not fair to Rovio (or any other developer). If I want to play the game, I am willing to pay or endure the ads. I just don't like the placement in this one… granted it disappears quick enough, and it is just me being picky… but I just find it annoying… but not enough to steal for it.

    • I meant to say… I DON'T mind ads. I believe developers have a right to make a living.

  • Sjschwar

    I think they calculated the amount of droid beta DLs and figured out they would make more money selling ads then charging a 5 buck flat fee. Genius, everyone wins.

  • Xeneize480

    Done!! Ready to play on DX

  • grumpyoungman

    Was this game removed from Market?

    [There are no matches in Android Market for the search: pname:com.rovio.angrybirds]

    • jaymonster

      I just downloaded and found it in the market no problem. If you have a phone with a QVGA screen however, Rovio is not supporting it… yet.

      • oscarahj

        The new D'Incs are QVGA are they?

        • jaymonster

          No, they are WVGA

  • I can't get it from the market. It's there and I can see it in the market, but as soon as I hit install it locks up my phone and either restarts on it's own or I have to do a battery pull. Help, I need pissed off birds.

    • Update, deleted the Beta and it worked.

      • Another update, it downloads and installs now, but says install unsuccessful when it finishes.

        • jaymonster

          Downloaded with no problem on stock Droid X (only difference is I deleted the beta before I ever tried). Perhaps check downloads and if the APK is there, kill it before redownloading perhaps?

  • Chris Nimon

    To get the treasure chest/golden egg in the mountain from Kellex's walk through video, just tap the chest after you knock off the last pig (but before it totals your score)

  • Mike Marcano

    the highlight of the year!

  • JHayes89

    anybody else having issues downloading it? after it downloads, it then says it is installing, then it says it is unsuccessul…any ideas or solutions please???

    • Chris

      same problem for me as well

  • caustic3881

    OG Droid was able to download and install from the web but not able to install from Market, don't even see it. Running a jrummy flavor.

  • Itscase319

    SWEET! Now I can proudly say I lost my job to ANGRY BIRDS!

  • Jinxxer

    There goes any hope of being productive at work today…. oh well, it is Friday!

  • Doug8307

    I can't get it to install on mine. I've grabbed the .apk from one of the megaupload links and from the market and I keep getting “application not installed”. Any ideas? Droid Inc, Rooted with UnrEVOked 3.21.

    • Ilhe1s

      I did this and it worked fine. Are you using Astro to install the APK?

      • Doug8307

        Tried it in Astro and OI File Manager. It opens the “Do you want to install this application” screen and shows that it will need access to Network Communications, but after I hit Install, it craps out almost instantly.

        Downloading from the Market, I get a notification the install failed. Just noticed this is happening on an app called “TV Flash” as well, but I was successful in installing Solitaire as a test.

        Confused and ticked off right now…

        • Chris Nimon

          check astro preferences to make sure its set to Enable Browser Downloads. Also check Applications settings, check Unknown Sources.

          • Doug8307

            Thanks for your reply.. I already had Unknown Sources enabled. I tried it with Browser Downloads enabled and disabled, but no dice.

            Any other suggestions?

          • oscarahj

            Same problem with my Inc. B.S.!

          • Doug8307

            Sorry bro.. Kinda glad it’s not just me though.

          • Having same problem. I uninstalled the Beta before even trying to install the new one the first time. Install attempts from the DL sites and Market are failing. Also Droid Incredible with stock 2.2 ROM but rooted with Unrevoked.

          • Doug8307

            Just got it to work. After reading something at xda forum, I unmounted my SD card (within Settings) and tried the market. I stepped away while it was downloading and when I came back I was ecstatic to find it installed successfully. Give it a shot guys.

          • oscarahj

            Awesome! I was just about to look there when I checked up on this comment board! It worked. I screamed silently as loud as I could. (My kid is asleep).

          • Doug8307

            Just got it to work. After reading something at xda forum, I unmounted my SD card (within Settings) and tried the market. I stepped away while it was downloading and when I came back I was ecstatic to find it installed successfully. Give it a shot guys.

          • oscarahj

            Do the new D’Incs have the QVGA screen they’re talking about?

          • Chris Nimon

            Someone else posted they had same problem and were able to download once they uninstalled the beta version.

          • Chris Nimon

            did you try loading it through Rom Manager? “Install from SD Card”?

  • Um, so if I downloaded it elsewhere, do I need to get it from the market and start over so as to get future updates then? (Dammit, I'm already done with the first 21 levels)

    • Timoh

      No, download from the market and it will transfer your progress.

  • Soooo stoked

  • Oh, thank goodness. I thought I might to start hurling myself at Rovio for doing something completely stupid of releasing the biggest game on Android on some unknown Market. This is why Android needs only one.

  • Hell yeah! Time to topple some pigs' buildings!

    As the King would put it, “It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of gum.” Or something to the degree.

    Today is National Angry Birds Day!

  • Quiclyy

    touch the sun on lvl selection screen and get a gold egg 🙂

    • JubbaTheHutt

      Please keep these out of the comments, as they are spoilers.

    • Droid Vader

      Doesn't work for me on D2. I tried on the main screen, and on lvl screen on poached eggs and golden eggs.

  • The350zWolf


  • Ilhe1s

    Won't show up on my INC. Damn It!

  • Eric

    Hidden Golden egg at the end of the credits.

  • Walterll

    Can't find it on my Hero. *sigh*

  • Cyberdemon

    Woot woot!! For those of you who have been holding on to your apple device (i*hone or i*ouch) for this game, you can now officially throw it away!!! :p

  • adiid

    Still not showing up on CM6 HTC EVO 🙁 apk is posted everywhere online but I thought it would show up in the market after all the work that was put into it.

  • NuclearFluxx

    I heard angry birds knows two things about ducks. Both of which are untrue.

  • Moeyknight

    Some pigs are going to meet their maker tonight.

  • Cromo8

    found it on my droid 2

    but my vibrant does not have it in the market

  • JubbaTheHutt

    I'm curious, does anyone know if game data will be transferred to the Market version if you have already installed and played the version released in the DL forums?

    • Anonymous

      Does not transfer the lite scores to actual game, which i thought is what you meant

    • Gotmurph84

      Yes, it saves your data.

    • It does…I just did it.

  • Wolfspirit68

    I've downloaded from the market and still cannot get it to install. Any work around for that?

    • SecurityNick

      same problem….this is happening a lot lately w/ updates too….d1, cm6, watermarkd 3.4

      • Wolfspirit68

        Using UD 1.0 with Luna theme on the D1. Still no love from the app

  • Michael_NM

    Off-topic question: How many of you would buy Dr. Droid a beer at happy hour?

    For those who say yes, please visit the “about” link above and scroll down to “donate.” 🙂

    Back on-topic: I'm off to slay some pigs…

  • Free! Gotta like that!

  • Chris Pupka

    Sure, after an hour wasted at work getting the apk, O well, downloading from the market now…

  • picaso86

    I would've pay for this game…..! up $5 dollars… it saved my life in the airport many times 🙂

    I love Android and their Awesome developers!

  • LifeInAnalog

    …finally. Been trying all morning off the host web site with no luck. See the goosebumps, see em'?

  • bravoleader2


  • Why this wasn't done in the first place, I don't know!

    • breandly

      i think they wanted to give people that signed up for it through their site a shot to download it first…fail! lol

  • EC8CH

    downloading now…