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Motorola Giving Away an R2-D2 DROID2, Still Not Sold Out?

Update:  The contest is up!  If you want to win 1 of 5 R2-D2 Droid 2’s, all you have to do is retweet this @MotoMobile tweet.  Winners will be announced on 10/20.

Motorola’s official Twitter account (@MotoMobile) is gearing up to launch a new contest which will give a lucky follower the chance to win a special edition R2-D2 Droid 2.  Contest details have not been released, so you’ll want to follow them if this is something that interests you.  What we’re wondering though, is why are there any left to give away?  

As you’ll see at Verizon’s website, the phone is still readily available…

Remember this was the phone that Motorola had only made anywhere from 50,000-80,000 of and was supposed to sell out in minutes.  While we were huge fans of the device, I can at admit that our coverage of it did nothing for our site.  It became evident pretty quickly there was such a small group of people interested in it, that I’m almost not surprised that you can still buy one.  By the time it had been announced, everyone had already purchased a Droid X or regular Droid 2 for $50 cheaper.

As far as promotion goes, before the phone launched, we had an online scavenger hunt and a press release to give it some publicity, but that was it.  We also saw a tiny internet ad campaign and launch parties spread around the country, but there were no commercials and not a lot of ways for people to find about it.

We had even planned on hanging out at the Portland party, but after a quick chat with the host store during our hands-on and a drive by the day of, we knew this wasn’t going to be anything major.  And from what I’ve seen of parties at much larger locations, they weren’t all that much busier.

Maybe it’s time to put away the special edition Droid phones?  Thoughts?

  • Joyce D

    The reason the Droid r2d2 did not sale is because it was NOT ADVERTISED! No one new about it!!! I followed the phone on the internet and I had a difficult time obtaining information. Even the Verizon staff did not know about the phone until days before it lauched. On Sept 30 I went to Santa Monica to purchase the phone. The employees out numbers the customers. It was a festive events and I enjoy myself; however, I think if Verizon would have let the public know about the phone, the place would have been filled. I show my phone to everyone and most people really like it. Hopefully they will pick up one for themself….there should be plenty left. Joyce D

  • DBK

    The main reason, I believe, that the R2 hasn't sold out is because they changed the nature of it's rebate within a day after it's release. Not only did that make the phone more expensive then it already was, but it eliminated an possibility of billing it to your account, which is what I believe to be the reason as to why the change was made in the first place. Too many (in their eyes) bill-to-account purchases. Granted we get the next bill paid for us (if that's what you will use the rebate for), but we are forced not only to pay an extra $150 more (since the phone is $50 more than the regular Droid 2), but to also pay it all upfront. That is the sole reason I will not get this phone. Sorry, but I don't have $320 to spare. 😐

    Hopefully, someone is nice enough to make the contents of R2 available for download so I can put it on the regular Droid 2 I should be receiving shortly.

  • leanbarton

    Star Wars love is not universal.

  • Nice blog,I bought the X. So this would be a cool novelty, but they should have beefed it up. The R2D2 was NOT the Droid I was looking for, personally.

  • Towel73

    I think the big reason is that, outside of something like Comic-Con, most people would not want to be seen using this phone in public. Whether fair or not, this phone would seem to invite the ridicule that hardcore Star Wars (and Star Trek) fans already recieve. Sort of a 21st century “Kick Me” sign.

  • The350zWolf

    I suppose that the idea is that an R2 unit is the trusted companion of all rebel pilots, including Anakin and Luke Skywalker, therefore the R2D2 should be the trusted companion of all android geeks. We'll I would have gotten one if it was better designed and with an unlocked motivator (read bootloader). Mediocre effort by Moto and VZW.

  • Keefers

    I hear that C3PO bought most of the phones.

  • Russell

    I really like the idea…I think it would be cool, but the X is a better phone, better camera, more memory and such. I bought the X. So this would be a cool novelty, but they should have beefed it up. The R2D2 was NOT the Droid I was looking for, personally.

  • Truemobius

    Not to mention that all of us who bashed our heads over trying to solve the ridiculous puzzles, and did want one for a while got fed up with the whole thing.

    At least thats what happened to me.

  • El El Kool J

    would be like an Video game that releases with a collectors edition, and standard edition on separate release dates.. not a lot of people are going to wait months later just to get a collectors edition when they could have the game now… this is where Moto/VZ messed up at!!

  • Zach

    The phone would have sold better if they weren't releasing a World phone version of the Droid 2, if it came out at the same time as the regular Droid 2, if it were cheaper in price, and if it had an unlocked bootloader.

  • EC8CH

    R2D2 phone… lame

    Should have gone with the Star Trek special edition “Data” phone. TNG androids are where the money's at.

  • Mth2134

    Does it do anything different than the regular d2? So… I want to pay more for a phone that appears to have a shorter life span than an antibiotic cycle? When vzw expects lte next year? No. Maybe if it's free.

  • I think there are several major things that kept the sales less than stellar.

    1) There was hardly any coverage for this phone. No commercials and a small internet campaign that was mostly focused around Twitter. While it may seem like Twitter campaign was fairly successful, most end users don't pay attention to that stuff.

    2) There are too many Android phones already, and most people that are interested already have one. This one wasn't any different other than cosmetics.

    3) The phone itself was kind of fugly. It could have looked pretty nice, but (IMO) it just looks cheap.

    • The_Other_Ray

      If they put out a princess leia droid 2 in her bikini, I would have gotten one.

  • 11knives


  • One of the problems with android…all these phones just won't stop coming out and the average consumer knows that money doesn't grow on trees in time-frames of several weeks!

  • Mixdjjared

    One the Verizon stores had real legit looking actors. http://twitpic.com/2tdnzn

    • Chris Jones

      Most likely members of the 501st Legion…Star Wars costumers all over the world that make screen-accurate costumes and wear them for charity and other public events.

  • all i know is i got mine.

  • villian1998

    I bet they are ugly

    • I want one, but not at $249 dollars. They won't let me get one as part of a BOGA deal either…