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Verizon Training Scheduled for Early November, Discussing 4G Pricing and Samsung Tab

Verizon announced their 38 4G LTE launch markets (map here) last week and have now set up a training period for their employees in preparation for go live.  In between October 20th and November 10th, employees must sign up to review Q4 initiatives, 4G pricing, 4G launch details, and get their hands on the Galaxy Tab.  Some of the Verizon sources we spoke with were told that tiered pricing (possibly 3G) would actually be a topic, but we’re having trouble buying into that just yet since COO Lowell McAdam wasn’t ready to go that far only last week.  They do expect to get their hands on the Tab by November 3rd though, which could mean our November 1st date is out and a later launch date could be expected.

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    Again, as an employee(retail sales representative) of Verizon Wireless I love that I learn of future trainings first from droid-life and second from my management team 😉

  • Out of all the Android websites I chose this one.


  • Orlyg1521

    I thought I saw where Google stated that the Android platform wasn't meant for the tablet market and the experience of an Android/tablet would not be complete. So how is it that there are Android tablets coming out?


      They said that the android 2.2 was not designed for a tablet, meaning that the display resolutions was made for smaller devices. So it not being optimized is different then not meant for.

  • Ortizchief

    is this tab works as phone like the droid X but the big screen difference between

  • Gambrel022

    Would you knowledgeable folkses do an idiot a favor and 'splain in small engrish words….

    What DOES 4G mean for the lay person???

    • zepfloyd

      much faster speeds, a SIM card in your phone (like ATT/Tmobile) and higher bills and profits for Big Red. (VZ)

      • Gambrel022

        GOTcHA!!! okie… is this the thingy that will finally allow us to web surf/talk at the same time without being on Wifi?

        • zepfloyd

          yes, that's what I meant by simultaneous voice and data 🙂

          • Gambrel022

            ZOMGOSH! I just reread it and dammit… i read RIGHT OVER THAT the first time!! LOL… TY for the quick reply tho!!!!!!!! LOL… is it 5 o'clock yet???????

  • I have heard definitely tiered 4G pricing, not 3G though. Going to hit up my insiders to find out more.


    • zepfloyd

      agreed, my people tell me the same. 3G should stay unlimited.

  • Gotmurph84

    Time to work some extra Overtime.

  • El El Kool J

    Dont worry.. grandpa will let you keep your plans.. unless you want 4G ofcourse.. 😛

  • better have grandfathered unlimited plans, i can't give it up =(

    • cmcconkey

      I would hope that they have a “grandfathered” status for all of the current customers, at least as long as as he keep our current plan. It will look bad on them if this doesn't happen because AT&T has done it on their i*hone data plans.

      • I do not think there is much worry from people about keeping grandfathered 3G data. It would be one of the biggest bonehead moves they could pull. Getting 4G unlimited on the other hand that is a new game.

        • hunkoman

          No way big red gonna do unlimited 4g. That would compete directly with FIOS. Everyone and their brothers cousins wife would tether.

  • Goodbye, Unlimited Data Plan….it was nice while it lasted. :`(

  • Michael_NM

    4G pricing scares me.

    • kellex

      Seriously, it does.

      • palomosan

        Yep, that'll be the end for us Droids.