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DROID 2 FRF91 AOSP ROM Released as Public Beta

If you are looking for the true vanilla Android experience on your Droid 2, then you need to pay attention to a new project that has been started by AngDroid and Matt4542.  The ROM based off of FRF91 now in public beta is called Fission and has already been through private and public alphas this week.  A ton of major bugs have been worked out and most D2 users are raving about this blur-less beast.  

A couple of things before you get going:

  1. You have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
  2. You need to run Koush’s Droid 2 Boostrap.
  3. Make a damn backup.

Now get ready to experience your D2 the way you should have from day 1 and hit up the official support thread with files, instructions and more details.

  • Well its understand the whole point of this ROM is to get a blur free android 2.2 on the D2, right? Your Droid 1 already runs stock android.Thanks for sharing with us….

  • Gatorman1984

    will they make it for the first Droid ?

  • very happy with it good work i think it has 2 bugs but thats about it when u go to settings then volume and settings and brightness.I have to reboot at least once a day to get working at the office..

  • Thealexcross

    I don't understand what's so bad about motoblur. I played around with it on a droid x and thought it was kinda cool. Why does everyone hate it?

  • Jester4281

    Where can I find that wallpaper ? I had it with Skyraider 3.3 but have since jumped ship to another ROM.

  • Angdroid
  • Thehaggis

    ooh ooh ooh, can you do this for the Dx?

  • You guys going to make sure this works on my r2 right…. right…

  • Soviets

    In Soviet Russia, Droid 2 Stock YOU!!

  • Socal_jnunez

    I thought the d2 and the x are the same

  • spdivr1122

    running it now. absolutely amazing.

  • EricErk123

    What Happens when there's an update to fission, since this is the second beta, how would i install it??

  • I won't be using this at all. I mean.. I like blur. It has wonderful features that you cant get on stock Android. Why do people hate it so much?

    • jiggaman508

      Its sloooow lol my d1 was faster than my d2…

      • yea its a bit choppy in homescreen navigation but i use launcherpro. i love the features in blur. i prefer it over sense.

  • Killer4247

    I want this for my leaked 2.2 droid x because I hate the stutter on the blur homescreens and I don't want lp open and using memory. I want to use stock home

    • AngDroid

      I want to port it to the DX but dont have one to test with yet 🙂

      • Killer4247

        Have u used froyo for dx if you have can u confirm the homescreen background stutter on blur homescreen

      • Killer4247

        And sorry if you're in nyc I can't really help you im in metro detroit I hate detroit went to nyc over summer sooooooo much nicer

  • Killer4247

    Droidx anyone please

  • camarriott

    We need this on DX.

  • Thanks for the post 🙂 Love you guys haah 😛

  • EC8CH

    “Blur-less beast”… Classic, +1

  • Really wanting to install this but I haven't heard of an SBF to restore the Droid R2D2 and I know other roms have been bricking R2 droids. 🙁

    • thats why im staying stock

    • scuba_koop

      I got 2 different .sbf files from a google search, just in case I decide to root. I rooted my D1, just haven't done the D2 yet. I was hoping there would be a simpler route coming soon?? Not that it is insanely difficult, just getting a little lazy in my old age! Looking for the quick root 🙂 Otherwise, this would be the kind of ROM I would like, just vanilla 2.2 without the Blur crap loading every app on my phone when it boots!!

      • were those .sbfs for the R2D2 version specifically? Regular D2 sbf files won't work.

        I'm not so much worried about the stuff that runs all the time, but moto just terribly screwed up the Contacts and MMS apps, and the way they do Accounts is all messed up too.

      • jiggaman508

        There is an easier way to root the d2….check this out it worked pretty easily for me…its as close as 1 click root I've found yet…

  • droidrev71

    Glad to see that the d2 get some love too. Love my dx

  • FortitudineVincimus

    wonder if they will get posted here


  • MMM333

    LOL @ step 3.

  • hysteria

    make a damn backup!!!! haha oh kellex

  • RoadsterHD1

    Is there such thing of a APK for the camera of the D2? That we can install on a D1? The D2 camera is allot faster than the D1

    • villian1998

      I would love to have that, the D1 camera sucks.

