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Video: Samsung Tab Gets First Unboxing, We Start Drooling

The Samsung Galaxy Tab just received its first unboxing and I think we are officially on board with this device.  There have been hands-on videos out and about for a month now, but to see someone take this 7″ beauty out of retail packaging, turn it on and start dominating the web with full Flash in under 10 minutes is pretty amazing.  The build quality on this device is superior to every other tablet we’ve seen out and includes so many amazing features like dual cameras, AMOLED screen, 1.0GHz Hummingbird, and semi-vanilla Android 2.2 that it’s hard not to start drooling immediately.  Hello, early X-mas present.  

Via: Phandroid

  • www.techniko.ru

    very good info

  • But… does it have the geebees and wifis, and can I get it at Walgreens? 😛

    On a serious note. +100, I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Mimico2230

    its alright  Unlimited Porn

  • DROID X lag is just BLUR sucking as usual.

  • Mendezsbros

    is this like a phone do u have to pay a date plan ? and is it a phone or what is it

    • DBK

      It's like the i*ad. It's a tablet and has mifi and wifi capabilities, for around $60 a month, of course.

  • Studlychris

    How much is it going to cost? Sorry if I missed it somewhere else. I searched this entire page for $ and didn't find one single instance.

  • cjohnson481

    this device is actually really nice. i got hands on with one for about 30 minutes yesterday and its awesome. samsung did a great job on the build quality of the device, it feels weighty in the hand, but not too hefty. the os is very snappy and the graphics with the amoled screen were crisp. watched a video on it and the picture quality was very good. i fit it in the back pocket of my suit pants and in the jacket pocket in my suit jacket. i would purchase 2 of these before 1 ipad. the 7″ vs the 10″ is much better. i could text message from the device, but no calls. did not test it with google voice though. skype wanted me connected to wifi to make a call, but did not have a hotspot in the area i was in. overall, this is going on my must have holiday list over any of the other tablets based on size, embedded cellular signal and wifi, build quality, and accessories that will be available for the device.

  • NMMI89

    Well said.

  • Persian Deity

    Alright Guys, here it is… Coming from someone who has worked in retail for way to long… here is the answer… which device is better? i*ad or samsung pad? both and neither… Each person has the device that will better suit their needs… some, which I will be sad to say, will be the i*ad, and other's the Samsung tab…

    to answer some of the questions and incorrect statements already posted: YES, specs matter, not to everyone, but they simply do… why? because with limited specs comes limited software… not that software cannot limit hardware, but software can be changed pretty easy, hardware on this type of device cannot be changed… so, having expandable memory and a camera do put this a step ahead, in SOME cases… not everyone will need more memory, and not everyone will need a camera…

    those who will need a camera: buisness users who are putting a car/house/boat/item on a website that don't want to have to use their PC, bluetooth transfer it, e-mail it or text it to their tab… to scan a barcode, whether it to be a VIN number on a car or a new app to download… remember, the camera can do more than take a picture now!

    SpecsDOES matter… do you see the Droid Eris getting a 2.2 update anytime soon? NO, why? the SPECS don't allow it to… at some point when the i*ad two comes out and it does something your i*ad one can't just because you don't have a fast enough processor or ram… won't you want to buy the new one? duh… yeah, you will… kind of how the i*hone 3g couldn't get the most recient update cuz only the 3GS and i*hone 4 had the hardware to run it!…

    multi tasking: some people will use it, some wont… I personally LOVE that my droid's software allows it so apps can use other apps… that's called multi-tasking… some people will use it… some wont… it allows for apps to be smaller because you wont have to have 3 apps have an entire maps application built in because they can all access the maps app already on your phone… some will people be just fine without this…

    the network availibility… AT&T has great 3G coverage in some states/cities and not so much in others… having the option of Verizon Wireless/T-mobile/Sprint or other carriers makes it more appealing for some… if you live/ed in PDX like Kellex does and I used to, everyone knows that you lose reception driving down HWY 26 to the beach… unless you have VZW… so the people playing with their i*ads have to use apps that don't use the net or have their buddy with a rooted Droid turn it into a wifi hotspot for them…

    Obviously I'm a Droid guy not an apple fan…

    BUT for everyone who asked, “this is just a big galaxy S” well yeah, and the i*ad is just a big iTouch, isn't it?…

    look, the i*ad will have some apps that only the appstore will have… if you want/need THOSE apps, the i*ad is for you… if you don't care about multi-tasking and want the thing to run smothly because it limits the software so it never pushes the hardware, get the i*ad… this will be appealing for light to average users or those who care more about lagg when opening an app than someone who wants to be able to have more options on their device…

    saying specs don't matter? tell that to a guy who's trying to pull a boat with his new civic that said, “specs don't matter”… they told him it didn't have the torque… but specs didn't matter… now he's stuck going 20mph up a hill trying to pull his boat… for someone without a boat? yes the savings on gas makes sense to get a car that could NEVER pull a boat… if you don't have a boat, and never plan on getting a boat… then yes, get the civic… which is better? the car or the truck? depends on the person, now doesn't it…

    so there you go… they're both great devices… one with more abundant and more polished apps with a UI everyone is used to, and the other with more possiblities if you're the type to use them…

  • NMMI89

    I own a Droid Incredible, 160gb i*od, 120gb i*od, 32gb i*ouch, MBP AND a 16gb i*ad……I WANT A GALAXY TAB…why? It's Android OS for one, it's easier to haul around than my MBP or my i*ad and I'm not a target for thieves. I walk around with my i*ad and I'm just begging for someone to rip me off. At least the Tab is easier to hold. But the best part? It's run by ANDROID OS.

  • Batman

    This guy's German is badass…..and he's from the Uk!