  • Yagermeister

    Can someone post this beach wallpaper here? Thanks in advance!

  • Simon

    I don't get this, i thought the Droid2, and Droid X are locked and it's not possible to flash any ROMs on it.
    What am i missing?

    • you are way out of the loop. we have been able to install custom roms for a while.

    • Pandemic187

      Not true. At this point the only thing that is locked is the bootloader, which would allow us to OC – but there *might* be a way to OC without even unlocking the bootloader.

  • El El Kool J

    If you love you some custom roms click like 😛 ekil kcilc siht daer nac uoy fi

    • Michael_NM

      At first I thought your were trying MessageEase, but..

      !ti dekil I sdrawkcab siht epyt ot emit eht koot uoy ecniS.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      if you think that is cool.. try this


      • what is that???

      • Anonymous

        01001110 01101001 01100011 01100101

      • binary…. i think you should convert that to hex.. 😛

      • 0100100100100000011101110110100101101100011011000010000001101110011011110111010000100000011011000110100101101011011001010010000100100000010010010010000001100001011011010010000001110100011011110010000001110011011100000110010101100011011010010110000101101100001011000010000001101100011011110110110000100000010010010010000001101000011000010111010001100101001000000110001001101001011011100110000101110010011110010010000001100011011011110110010001100101001000000011101001010000

        • Anonymous

          10/10/10 was so last week

  • PyroHoltz

    If I somehow manage to kill my OG D1, this might make getting a D2 actually worth it…woohoo custom ROMs.

    When will Motorola get the message? MotoTurd sucks!

    • jparness

      +1, agreed. Seeing this gives me hope that the community will always win out, and we will be able to experience stock Android on the device of our choice for the foreseeable future.

      • Sweetfeld28

        So, this might be a stupid question, but would this work on my Droid Inc?

        • Anonymous

          Definately not, but there are vanilla Android ROMs that work well. CyanogenMod 6 comes to mind for the Inc.

        • It is a stupid question. I’m not trying to be mean, but it is. As an obvious noob, however, you get one free stupid question, so you’re off the hook. ROMs are never usable between devices. That’s like trying to put Mac OS on a PC without modifying it. The DInc has several very similar ROMs, such as CyanogenMod, ShadowROM, Ruby, and a couple of others.

    • Josh

      All Motorola has to do is make an option to turn Blur on/off. It would make so many people happy.

  • Mjtgs4

    no DX love?

    • Droidieang

      Hopefully will get a DX soon to port ROM over too.

      • strikeir13

        maybe you can get birdman's dx since he's not going to be using anymore… at least then the dev-phone-paid-for-by-non-devs can stay with devs…

        • AngDroid

          Maybe…dont really know him but I am looking for anyone local (NYC Metro) to see if they will meet up and let me use their DX for a few hours with them there to port it over.

    • Krweby
      • Guest

        ApeX is a themed ROM and not as close as AOSP as this ROM claims to be.

        • Playslikepage71

          This ROM is about as AOSP as can be minus the kernel and a few packages that are necessary to run things. The devs don’t have money for a DX so they won’t be developing a port for that. Feel free to send them one if that’s what you want 🙂

    • AngDroid
  • El El Kool J

    wow.. this is like lasik surgery for the D2.. nice!

    • Michael_NM

      Haha! Blur is a cataract… Brilliant! 🙂

  • Pena Rueben


    • Michael_NM

      No. Villian stole your thunder.

      • Anonymous

        But he was the first person to say “first” though

      • Pena Rueben

        Dang it… lol

  • tbaybe

    go matt!!!!

    • 😀 Haha. Dont forget Ang 🙂 FLASH IT NOW!!! I AM GETTING IMPATIENT lol

  • Michael_NM

    Make a damn backup? Yes, sir!

  • villian1998

    Installing on my droid 1

    • El El Kool J

      hope you do a back up cuz this will probably crash on your D1 😛

    • kellex

      Yeah lets not install on the D1.

    • You do understand the whole point of this ROM is to get a blur free android 2.2 on the D2, right? Your Droid 1 already runs stock android.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I was joking….

        • droydhead

          You got’em real good.. lol